Possible Consequences for the Israeli Mossad

Feb. 19 2010 – Now that the latest atrocity of Israel has badly blown back, with the pictures of 11 death squad assassins published worldwide, 2 names of Palestinians connected to the PA published, 6 more suspects in Dubai, knowledge that the whole crime was coordinated from Austria, consequences are inevitable. These are not consequences under national or international law, but the kinds of consequences which are due when mafia thugs or secret agents are burnt, and which seldom come to the knowledge of the public.

  • Will the mossad get rid of the elements of the death squad after the assassination of Mahmoud Mabhouh in Dubai?
  • How will the mossad deal with their problems?
  • What would they use to get rid of the elements which participated in the assassination of al-Mabhouh?
  • Will it be a mass culling, will they be killed in a soft and merciful way, or will it be a messy butchery?
  • Will the bodies of these people be disposed by them, dropping them from airplanes into the ocean, or will they become part of the fundaments of yet to be built bridges?

Whatever happens, the Dubai 11 and all other people who participated in any capacity in this botched assassination must count on being killed if they do not surrender to or are not captured by the security forces of another nation. Regardless of what intentions the mossad has towards these elements, they are finished, and, even if the manage to evade capture, their refuge in Israel will be only temporary at best, until the pertinent decisions are taken.

Interpol on Thursday issued arrest notices for 11 suspects – six listed with British passports, three Irish, one French and one German – wanted by Dubai for the killing.

Now that they have been put on the wanted list of Interpol, that their faces are known, and that Dubai has stated that their retina prints taken at Dubai airport and other details will be published, they represent a giant liability to the Zionist regime of Israel. They are publicly known carriers of secrets, presumably in the know of many terrorist deeds of the mossad around the world. Their disposal will become an inevitable consequence, even a priority, to protect the secrets of global terrorism practiced by the mossad.

Meanwhile, the Dubai Police continues revealing new information relating to the murder of Mabhouh. They stated that the British, French, German and Irish authorities expressed during contacts with Dubai officials their strong displeasure because of the fact that the passports of their nations were used to enter Dubai and perpetrate this crime. Experts of the Dubai Police said that “the technology of recording retina prints at the airport will help to identify the perpetrators of the crime in Dubai, as it is difficult to hide or falsify this imprint, even if the person has surgery to change their face”. The videotape distributed by the Dubai Police about the perpetrators of the al- Mabhouh murder shows that all of them passed through the airport, which uses records retina prints.

Palestinians elements supporting Mosssad

Why did the Dubai Police not show the photos of the two Palestinians who were arrested in the wake of the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai?

Why did the police not publish the names of the Palestinian suspects?

Is it because they are elements connected to the Palestinian National Authority?

Last week, the Dubai police stated that had they had arrested two Palestinians among 18 suspects in the al-Mabhouh assassination, but they have not yet identified the two Palestinians or revealed their pictures.

Instead, the leader of Hamas, Mohammad Nazzal, announced the names of Palestinian detainees who were involved in the assassination of al-Mabhouh besides the Israeli death squad. He named them as Ahmed Hassanein, a former member of the Palestinian Intelligence Service, and Anwar Shuhaiber, a former officer in the Palestinian Preventive Security Forces. Both are former members of the PA security forces with links to Mohammed Dahlan of Fatah. Hamas claims that the senior Fatah official visited Dubai after these elements were arrested in order to try to persuade the Dubai authorities to release their operatives.

The Palestinian detainees are suspected of providing the mossad death squad with logistical aid, including renting cars and hotel rooms for them. According the Chief of the Dubai police, the Palestinians met the commander of the mossad death squad in a shopping center.

The spokesman of the Jordanian government, Nabil al-Sharif, revealed last Monday that Jordanian authorities handed these two Palestinians to the Dubai authorities. The detainees were caught by the airport security after their arrival at Amman airport.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud al-Zahar called on the West to forbid Israel from using their land to enter Arab countries and kill Palestinians. He said: “If the West allows the Zionist enemy to turn its land into land where Palestinian Muslims are murdered, or leave from it to Arab countries to assassinate our people, then we will confront them as God compels us too: ‘One evil for another'”, he said at a sermon in a Gaza mosque Friday.

While all the consequences and the scandal in the wake of this crime are still developing, it is noteworthy to mention that the Reut Institute, an extremist think tank which advises the Israeli regime, has recently released two the executive summaries of two reports (see here)  and (here) which deal with the increasing “deligitmization” which the zionist entity suffers (which of course can’t be explained). It is funny to note that among their “policy options” they write

“18 – Relationship-based diplomacy with elites and ‘influentials’ – An effective barrier against delegitimization is a network of personal relationships. Working within identified hubs, Israel should aspire to maintain thousands of personal relationships with political, financial, cultural, media, and security-related elites and influentials.”

