Rewards to Those Who Forge UK Passports

March 2010 – Yesterday the British government discussed the possibility of amending some laws in order to help protect Israeli war criminals, whose government forged British passports and used them to carry out the murder of a civilian in another country, Dubai, which country has diplomatic relations with Britain. The government is prepared to launch a proposal for amendments to the current law and pertaining to arrest of suspects in war crimes, in order to ensure that any Israeli official would not be subjected to arrest or detention during any of their visits to the United Kingdom. The ruling Labor Party members were notified that the amendments will be sent, today, to the “selected Justice Commission” and the government will start procedures to transform it into legislation after consultation with the Committee.

The discussion of the British government for amendments to their current law is a scandal and a disgraceful affront to the British justice system; especially as it comes some weeks after the Israeli (Mossad) death squad used fake British passports in the murder of Mohammad al-Mabhouh – a leader of Hamas in Dubai.

The British government’s move comes after Prime Minister Gordon Brown promised the Israeli war criminals that he would change his country’s laws in order to protect the Israeli war criminal “officials” during their visits to the UK, and to prevent other, ostensibly the politically-motivated campaign groups, from securing arrest warrants against them. Brown’s promises came after a British court issued an arrest warrant against Tzipi Livni, the leader of Israeli opposition party “Kadima” in December 2009. Livni is involved in the planning of the war crimes of the so-called “Operation Cast Lead” – launched by the Israeli occupation and which lasted 22 days in the Gaza Strip at the end of 2008. The issuance of the arrest warrant forced Livni to cancel her visit and to escape the UK in the dark of night, like the criminal which she is, for fear of arrest.

4 comments to Rewards to Those Who Forge UK Passports

  • This only heightens, in the extreme, the vile odious history of the criminal conniving and lies and murders, brought upon the Holy Land – Palestine, by the British and the supposed Mandate and all the conniving and filthy violence brutally poured upon Palestine and her people by all those complicit with the Zionist-Colonialization at that time and since then.

    Arabs of Palestine (both Muslim and Christian) are the only people with the valid claim to Palestine. The European based attempt to erase the Arab people of Palestine and replace them with European Jews is despicable genocide. That the Europeans (in this case the British) continue to support murder and subversion of Palestinian authority is the most evil act of criminals. To attempt to cloak it under “law” is the utter depraved depth of Satanic maleficence.

    FREE PALESTINE!!!!!!!!!!


  • Meatwad

    It seems the organized criminal syndicate wants to have immunity, they will pass any piece of paper that has the organization given power of attorney over the rest of the people they have been targeting. How long has the isrealis been holding funds designated by other nations for the Palestinian people? Are they raking in the interest off of it?

    If a nation lets others abuse their official documentation of identification, the rest of the world should stop accepting them as real.

  • 6packjoe

    This is probably more of a sign of the Islamification of Europe.
    Demographically Europe is going to be a Muslim majority in our lifetime. These laws are being passed to counter the influence of this growing population so heads of state from allies, like Israel can still visit. What most people don’t seem to realize is that countries like England and Israel are in a demographic struggle for their very identities. There is more than one way to lose a war. If England were no longer Christian, is it still England? Europe is mostly just letting this Islamification happen. Israel is fighting it. It’s one thing to post a nasty blog about someone else’s country but what will you really think when this is on your doorstep? When it’s in your face? When it’s your problem

    Answer: The fact addressed in the article is that in Britain, powerful syndicates of jews, not Muslims, are subverting the legal system to protect themselves. And, israel has no identity crisis, but the fact is that Palestine must defend its identity against judaification by European zionists invaders with a variety of mental problems.

  • Denzil

    How the above article can be construed as another “sign of the Islamication of Europe”, would only be possible for some hard line zionist, possibly a fundamentalist rabbi in the occupied palestinian territories, who doesnt drink beer, nor is named Joe. Israel was a political creation. This is a fact. As such, it should be considered (to use 6packjoe’s amazing phraseology) “the Jewification of the Middle East”.

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