Widow of the CIA Suicide Bomber Breaks Silence

Finally Defne Bayrak, the Turkish journalist who lives in Istanbul in Turkey, widow of Dr. Hammam Khalil Abu-Malal Al-Balawi, the suicide bomber who blew himself up and killed seven American CIA members, a Jordanian Royal CIA agent, and injured six others in Chapman airbase in Afghanistan, told the Al-Sabah Daily newspaper in Istanbul about the death of her husband. Defne, who appears in this photo without Hijab, expressed her suspicion about her husband having been an agent for CIA or the Jordanian secret service, or an element of Al-Qaeda. (Click on pictures to see them bigger).

She said: “he was a typical guy who liked to stay at home, there must have been something, and the character of my husband was very strong. If he did this “suicide”, he must have done it on his own will. No one could make him do something”. She added: “I received a phone call from one of my husbands friends in Pakistan, who informed me that my husband blew himself up at a US base in Afghanistan on December 30 2009.”

Defne Bayrak said that she believed that her husband went to Pakistan, not Afghanistan, to continue his medical studies. He planned to become a specialist in surgery in Turkey. He called her ten days before stating that he intended to return to Turkey. she was shocked by the news of his death.

Defne Bayrak, who married Hammam nine years ago, works as translator from Arabic to Turkish and from Turkish to Arabic besides her journalistic work. She translated two books from Arabic to Turkish: “Osama bin Laden” and “The Che Guevara of the East”. She met her Jordanian husband while he was studying medicine at the University of Istanbul. After their marriage, they went to live in Jordan where they have two daughters, Lena and Leila. In February 2008, the couple and their two daughters returned to Turkey.

NOTE: the suicide bomber was a Jordanian national, Dr. Hammam Khalil Abu-Malal Al-Balawi, and not Hammam Khalil Muly Bala’awi. The suicide bomber is not a Palestinian and he is not a son of the Palestinian Bala’awi family. What was published at New York times newspapers is a falsification of the family name of Dr. Hammam, and an attempt by the jewish New York Times to deny his Jordanian nationality and to imply that he was a Palestinian.

Shinnara Fadel Al-Balawi, the mother of Dr. Khalil Hammam Al-Balawi, of age 64, also found it suspicious that her would perpetrate the suicide bombing at the US military base in Afghanistan. She told AFP that her son was not an extremist, that he had been very clever at the school, and he was very quite during his childhood. A moderate son, he did not have religious tendencies, he prayed and worshiped God and read the Koran at home.

“My son applied for a visa to continue his study in the United State in 2008. I do not know if he received a visa or not. I do not know if he was alive or dead, I did not hear anything from him since over 10 months”. She stated that her son Hammam had been born in Kuwait on December 25 1977, and that he has six brothers and three sisters, all of them were born in Kuwait. They left Kuwait to Jordan after the Iraq war in 1990.

On the other hand, a young doctor connected to Dr. Hammam at work, revealed that he was moderate, and not a radical as he has been portrayed in the media. Other sources close to the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan said that Hammam was close to them, without indicating if he was a member of their organization, which is considered the most widespread in Jordan.

Sources close to Hammam Al-Balawi stated that he was not close or even known to the “Salafi jihadists”, in contradiction to what has been reported. The operators of the “Salafi Jihadi Forums” told Al-Jazeera that they had followed the writings and poems posted under the name of “Abu Dajana Al-Kharasani”, which had been used by Hammam on these “jihadist sites” according to the reports from the Jordanian regime. They forum operators denied that he had any relation to him.

Dr. Hamman was  arrested by the Jordanian intelligence after he volunteer to go to Gaza with a medical team according to his widow.

The Jordanian Media:

In Jordan, the Jordanian royal family continues hiding the truth about the suicide bombing at the CIA Chapman airbase in Afghanistan, carried out by Jordanian citizen Dr. Hammam. The Jordanian regime also continues imposing a ban on the Jordanian media to write or to talk about this the issue of Dr. Hammam and the death of royal family member al-Sharif Ali bin Zied, who the Jordanian regime declared as a “holy martyr” after his failed spy mission with the CIA. Thus, Jordanian newspapers have abandoned writing, analysis and debate news about the incident, which was described by politicians as having been a painful shot at Jordan and against the Jordanian intelligence system.

Jordanian sources stated that Jordanian military and police patrols are spread around and surrounding the home of the familiy in “Al-Nozha” in Amman, denying journalists to approach or film the house and the mosque “Ammar bin Yasir” where Hammam used to pray. The Jordanian patrols also disallow the journalists to photograph from a distance. Other Jordanian intelligence elements wearing civil cloths are stationed in each shop and street around the area, watching closely all those entering or leaving the house of the Al-Balawi family. The Jordanian elements are using equipment which allows them to listen at what is going on inside the home of the family.