Now that Israel is successfully in the process of affirming its image of an obnoxious cry-baby and leg-humping hyena, a liability to anybody who has anything to do with them, one can’t help but smirking while asking where these thousands of “personal relationships” are to come if not from among people who are ignorant of their own best interests.

24 comments to Possible Consequences for the Israeli Mossad

  • Every day another nail in the zionists coffin it seems. The exponential increase in black marks against the zionist entity is surely demonstrative of an ever approching terminal situation.
    The vile criminal nature of this stain on humanity is obvious, it is burning bridges faster than any Reut Institute policies can ever hope to build them and as such ever dwindling support spells the end for this monstrosity.

  • Archie1954

    It is difficult to remain polite as you request when dealing with such perfidy. How do you politely express your utter disgust with a country of murderers and depraved perverts? I really can’t do it with any great ability so I won’t try to state my antipathy for Israel and everything it stands for.

  • Norm

    It is becoming increasingly clear that Our Creator is moving against the Zionist murderers running the rouge state of Ysrael. More and more often the best laid plans of these mice of men are blowing up in their egg splattered faces. The more they plan against their so called enemies, the more often it becomes exposed in the most unforseen ways. God is not pleased with Edom-Judah and their machinations against not just palestinians but the many nations of the world which have suffered at the hands of these nuclear blackmailers,with control of international economies and money supplies. But good news is on the horizon. Soon he will have the most embarrasing and dangerous parts of this would be Satanic world government exposed to the whole world. We will see then a world united in it’s disgust and hatred of them. Then they can really understand why the world hates them. And not just use that excuse to justify their political and economic crimes. The more they plan and act in secret, the more they will be exposed.
    Keep it up boys, we can’t wait to see what blows up in your faces next. The March 16 2010 sacrificing of an animal in the newly built Synagogue, will mark the starting date to begin building the third temple. This act will be in effect,”trampling on the blood of Christ”. This I believe will the final nail in their coffin, and begin a countdown of mere months to the end of them altogether. I cannot speak for God or Christ as to when and how but The JEWISH state’s days are numbered. Hallelujah!!!

  • donkey_shot

    the israeli agents involved in the dubai murder will not be held to account, ever: the very idea is preposterous.

    they will all have safely returned to whence they came, israel and re-assumed their old identities.

    OR – when`s the last time you saw mossad agents held to account for any of their acts?

    in the eyes of a huge majority of israelis, these killers are heroes: you can be assured they will be treated as such.

  • Israhell

    If you can’t find one bad ant in an anthill then you just set the whole anthill on fire.

  • S.Balu

    Issue you NOT MENTIONED is if “uae” slave of the west then “yes” this MURDER was AUTHORISED by britain and the west!THEY (britain and the west would ignore /and deflect it)
    If “uae” was an part their ALLIANCE and a friend then this HIGHEST LEVEL PUBLIC HUMILIATION,DISRESPECT and OPEN SLAP has been ADMINISTRED to “uae” by the british and western countries!
    ‘uae” should now say these countries SUBTLY GET LOST!

  • john

    It’s about time the state of israhell be done with.This inbred of people ,are the reason for all this war in the middle east.Iran should be able to deal with this problem sooner or later , american politicians are all currupt by the fiat money of the fedral reserve, that is controlled by the zionist jews, who are bringing the US to it’s nees.A good jewish state is no jewish state, send all the jews back to where they came from.

  • Mehdi

    Amazing how this thing has totally pulled the curtain back! – could all ather such acts in the past be associated to the same lot in israel?

  • Mihail

    THE CONVERTED KHAZAR ARE THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN,THE Jewish CLAIM TO BE ISRAEL???REVELATION 2:9,3:9 Absolute Proof More Modern Jews Not Biblical Israelites
    The 13th Tribe’ by Arthur Koestler (suicided by Mossad) explains the creation of the
    European Khazar/Ashkenazi Jews who are descended from Huns, not semitic peoples.
    From Dick Eastman

  • James d'Juste

    Recently I’ve been hearing that you can’t be anti-Zionist without being anti-Semitic.

    So be it!!!

  • Endaf

    “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” – Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

  • kalidas

    How soon until the time comes when one, upon seeing an “Israeli,” any Israeli, simply starts [redacted] and considers it self defense?

  • Maher

    Those same rabbis who plotted against and later crucified Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) …. NOW posses endless kosher Federal Reserve $$$$$ dollars (earned from usury, Debt, prostitution, human trafficking, gambling, alcohol, war, arms manufacturing & trading, drugs, etc..) along with ultra modern cutting-edge technology that they are using to plot against us, turn us against each-other and finally crucify us all.

    May the blessings of God and his mercy be upon us all!

  • little guy

    Let’s not forget about the 30 million Christians in the US who proudly call themselves Zionists and fully support Israel in EVERY possible way!

