Who Was the CIA Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan?

The report below was published in Al-Jazeera Arabic. It surprised me that Al-Jazeera English is not publishing the same information on their homepage, or at least translating this important report from Arabic. There is a deep gap between what the Arabic and English editions of Al-Jazeera are reporting. Nobody knows why Al-Jazeera in English seems to follow an editorial policy based on misleading their foreign (not Arabic speaking) readers, especially with their reports about the American and the Israeli occupations. Why is there a clear contradiction between the two editions of Al-Jazaeera? Anybody who reads the news from Al-Jazeera in Arabic and the news from Al-Jazeera in English can see these contradictions.

Jordanian Spy funeral (Pic Credit: Petra Agency / Jordan)

Mohammad Al-Najjar from Jordan reported in the Arabic edition of Al-Jazeera about the identity of the suicide-bomber in Afghanistan who killed himself and seven CIA elements, and wounded another six.

  • Who was the CIA suicide-bomber in Afghanistan?
  • Who sent him to work as CIA agent?
  • When and Why?

The answers to these questions can be found in the report of Mr. Mohammad Al-Najjar from Jordan.

According to the report of Mr. Al-Najjar, the suicide bomber against the clandestine elements of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in the Afghan province of Khost last Wednesday was a Jordanian doctor named Khalil Abu Hammam Mellal Al-Balawi, who studied medicine in Turkey at the expense of the Jordanian government after receiving a rate of 97% in high school General school certificate examinations.

Hammam has seven brothers and three sisters, all of them reportedly very intelligent students. Two of his brothers are said to be working outside of Jordan.

The family of Dr. Hammam belongs to the Beer Al-Saba’a family. He had been engaged by the United Nations international relief agency (UNRWA) before his departure from Jordan. He was married to a Turkish journalist who currently resides together with her children in Turkey. He was jailed several times by the Jordanian intelligence because of his participation via Internet with articles and poems inciting jihad at the websites which belong to Salafi jihadist groups.

Hammam Abu Mellal was known in these locations in the Internet as “Abu Dajana Al-Kharasani”. He was a supervisor in the Al-Hisba forums, which publishes news and the messages of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and his second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The family of Dr. Hammam, who still lives in the Jordanian city of Al-Zarqa 20 kilometers east of Amman, refused to give a commitment or a statement to the press after the Jordanian intelligence forbade them to speak out in public.

Sources close to the family of suicide bomber Dr. Hammam told Al-Jazeera net that the Jordanian intelligence had arrested the younger brother of Dr. Hammam, called his father and warned him not to open the house for the mourning for his son, which they fear would turn into a gathering place for elements of the Salafi jihadists.

The same sources which close to the family of doctor Dr. Hammam stated that he had left Jordan a year ago. Before that, he had been incarcerated for several months by the Jordanian intelligence, and then released and allowed traveling out of Jordan.

According to the Taliban movement in Pakistan in a statement of last Thursday, the suicide bomber was one of their elements, and that he had been the first Arab belonging to their ranks.

Haj Jacob, a Taliban official in Pakistan, stated that the Jordanian intelligence had recruited “Abu Dajana”, a cover name of Hammam, in order to arrange for him to meet and correspond with the second man in al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri. He added that Abu Dajana, who carried out the suicide bombing, was able to mislead the Jordanian and US intelligence operatives for a complete year.

The Jordanian government spokesman Nabil Al-Sharif denied that Jordan had sent the bomber to Afghanistan, and he characterized the Taliban announcement as not true (“out of the truth”). He said that Jordan does not have any information that would enable it to verify that the suicide bomber was a Jordanian national. Mr. Al-Najjar, the Al-Jazeera correspondent in Jordan, tried to obtain clarification from the Jordanian Minister Al-Sharif on this information, but the minister did not respond to the requests.

As I see it, this whole event confirms the involvement of Jordan in the wars against Muslims of the USA and Israel, which for many years had been a tightly guarded secret. The death of the prince, an operative for the CIA and very possibly a torturer, definitely shines a very bad light upon the Jordanian regime.