Sources near the Al-Balawi family stated that they are still banned by the Jordanian intelligence from meeting with the media. Members of the family said that they were forced into an agreement with the Jordanian intelligence services to not appear in the media. They also expressed their anger at the continued detention of their son, engineer Asaad Kalil Al-Balawi, aged 29, who was arrested last Thursday after the intelligence ordered him and his pharmacist father to go to their headquarters “for a talk” where they detained Assad and refused to release him.

The Jordanian intelligence has also prevented the Al-Balawi family from opening their house for mourning their dead son. This is a contrary to the customs and traditions in Jordan, and a flagrant violation against the human rights of the family, for it is a basic right for everyone who has lost a member of his family to open the house for mourning.

Jordan continues to impose more restrictions and pressure on the Jordanian people and to complicated their life since the death of King Hussein. The Jordanian internal and external politics are not wise.

The Jordanian Queen Rania has been turned into a royal fashion model, while the Jordanian people are dying of poverty, cold and hunger, and are kept in abject misery by the regime. The crass invoices paid by the Queen Rania in the jewelry and fashion shops in the UK and other places around the world are not logical or rational if we take into consideration that Jordan depends almost completely on external financial aid, and that the majority of Jordanian people live under miserable conditions of poverty because the royalty blows whatever money they get for useless luxury. Anyone who sees Queen Rania wearing her luxurious clothes and talking about education and human rights could believe that Jordan is a paradise, but the sad fact is that most Jordanian women and people live in an abject level because of political neglect, poverty and unemployment, and wanton arrests and torture are the rule in Jordan. No wonder that the Jordanian regime produces extremists and suicide bombers. The continued violations of the dignity and human rights of the people, combined with poverty and hunger, are a fertile ground for producing extremists anywhere in the world, not only Jordan.

Despite the fact that Jordan has provided no credible information, such as what was provided to the US about the existence of the nuclear weapons in Iraq, Jordan remains the first ally of the United States and the its CIA, and continues to cooperate in the spying on neighboring Arab countries and the Islamic movements there, including spying on Hezbollah in Lebanon. Jordan has also opened it’s territory for the American secret jails for torturing prisoners in exchange for the millions of “help” provided by the United States to Jordan for the development of civil society, the education and health sectors, but which is instead deposited into the personal treasury of King and spent on his travels, his night life and questionable luxury outside the country.

4 comments to Widow of the CIA Suicide Bomber Breaks Silence

  • Margaret Casey

    Who is surprised. Its American money because the Jordanian royal family have been ‘bought’. They could not giive a damn about their subjects.

  • Mike S

    Do not take any mainstream news story at face value, the US in particular and the west in general will do anything to exert its will for resource and military control, including false flag operations. Obama is a corporate shill, Congress is mostly comprised of corporate prostitutes, the US is no longer ruled by the people. Corporations don’t care about people, they care about profits and squashing the competition.

  • Dear Sir,
    I strongly believe that zionists are the cancer of the human race. I curse them several times a day.
    zionists have been tormenting, harassing, persecuting, incarcerating, torturing, and killing innocent Palestinian men, women, and children, since 1948.
    They have stolen 83% of the Palestinians’ land, and continue building illegal Israeli settlements, on the remaining Palestinian land.
    Unfortunately, the unethical Anglo-Saxon nations have turned a blind eye to this evil injustice.
    The United Nations have issued dozens of resolutions against Israel, but no action was taken to enforce them!
    There is no need to despair. God is more powerful than the Jews and their immoral friends.
    The world has 1.3 BILLION Muslims. Muslims pray 5 times a day.[redacted]
    God abhors injustice and always listens to prayers. He also allows fair, and justified, curses to be fulfilled. (The “butcher” Ariel Sharon has been in a coma since 2006).
    Do not underestimate the power of prayer and the awesome destructive force of justified curses.
    The sooner you unleash your “God given” powers, the sooner Palestine will be liberated.
    God bless you.
    Len Giles

  • I don’t believe in “suicide bombers”

    but I do believe in murders which are made to look like suicide.

    They are called Arkancides in honor of all of the dead
    people (alleged suicide victims) who seemed to
    accumulate around former US president Bill Clinton.


    Arkancides were attributed to the “Dixie Mafia”
    but they may have been done by the Mossad
    because Rahm Emanuel (chief of Staff of Barak Obama)
    was Clinton’s campaign finance director and,
    according to Sherman Skolnick, the deputy chief
    of the Mossad for North America.

    “At a dinner to celebrate Bill Clintons election to the presidency in 1992, Rahm Emanuel, Clintons campaign
    finance director, stood up, called out a list of
    Clintons political enemies, and after each name,
    yelled Dead! while jamming a steak knife into the table.
    As one attendee remarked, It was like something out of
    The Godfather.”


    George Bush Sr., Ariel Sharon and Bill Clinton were partners in the Iran-Contra-Mena guns for drugs crime
    spree of the 1980s.


    And finally, Jordan participated with Israel in “Operation Mass Forgery” to help created the illusion of fanatical Islamic terrorism


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