  • pete schnapp

    It might bode well for us all to not only applaud the death of the Khazar parasites in Zionist clothing but also remember the treasonous Christian toadies that sold out their fellow countrymen to these Vampyres. The Blairs, Bidens. McCains, (of course his treason goes back decades to his daddy hiding the USS Liberty from the public), and possibly begin trials at home to all those swine that positioned these slugs in sensitive government posts,(Chertoff ordering the FBI to release the Mossad agents filming the towers’ demise while high-fiving each other). If not, the infection will begin all over again. There must be [redacted] consequences up to and including execution with confiscation of personal fortunes. Let the cowards see there are SEVERE consequences for aiding and abetting treason and they’ll think hard about duping the sheeple again.

  • Israel–not Muslims–did 9/11 along with traitors within the United States who might be called members of the “Kosher Nostra” or “Zioncons”.

    Zionist Psycho Warfare unmasked: When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    The Pandora’s Box of 9/11 must be revealed so humanity can unseat those who are steering the human journey to a very dark place.



  • dumbo

    If this incident(assassination)
    results in the world seeing what this abomination called ISRAEL is about, then some good may come of it and his death may not be for nothing. The Zionist entity that is the Israeli state are the most barbaric creatures the world has to face and defeat. The sooner the better for all including those Jews who do not support the Zionist enterprise.

  • Allah Ackbar!
    Celebrate! The time of victory is at hand! All who have pure hearts will rejoice when the pigs blood flows in the gutters of Israel.
    Do not simply turn your back on these demons, arise that this great evil should be found no more upon the face of this world.
    No regrets, no sympathy, root out all who are toadies to this evil, and send them to their father Satan…he has prepared a place for them.

  • Gilga

    Their Talmudic indoctrination from birth has created a people that see’s other humans as worthless cattle to be exploited, that a gentiles life or property or family has no value – it is a nation of psychopaths.

    The World should really be disarming the terror state, they are the biggest threat to global safety and security.

  • Uriah

    how the zionist jews are brainwashing people, the media to convince that they are a race and originated from Arab land ‘Palestine’.

    1. Semites:

    2. read this:

    3. very important to read:

    4. Origin of the arabs:
    [Three major world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have their beginnings in the Arab line, through the prophet Abraham.]

    5. Origin of the arabs:



    6. The jews now in palestine are not the original jews who are descendants of abraham.
    the original jews are arabs who at one time were jews, then christians and now muslims (the palestinian arabs). Stop zionist propaganda, brainwashing people!

    I would like to dedicate this book to you:
    \’The Invention of the Jewish People\’ by Shlomo Sand


    The original Jews living in Israel, contrary to the accepted history, were not exiled following the Bar Kokhba revolt.[4] Sand argues that most of the Jews were not exiled by the Romans, and were permitted to remain in the country. He puts the number of those exiled at tens of thousands at most. Many Jews converted to Islam following the Arab conquest, and were assimilated among the conquerors. He concludes that the progenitors of the Palestinian Arabs were Jews.[5]

    Turkish Khazars who were converted to Judaism are the Ashkenazi Jews.

    There is nothing called the Jewish people.

    7. The semites are the arabs
    The Jews are not a race, people belonging to Judaism, like christians to christianity and Muslims to Islam.

    check the website below:

    \”Virtually all Zionists are Ashkenzic Jews. When anyone criticizes wrongful acts by the Zionists, they cry out, with false indignity, \”You\’re anti- semetic.\” Yet, these Ashkenazic (Zionist) Jews are not Semites.\”
    \”There are Chinese Jews, black Jews, Indian Jews, etc., but the basic difference is in two divisions – Ashkenazic Jews and Sephardic Jews. \”

    8. The Semites=Arabians (Arabs):

    9. This site shows you pictures, (ziomania.com):





    p.s: anyone can be a jew, but not anyone can be an arab jew or arab christian or arab muslim
    anyone can be a christian, but not anyone can be an arab jew or arab christian or arab muslim
    anyone can be a muslim, but not anyone can be an arab jew or arab christian or arab muslim

    !!! Jews refer to a religion, arabs refer to ethnicity/race/nationality/physical appearance.

  • Ali Chin

    I don’t think those culprits can be incarcerated or anything, especially by the Interpol, because those agencies are also controlled by the masters of Zionism.

  • Ali Chin

    The fact that the whole crime was coordinated from Austria, it only proves that the Rothschilds are very much an active actor in Zionism, that they are the masters of Zionism who wants to devour all the world and greedily monopolize its resources.

  • Greg

    The assassins will never be captured and Israel will not suffer one bit over the operation. No one behind closed doors believes that Mabhouh didn’t know the possible consequences so sympathy will be short lived. During the cold war many American and Soviet agents were killed and no one cared. In fact this whole issue would already be forgotten outside the Middle East were it not for the Dubai police chief’s constant press briefings. The assassins images, if indeed they are their images at all, have already been forgotten by most. The retinal scans are a joke. I travel extensively and have never had one. Fingerprints?…ten days later after how many entered the rooms? These people are back to their ‘day jobs’ and will remain there until the next call comes.

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