Sexist Shot by Egyptian Police

This image shows three Egyptian police officers and a female tourist. One of the policemen is trying to get an up-skirt shot of the tourist. The picture says much about Egypt after three decades under Mubarak, three decades under a regime which stays in power due to massive financial help from the USA and probably other western countries which helps it finance a repressive apparatus comprising about 1.8 million personnel, but against the will and best interest of the common Egyptians.

The photo was sent me by a reader.

In an Egypt after three decades under a corrupt kleptocracy which earns its livelihood torturing political opponents, where the regime takes torture contracts from the USA, which sells Egyptian gas and other resources while common Egyptians have no money to buy what they need, which aids and abets in all crimes of Israel, even allowing Israelis to murder Egyptian soldiers just-for-fun and with impunity, a regime which feels honored by an ambassador who is the son of a retired prostitute, an Egypt where even the charitable organizations headed by the president’s wife are involved in theft and embezzlement of goods destined to help the victims of genocide in Gaza, in a country so dishonored by their governing regime it seems to be only normal that women are not respected, that a lower-down would take an example from the higher-ups and attempt to get a money-shot. After all, what is a women worth in such a place anyway?

The Egyptian regime says that sexual harassment is slander against the country, but the fact is that in every town, village, and street, in shops and in the public transportation, women are molested, abused, beaten and murdered, be they naked or wearing hijab. The regime also says that they have a special police force to protect tourists, and they can be seen in duty in this picture.

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  • When Oum Kalthoum and Gamal Abd al-Nasser were alive it was radically different. At the funeral of Oum Kalthoum, four million people attended to show their respect and love. President Nasser had patronized Oum Kalthoum in the Egyptian arts and President Nasser also was the moral opposite of King Farouk who he deposed from ruling Egypt. Farouk was a depraved playboy. It is certain that the depravity of Farouk has returned under Mubarak. That is absolutely shameful. It also shows the link between Mubarak and his Israeli masters – both are unleashed dogs.


  • Arabian Knight

    Clapping hands for Mubarak and his regime!

    @Steve, I agree 100% to your words, and just a reminder, Egyptian were very respected all over the world at the time of Naser, but now!

    Wonderful job Mubarak, fill out your family’s bank accounts and let all your people in hunger agony!

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