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How Do the PA Ambassadors Represent Palestine?

[1]February 14 2010 – How does the Palestinian National Authority explain the tragic conditions and the [2]administrative corruption of it’s embassy in Austria?

Which is the plan of Dr. Rafiq Al-Husseini, director of the office of President Mahmoud Abbas and protagonist of the latest scandal about sex and immorality, for the development of the embassy of Palestine in Vienna?

Which is the opinion of PA Foreign Minister Dr. Riyad al-Maliki about the Embassy of Palestine in Vienna?

Dr. Riyad al-Maliki previously sold out his political party, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), in the process selling out years of struggle for Palestine and the hopes of its followers in order to become a minister in the foreign ministry of the illusory PA.

What does Dr. Riyad al-Maliki know about the website of his embassy in Austria, which still presents Nasser Al-Qudwa as the foreign minister of Palestine?

Is the corruption in the Embassy of Palestine administrative or functional?

Will the PA stop this miserable farce after the publication of this report about its embassy in Austria?

Dr. Zuheir Al-Wazeer, the current Palestinian Ambassador in Vienna, he is a relative of Khalil Ibrahim al-Wazeer, also known by “Abu Jihad”, who was a Palestinian military leader and a founder of the secular political party Fatah. Ambassador Al-Wazeer is personable and soft-spoken in person, I know him as a very polite and gentle person, but he might be too soft for the position of a representative of Palestine. What is more important in my eyes is that I have not seen any interest from him in the affairs of the local Palestinian community.


Jewish squatter colonies are under construction at the website of the Palestinian Embassy.

For unknown reasons, the Palestinian embassy website [5] provides wrong and [6]hopelessly outdated information about the Palestinians. The website ostentatiously represents “Palestine” and the PA to the foreign public opinion in Europe. But it presents a wrong, distorted (and outdated) picture to the reader. The Palestinian struggle is distorted and belittled, basic information is wrong, such as for example the number of political prisoners, the foreign minister name, the Jewish squatter colonies, and etc. The embassy does also not organize any kind of media or public relations activities, such as press conferences, seminars, cultural expositions, community encounters, etc.


Wrong information presernts Nasser Al-Qodwa as PA foreign ministr.

Below are some screen-shots from the misery which is the site of the Palestinian Embassy, supposed to represent Palestine and Palestinians in the EU. Please do not hesitate to write or to leave a message about this for Mr. Mohammed Al- Dahoudi and Ambassador Majdi Al-Khalidi who appear to be the persons in charge of this issue.


Wrong information about the Palestinian prisoners posted at the website of the Palestinian Embassy.