Is the EU Helping Mossad to Commit International Terror?

Update Feb. 6 2010: Dublin, Ireland, Dubai – Press sources reported that the Mossad cell that assassinated Mohammed Al-Mabhouh on Jan. 20 2010 used Irish passports to enter and to get out of Dubai.
The spokesman of the Irish Foreign Ministry told the Evening Herald newspaper: “We are aware of what the press reported, and we are in contact with the local authorities to attempt and to verify the truthfulness and correctness of these reports.”

January 31 2010 – On past 20 January, Mohammad Al-Mabhouh was assassinated in a hotel in Dubai by Mossad people holding EU passports. According to the press, four to seven Israeli Mossad death squads assassinated Al-Mabhouh in his hotel room at the Al-Bostan, Rotana hotel in Dubai. The Mossad injected Al-Mabhouh with a drug which leads to a heart attack. They made copies of all documents he had, and then left his room after hanging

a sign on the door with the words “Please do not disturb.”

One day before the assassination of Al-Mabhouh, the Israeli infrastructure minister, an extremist squatter, and an organizer of the destruction of the Palestinian houses in Jerusalem and the West bank, Uzi Landau, left the neighboring Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Uzi Landau had been in Abu Dhabi from January 15 to 19, 2010.

The Abu Dhabi regime invited the Israeli squatter and terrorist Landau to attend the conference of the agency of renewable energies, which was held in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Minister Landau entered Abu Dhabi with a team of mossad death squads who were with him under the pretext of being his security attachment. It appears that the people posing as Landau’s security attachment were involved in organizing the murder of Mohammad Al-Mabhouh in the neighboring State of Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, the information office of the government in the United Arab Emirates said that the Dubai police was able to identify the suspects who killed the Hamas leader, saying they all hold European passports. The Mossad operatives had left Dubai earlier, before the discovery of the crime.

The state of Dubai is involved in the assassination of Al-Mabhouh in one way or other, at the very least by appeasing and encouraging the usual terrorism of Israel by participating in the “normalization” of it relations with Israel and allowing an Israeli representative in its territory, as well as allowing freedom of movement to Israelis on its territory, while at the same time Israel does not respect the sovereignty of any Arab country, and puts Israeli interests ahead of the interests of all nations and people, Arab or not.

Israeli news stated that the Mossad death squad interrogated Al-Mabhouh in his hotel room before killing him, and that they returned with “precious information” attained following Al-Mabhouh’s interrogation, what most likely means that they tortured him to death if that is not a cover story for a murder in cold blood.

Questions which need answers from the European Governments

  • Which is the European country which violated international law and gave the Mossad passports for the commission of this murder in another country and violating its security?
  • Is it Germany, the same European country which has recently gifted Israel with German U212 submarines built fully at the expense of German taxpayers? Among all European countries, Germany is the prime suspect in this sordid crime, as it is known that it the Mossad was always given German passports in the past. I think that giving the Mossad passports is a crime not only against us Palestinians, but against the people of the nation who gave them the passports as well.
  • Is it reasonable that while “fighting” against so-called terrorism, or actually national liberation and self-determination movements, states engage in aiding and abetting, financing and in the commission of international terrorism and in the violation of the borders and the security of another country?
  • How does international law deal with the European state which is involved in such crimes of international terrorism, and in violating the security of other countries?

Whatever European country that gave the Mossad it’s own passports or allowed Israel to forge its passports and use them for committing terrorist crimes in another state, is involved in the terror crime itself, and the officials of that state must be treated in accordance to the provisions of international law relating to the crimes of international terrorism.

After the funeral of Al-Mabhouh in the Al-Yarmuk Refugee Camp south of Damascus, Khaleed Mash’al said “we will avenge this man. If you [Israel] were happy to assassinate a great man who bravely defeated your soldiers, then this happiness is going to pass”.

15 comments to Is the EU Helping Mossad to Commit International Terror?

  • Huggles

    “Is the EU Helping Mossad to Commit International Terror?”

    Yes, yes, yes! More specifically EU nations’ security services are working hand in glove with Mossad, various right wing pro-zionist EU parties such as Pro-Capitalism, North Irish Loyalist groups, neo-fascists like the BNP also maintain strong links.

    Why all this cohesion between organs of oppression? Largely because of zionist hostility towards European Muslims even though they are largely a-political. The potential of an Islamic lobby in a vibrant and economically powerful Europe is a clear and present danger to zionism.

    Techniques used includes propaganda of the threat of Islamic growth in Europe by organisations financed by zionists, slander campaigns of Muslim individuals and organisations and most disturbingly, organised stalking campaigns of Muslims by zionist organisation members, neo-nazis, police and the security services.

