Hamas Government Detains British Filmer for Espionage

An official spokesperson of the interior ministry of Hamas stated on Monday: “The Public Prosecution has issued an arrest order for fifteen days against the British documentary film-maker Paul Martin for the suspicions of violation of Palestinian laws and security” (collaborating with Israel and giving information to “hostile parties).

The spokesman for the interior ministry of the Palestinian government of Hamas in Gaza, Ehab Al- Ghussein, said in a statement posted on the website of his ministry on Monday, that “the public prosecutor in the Palestinian government ordered the arrest warrant against British journalist Paul Martin for a period of fifteen days”, indicating that there is one breach of security and that he is accused of spying for Israel, and that the British journalist had confirmed that he violated the Palestinian law and Gaza security”.

Al-Ghussein said that the British consulate was informed about the photographers arrest, adding that “we put them in knowledge of the form of detention”, noting that “a representative of the British Consulate came yesterday (Sunday) to Gaza and heard from the British journalist and informed him about what they can do and how they will deal with his issue.”
Al- Ghussein clarified that “they offered the British journalist an attorney at law”, explaining that the British journalist choose a lawyer who will “be present with him at all different hearings and investigation sessions”. He added that the British journalist is a photographer of documentary films and had arrived in the Gaza Strip on Sunday morning.

Before that, Hamas official in Gaza announced on Sunday that they had arrested “a British photographer and documentary film-maker”. Palestinian sources said that the photographer was named Paul Martin and is a cameraman for documentary films and was arrested on Sunday afternoon in the military court in Gaza City, when he came to testify in favor of a young Palestinian friend.

A spokeswoman for the British consulate in Jerusalem said that the UK government was “very concerned” about the journalists arrest, and had his family about the facts.

On the other hand, the Palestinian and the foreign journalists demanded that Hamas release British Journalists Paul Martin stating that the all the authorities should respect the freedom of movement and expression for journalists.

1 comment to Hamas Government Detains British Filmer for Espionage

  • Only cowards and evil men fear the ability of people to speak out.

    Free Palestine and journalists! Thank you Ms. Salam for your courageous reporting.


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