Effects of the CIA Loss on Jordan

Jan. 5 2010: The recent suicide bombing at Chapman airfield in Afghanistan, which killed Jordanian intelligence officer Captain Al-Sharif Ali bin Zaid, a member of the Jordanian royal family, was a shock to Jordanians. The news transcended despite the attempts of the Jordanian regime to hide the truth from the people, even falsifying the news at first, by imposing further measures of control on the media and those directly affected. The Jordanian regime first stated that the death of their intelligence officer bin Zeid had happened while he was “on a humanitarian mission” in Afghanistan.

The regime also tried to hide the identity of the suicide-bomber, Dr. Khalil bin Hammam bin Mellal Balawi, the fact that he was a Jordanian, and the fact that their Royal Jordanian CIA collaborator Ali bi Zeid was himself with the suicide-bomber, having himself brought him into the CIA military base, what allowed bin Hammam to enter the CIA base without restrictions or security checking in first place.

However big the Jordanian shock out of pain over receiving the truth about the treachery of their own government, the Jordanian people woke up and even started commenting on the tragic irresponsibility of the Jordanian regime.

The dead CIA collaborator Al-Sharif Ali bin Zaid, not Sharif at all.

The former secretary-general of the Islamic Action Front in Jordan, Zaki Bani Irsheid, deplored the participation of Jordanian troops in the war waged by the NATO alliance against the Afghan Muslim people. He stated during an Arabic interview that the exposure of what he called the role of the Jordanian intelligence in Afghanistan adds more question marks on the foreign policy of Jordan.

Jordan is Innocent! proclaims Ad-Dostur, a Jordanian newspaper.

Bani Irsheid denounced the ignorance of the Jordanian people about the nature of the activities undertaken by the countries forces, noting that the government’s attempts to minimize the incident and surrounding and censoring the media (meaning that the regime had the shamelessness to announce the death of bin Zeid as a martyr) does not change the fact that the fate of Jordan is in the hands of irresponsible US policies implemented by the CIA and other shady organizations, which have failures and losses on a daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bani Irsheid stressed that Jordan has no interest in entering lost wars which furthermore lack any moral justification whatsoever. He called on the government to disclose all the circumstances of the activities of Jordanian troops abroad. He held the Jordanian government responsible for the absence of information available to the Jordanian people, asking the government to proceed promptly to take measures which would correct the current serious situation.

Bani Irsheid stressed that the Jordanian people strongly oppose the policy of intervention in conflicts overseas which are run by occupying US forces, and he expressed their sympathies to the Arab and Islamic issues. He added that “the Jordanian government should do its duty regarding the zionist attacks escalating in Jerusalem”, pointing out that the zionist entity is the only continued threat to the interests of Jordan. “This is what the Jordanian government should be giving priority”, said Bani Irsheid.

5 comments to Effects of the CIA Loss on Jordan

  • Ms. Salam, your clear exposition of the Jordanian cover up shows the soft quisling nature of these corrupt government officials only too well. The reaction of the Jordanian people that you record is heartening. It shows their conscience and sensibility. May their voice be heard.

    Thank you again, as always for your superb reporting.


  • Do you think that Ali bin Zaid will get his 70 virgins now??

  • Jennifer

    The news on Bani Irsheid, where did you get that from? I’d like the link to it please, since the Arabic excerpt from Addustour talks about the CIA bomber and not Bani Irsheid. Thanks.

    The news about Bani Irsheid came through a personal interview made by one of my colleagues in Jordan and published in his Arabic blog “Al-Mustakbal”. You just need to call Bani Irshid by yourself, and ask him. I am sure he will answer your questions openly.

    About Addustour talks, I just published the paragraph which shows that the Jordanian State minister is spreading false information.

  • geane

    I came across your blog and have to applause your stance……………I am proud of your writing and just want to give you support to your noble cause…May God give you more courage and may he reward you for your noble efforts……….I wish all the women were like you and your articles on the Jordanian “Royal” family were a source of nourishment to the heart……..

    In these days of darkness your blog is a shinning ray of light………….To speak of Justice and truth in the face of Tyrants is deserving of “getting shade from God on the day when there will be no other shade………..I pray that you are granted this position…….for you are no less in my eyes then the brother who dimmed the light of the oppressor’s…………..


    Ps have bookmarked your blog!……….

  • Adam Neira

    His Majesty King Abdullah is doing an excellent job. Blessings to him.

    Prayers for the victims of this evil attack.

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