Journalists Jailed for Comment on CIA Suicide Bombing

The Jordanian security authorities arrested two journalists, Mowafaq Mahadin and  Sufian Al-Tal, for criticizing the cooperation of the Royal Jordanian Intelligence Services officer Captain Al-Sharif Ali bin Zaid with the illegal occupation of the United States in Afghanistan.

The public prosecutor of the State Security Court ordered the detention of Mahadin and al-Tal after a group of retired army personnel filed a lawsuit accusing them of “offending the armed forces and betraying their blood.”

The journalists were arrested after they made statements during television talk shows aired separately by two stations, whereby the two men questioned the legality of Jordan’s collaboration with the US intelligence services in Afghanistan. The debate addressed the issue of the Jordanian suicide bomber, Homam Balawi, who blew himself up at a US forward base in Khost, Afghanistan, on last December 30, killing seven CIA agents and his Jordanian handler.

Until now the regime-controlled media in Jordan is characterizing the presence of their intelligence operatives in Afghanistan as a “humanitarian mission”, and forbids the family of Dr. Khalil bin Hammam bin Mellal Balawi from mourning their son.

11 comments to Journalists Jailed for Comment on CIA Suicide Bombing

  • Morgan

    You are one hell of a brave lady. You and Layla Anwar ROCK! I hope EVERYBODY gets what they DESERVE. I don’t believe in what the country I live in is doing, or anyone else.

    I still haven’t forgiven Europe what they did to the First Nations people who got here before them. And Europe called THEM the savages! Huh!

    • GreyLmist

      Morgan said: “I hope EVERYBODY gets what they DESERVE.” and “I still haven’t forgiven Europe what they did to the First Nations people who got here before them. And Europe called THEM the savages! Huh!”

      I think what you mean is that you hope everybody gets what you believe they deserve, yes? Much of the horrors in this world and it’s “history” (which is oftentimes discovered to be false after it’s too late to prevent the supposed “retaliatory” carnages that ensued) can be traced to others who thought as you do according to their own standards of what’s “deserved” in return. Be careful what you “wish” for like that (especially when you are as short on facts as you apparently are about America’s early history) because by your own “judgement” it could be argued that the indigenous people here got what they “deserved”, since it is they and not European settlers who committed genocide here twice against the first two, very small landing parties on this vast contitnent. And as for “The Trail of Tears” brouhaha, please do keep in mind that they were paid a phenomenal sum in those days — close to six million dollars — for the east coast properties, which they refused to vacate after the sale for over a decade of conflict and bloodshed about it.

  • It is good to live in America (U.S. part) where you can’t be taken away for your opinion. But as we sit here I am reminded, but we CAN be taken away for our opinion. Sequestered away in a secret that nobody can know, or face prison for telling, remember those changes folks? It has happened and will until we put a stop to the insanity of the control freaks. The “suicide bomber” that took out his foreign pallies and instructors a several weeks back, which seems to have these two Mowafaq Mahadin and Sufian Al-Tal in some trouble, could have been another ‘taxi driver sent to retrieve his papers from the local police station even though the troops at the check point took them from him,,,’ after an inspection at a U.S. checkpoint in Iraq. Funny he knew his car and felt it was sluggish. So he pulled over to stop and to see why his car was slow. He found it now was packed with explosives. Consider the source of the report and ask if it is possible it didn’t happen that way. The infamous idf killing another suicide bomber, reported to have a bomb strapped to his chest, turned out in the video the man was unarmed and stripped naked before he was assassinated (but they keep pulling that video off the net, I vunduhr vhy?).

  • Your Brother

    We were NOT born with a lock on our mouths.

  • dogismyth

    so what to do? they are easily outnumbered? right?

    I guess the news I want to read is about action, not a story about an injustice. Injustice is occurring everywhere, and it is written and rewritten over and over again on the internet. That’s the release mechanism nowadays for our anger….the net. That’s why they haven’t taken it away from us yet. Because they know we will do nothing…NOTHING…but bitch and moan about it.

    The next story i want to read is about someone who took action for these injustices. Stop frustrating all of us with these stories with no ending. Create an ending, and then it will be worthy to discuss.

  • johan amsterdam

    Most people I speake with know the US gove. is like a school yard bully who either pays people or uses threats to get thier way (or even kills)they even worked with Israel agents to bomb and kill Americans in 911 so called plane crashs,the stupid sheeple of US are the only ones who belive the gove. story,(they have a history of this the muder of JFK is another)now the US has control of Iraq&Afganistan for a new oil pipeline also they are working to surround Iran.I would not be surprised to see the old pipe line opened from Iraq to feed the Jews cheap oil on the coast (med/sea)

  • JohnZ

    I have never been so ashamed of my nation as I now feel. Ashamed and disgusted with those who rule America as though it was their own fiefdom. American society has broken down to the point of no return thanks to zionist/jew meddling. Think about the following: the emphasis on material wealth has created a debt ridden society. The destruction of the family and the lack of support both in and outside of government as well as the zionist/feminist agenda is responsible. The media in America is just as destructive, which is why I no longer watch the mainstream television.
    This all leads to a displaced reality so common in America and the reason for its beligerance throughout the rest of the world: corporate profit through mindless consumption.
    I have no sympathy for those CIA (cocaine importers association) who were killed. How many innocent people wround the world has the cia murdered in the name of corporate profit? Millions!
    This is know as Blowback.
    Paybacks are a bitch aren’t they?
    Now I have decided to look elsewhere to live. To become another expatriot and hopefully enjoy the rest of my life after two worthless marriages and divorces, in another country where life means more than consumption, debt, divorce and injustice.
    Cheers to all. deepest sympathy for the victims of Amerikan greed and corruption.

  • I saw the same in Cuidad de Mexico thirty years ago. Anyone that publicly criticized La Compania (the Company – the CIA) would get into serious trouble. Before 911 the people of the United States did not have any idea how deadly and criminal the CIA is. They are waking up slowly. I have been told by their own of how low down the Company is going back forty years, including their real dealings with their true friend and ally Fidel Castro. The CIA’s criminal doings are directly linked to Zio-Communist Jew Heinz (aka Henry) Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State.


  • To understand Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., you need to study the hairy history of Islam going back 1400 years. Go to school online free with the Historyscoper and learn all the key facts to arm your mind with the knowledge to better understand current events. To get started click the url.

  • Three times in history, since the days of Noah, has the light of God shown upon the earth. 1) The preaching and prophecies of the prophets of the Old Testament. 2) The Injil – the Gospel of ‘Isa al-Maseeh, Jesus Christ (PBUH) born of Maryam (PBUH) by the Holy Spirit of God. 3) Islam proclaimed by the messenger of Allah (SWT), Muhammed (PBUH).

    Sayyidah, the Parousia of Christ will occur on a day no one expects. In the meantime we are to do justice and wage spiritual Jihad against the powers of darkness.

    Thank you Ms. Salam for all you do in regard to witnessing against injustice and for the truth!


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