    The hot-housing and cultish nature of organised stalking is extremely effective in provoking a victim to over react to the pressure of being stalked 24-7 for many months. The moment an activist is provoked to go on a rampage, it is translated as a disorganised attempt at terrorism in the press.

  • Don’t worry about EU or UN. We control them & they know it: shmuel from mossad.


    The time has come to Israel to reap what they sow from terrorism and murder.

  • The same murder and torture and intimidation and use of third party co-conspirators to violate the people and nation of Palestine are used against Iraq as well. This is not coincidental. [redacted] It is utterly obvious that all of these murdering demons have Satan as their true master. They can not be reasoned with. They must be resisted absolutely and totally. Justice must be dealt them. Any and all courts that consider themselves to represent true justice must recognize and act on this immediately.


  • Adam Neira

    Possible Scenarios…

    (a)Mahmoud al-Mabhouh died in a bizarre gardening accident whilst tending his desert plants on his apartment balcony.

    (b) He was killed over a private criminal matter and Hamas is seeking to use the matter to point accusatory fingers and leverage their position.

    (c) He was killed by members of his own organisation after a possible betrayal or over a past grudge.

    (d) A certain intelligence organisation took him out because of his past nefarious activities.

    The last option seems unlikely in the current trust-building climate. Or it could be that this is a message to the Hamas leadership over what will happen to them if certain negotiations don’t progress.

    Mahmoud al-Mabhouh killed two Israeli soldiers after torturing them. He was a despicable piece of trash. Of the six billion people alive on Planet Earth today he would have rated near the lowest on the merit ladder. Hamas calling for attacks on innocent Jewish civilians around the world is abhorrent. It would be like after the recent killing of the settler rabbi if a Jewish group called for Jews all around the world to attack innocent Arabs.

    There are degrees of justice. Hamas should try and get their facts straight. It has still not been confirmed what happened to the person in question. Perhaps he was the victim of an electrical accident after he was plugging in the hotel cable TV to watch the latest program of “Who wants to be a martyr” ?

    You can tell a lot about a group of people by who they parade and celebrate as their role models.

  • TB

    The cowardly Mossad send in another ‘team’ to kill one man, im surprised they didnt use a drone the cowards.I would say germany, easily the most blackmailable country in europe alongside england

  • TB

    What euro country were the p’ports from? Bear in mind the ‘agents’ wer more than likely dark skinned as to not look out of place in the emirate, id say italy, fascist to the core and zionist to the core. They also played a part in ww2 and have a supposed ‘guilt complex’ and im sure israel gets her moneys worth in reparations

  • Rabbit

    I hope to see severe retaliation against Israeli targets.

    There is no international law anymore, thanks to Israel and its paid off, blackmailed whores, there is no longer any international law..

  • Mariella

    Dear Kawther,

    I suggest you take a very close look to the [redacted] Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maxime Verhagen. You might find some leads or answers there.

  • tommy

    Once a man and twice a child, and everything is just for a while and it seems like total distruction de only solution. And it aint no use, no one can stop um now.

    The timeless ageless genious lyrics of Bob Marley.

  • DNA change Jewish history

    Original post:(Dutch)

    It seemed obvious. The Romans expelled the Jews from Palestine, and the Diaspora began. But according to historical research stems primarily from contemporary Jewish converts. This conclusion also draws on its way microbiologist Jits van Straten.

    . If he was right then, all Eastern European Jews, including almost the entire Israeli elite of that time, not descended from the biblical nation of Israel but of medieval Turks. Shlomo Sand goes even further. If a nation is akin to the ancient Israelites than that in his view the Palestinians.

    Jits van Straten points to the intriguing genetic relatedness between Yemeni Jews and Palestinians. Genetic research also lays bare essential differences between Moroccan, Tunisian and Yemeni Jews.

  • Jimmy

    You should know better than to accuse the Irish of collaborating with the Zionists.
    The Zionists hate Ireland. The Irish have been among their sternest critics in Europe.
    This is more of an attempt ot victimise them – particularly after the many of those who took part in the Love Palestine convoy to Gaza recently were Irish citizens.

  • Ismael

    I don’t blame you for thinking the Irish may have something to do with this.But I need to point out that Irish neutrality is above board and their fair approach to the Middle East and the Palestinian issue is well established and does not win Ireland many friends in Israel.In fact it is the Irish way of resolving conflicts that could benefit the region as they lead by example at home on the North-South eternal conflict ( resolved after 830 Years of Blood and misery) or by their proven record as Peacekeepers in Cyprus,Sinai,The Golan Heights and Lebanon.Israel’s image in Ireland is beyond any doubt that of assassins.Public outrage demonstrated on the war on Lebanon in 2006,Gaza 2009 is proof of the Irish public opinion and support to Justice and fairness.The anger of the writer is misplaced.It should be directed to the perpetrators who have cleverly used the Good name of Ireland to accomplish their crimes.

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