If conclusions can be drawn from this on the surface messy picture, the collaboration of the Jordanian regime, and possibly other Arab regimes, with the USA/Israel war against Muslim peoples, what they call “global war on terror”, goes far deeper than what was known until now. Not only do these regimes brutally suppress the own populations as a compensation for their lack of legitimacy, they also routinely take torture jobs from the USA/EU/Israel in order to justify military help received, reportedly over 500 million yearly, they send their militaries and covert intelligence operatives to do “humanitarian work” (murder and torture), and they appear to recruit radicalized people with legitimate grievances from among their respective populations in order to create synthetic terrorism (“Al-Qaeda”) by use of classic COINTELPRO methods, which in turn serve to “justify” in a gruesome way the invasion and destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and perhaps soon Iran, by the western regimes acting in subordination to Israel.

According to what has transcended until now, the Jordanian regime is collaborating with the CIA in murdering and torturing Afghani resistance (which they call “Al-Qaeda”). One aspect is that they sent in a royal or near the royalty to participate in the dirty work. Another aspect is that they apparently originally recruited the doctor Hammam while he was jailed for writing what I suppose were less than polite diatribes against the regime, and coerced him to go to Afghanistan to help hunt down wanted people, apparently Al-Zawahiri, incidentally also a doctor by profession and the offspring of a wealthy Egyptian family.

It is interesting to note here that another one of the people sought by the Americans and ultimately killed in Iraq last year, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, was also reported to be a native of Zarqa in Jordan, the same locality where the family of Dr. Hammam resides. A coincidence?

Another interesting piece of data regarding this incident were the several angry comments which I received in response to my article yesterday with information about the identity of the royal who died in that incident. Several very angry posts from Jordan landed in spam, they were written in perfect English and where the writers identified themselves with jewish-sounding names. Are these Jordanian intelligence people trying to hide their identities, does this mean that American jews, perhaps even Israelis, are sitting in offices in Amman working for the intelligence apparatus, or is this just another coincidence?

According to the reports, the suicide bombing occurred at Chapman airfield, in the Afghan province of Khost. See also map below.

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4 comments to Who Was the CIA Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan?

  • Ian Stewart

    Thanks for the information. I have noticed that Al-Jazeera English has become quite tame of late; I found this disappointing because I was accustomed to relying on it for ‘real’ info about the middle east. The information we get dished to us in N.A. is beyond disappointing; there is no doubt that the N.A. populace is purposely misled by the mainstream media. It has become so ridiculous that it’s difficult to distinguish from actual satire.
    After years of reading information exposing the parasitical elements and machinations of those who, as a matter of course, seek to infiltrate, subvert, murder, steal and destroy, the conclusions you suggest appear quite cogent.
    For what it’s worth I think the curtain is being drawn aside to reveal what has been occurring for many decades or longer – and those who are the perpetrators. There is no war on terror, only a war on humanity using terrorist means.

  • Ms. Salam, this indeed is confirmation of Jordanian involvement with United States-Israeli intelligence in the region. Bahrain is the center of American Military Intelligence for the whole region. Mossad is heavily involved in all of it and has been for years. Russian KGB (now FSB) has been in the area since the early days of Stalin at least. From Haaretz.com Wed., March 04, 2009 Adar 8, 5769 “Reportedly, King Hussein of Jordan worked for the CIA. One of his handlers was former CIA station chief in Amman Jordan, Jack O’Connell.”

    This is the high level involvement. There are also Sayanim throughout the region who are quasi professional Mossad recruits to disrupt and bring about Israeli False Flag black Operations. The United States CIA is heavily involved in the activities that go on. Military Intelligence for British and United States and French CIA are heavy players in the region over the years.

    The points that can be made are many. One of them is this: the region is constantly being unsettled in order to control it by OUTSIDE powers. If unity by the Arab people from the top down would proclaim that this must cease, then it would be simple to unite against the Zionist foe and be victorious.

    Thank you Ms. Salam for your forthright and incisive reporting as always.


  • JJ

    In answer to the question why is Al Jazeera English the way it is, please understand that Canada is a staunch supporter of Israel and USA. Avigdor Lieberman on a recent visit here gushed about how “Israel needs more friends like Canada.”
    The top man at AL Jazeera English, Tony Burman, was formerly an executive with Canada’s national broadcaster the CBC. In his recent pitch to get AJ permitted to broadcast he had extensive consultations with pro Israeli organizations such as the Canadian Jewish Congress and Bnai Brith. Please see urls

  • Rabbit

    I think the answer to your last sentence is a resounding – yes, very likely. It is not a pretty thing to see, but I always assumed Jordan was totally in bed with the Zionist tail and its wagging dog, the USA. Sooner or later there will be hell to pay for the Jordanian, Egyptian and Saudi regimes.

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