Jordanian Among Dead in Attack on CIA Base

Jan. 2, 2010: According to the CIA, a suicide attack last Wednesday at a base in eastern Afghanistan killed seven members of the US Central Intelligence Agency and wounded six others. CIA director Leon Panetta stated that seven members of the CIA were killed last in an attack during last Wednesday 30 Dec. 2009 in Afghanistan. The American President, his family and their dog sent condolences to the families of the dead.

Addition: It has trascended from media reports that Capitan As-Sharif Ali bin Zeid Al Awn is in fact a member of the Jordanian royal family, but not a direct relative of the current king.

What Mr. Panetta did not mention that among the dead was also a Jordanian CIA employee, Captain “Al-Sherif” Ali bin Zeid ِAl Awn. In the same fashion, the Jordanian government also avoided to mention this in public, or even to confirm the presence of Jordanian troops in Afghanistan, because of the obvious embarrassment this would cause to the Jordanian regime. How shameful this incident is to the jordanian regime can be seen in the scant mention in the media of the death of this “holy” man (al-sherif means holy, noble, honorable in Arabic). In Jordan al-sharif  is a title reserved for the Jordanian Royal family.

Today Saturday, the Jordanian official news agency Petra stated that the body of Bin Zeid had arrived in Jordan and was received by King Abdullah II, Queen Rania, Prince Hassan and other royals. Petra did not say that Bin Zeid was among the CIA employees killed last Wednesday in Afghanistan, but they did not shrink from the shamelessness of calling the Bin Zeid a “martyr”, an apostrophe of respect usually given to those fallen in resistance to foreign occupiers such as Israel, as if this collaborator had been protecting anything of value.

CIA agent Ali bin Zeid carried the title of “Al-Sherif”, which is only bestowed on members of the Jordanian royal family, but not a direct relative of the current king. Accordin to AFP his family said that he was in Afghanistan for 20 days and had been due to return home on the day he was killed. The family added that the precise circumstances in which their son died “remain unclear”.

It should be noted that the CIA maintains a secret jail for torture in Jordan, and that Bin Zeid was not precisely in a holy peace mission in Afghanistan, as could be concluded from the statements of his family and the Jordanian government, but rather that he was working for the CIA, most likely involved in interrogation and torture of Afghani prisoners at the CIA base where the attack occurred.

According to the media, the head of the base, a woman mother of three was among the dead in the attack. While all deaths are a sad affair and  no child should grow up without their parents, it can be assumed that it is in the best interest of these children to have a chance to grow up far away from the influence of an antisocial woman involved in a commanding position in torture and probably many cold blooded murders.

In Palestine, CIA members work among the Palestinian alternative security forces, the Intelligence forces, and they are issuing arrest warrants against leaders of Hamas and members of the resistance, and are widely known to be engaged in torturing them during interrogations. The Americans from the CIA in Palestine were also involved in the Israeli murder of three Palestinians in Nablus in the northern of the West Bank last Saturday 26 December 2009.

Update: In response to several irate and bad-mannered comments from readers in Jordan (IP addresses are known), an article in Arabic, from AFP, is quoted below. I think that it confirms what I write.

وصول جثمان ضابط اردني قتل في افغانستان الى الاردن

السبت يناير 2 2010

ا ف ب – استقبل العاهل الاردني الملك عبد الله الثاني واعضاء من العائلة المالكة السبت جثمان ضابط اردني قتل في افغانستان الاربعاء الماضي وتربطه صلة قرابة بالعائلة المالكة

ونقلت طائرة عسكرية اردنية جثمان النقيب الشريف علي بن زيد (33 عاما) الى مطار الملكة علياء الدولي (30 كلم جنوب عمان) حيث كان الملك عبد الله وزوجته الملكة رانيا وولي العهد الامير الحسين في مقدمة المستقبلين حيث اقيمت له مراسم عسكرية

وكان مصدر مسؤول في القيادة العامة للقوات المسلحة الاردنية اعلن في تصريح لوكالة الانباء الاردنية الرسمية (بترا) الاربعاء عن “استشهاد النقيب الشريف علي بن زيد اثناء مشاركته في اداء الواجب الانساني الذي تقوم به القوات المسلحة الاردنية في افغانستان”

واضاف ان “الشهيد التحق بكوكبة الشهداء الاردنيين الذين قضوا نحبهم في ميادين الشرف والرجولة واعلاء سمعة الاردن والمساهمة في حفظ السلام ومساعدة المدنيين المتضررين في مناطق الازمات في مختلف دول العالم مسطرين ابهى صور التفاني والتضحية في القيام بالواجب خدمة للوطن وللانسانية جمعاء”

ولم تعلن السلطات الاردنية في وقت سابق عن ارسال قوات اردنية الى افغانستان

وعلم لدى عائلة الفقيد، الذي يحمل لقب الشريف الذي يمنح لمن تربطهم صلة قرابة بالعائلة المالكة، انه كان في مهمة في افغانستان منذ عشرين يوما وكان يفترض ان يعود الى ارض الوطن الاربعاء الماضي، في نفس اليوم الذي قتل فيه

ولم يشر الى مكان او ملابسات مقتله

واكدت وكالة الاستخبارات المركزية الاميركية (سي.آي.ايه) الخميس مقتل سبعة من عناصرها واصابة ستة اخرين الاربعاء في هجوم انتحاري وقع في قاعدة شرق افغانستان

وكانت حصيلة سابقة مقدمة من مصدر اميركي في افغانستان اشارت الى سقوط ثمانية “مدنيين” اميركيين في هذا الهجوم

ووقع الهجوم الذي تبنته حركة طالبان في قاعة تشابمان المتقدمة في ولاية خوست بالقرب من الحدود مع باكستان

8 comments to Jordanian Among Dead in Attack on CIA Base

  • When you were a little girl Ms. Salam, I had (forty years ago) the dubious distinction of knowing one of the worst hitters and international gun runners for the U.S. Government’s subterfuges in Latin America who worked for the U.S. CIA/Russian KGB/Red Chinese Intell. Those three powers were working on destroying Latin America and Africa at that time. The three of them have been in league for a long time. The Zionists are a central feature to them. The criminal colonialization of Palestine by the U.S., Brits and Jews is part of the power structure supporting this Triad and supported by it. The empire building plan is to destroy all Arabs and Pashtuns and all other peoples of the Region and build the New World Order Capital of dictatorship in Occupied Palestine, all controlled by the European Union and the Triad of U.S., Russia and Red China.

    May God destroy their plan and Free Palestine and the whole region from Rabat to Islamabad and the whole world!!!


  • Rabbit

    Well spotted and thanks for the report.

    We already know thjat Jordan and Egypt are run by whores for the Americans and the Zionist scum. This is just more of their shame.

  • Puppets

    These Jordanians are little puppets and are engaged in these operations from Yemen to Paksistan. It is just disgusting what these treacherous people would do for aid.

  • Bobby Stella

    I don’t think Leon Panetta is a Jew as was written in this blog by the writer of the blog. According to Wiki, he’s an Italian, his parents immigrated to the United States from Italy and he was sent to Catholic schools as a child.

    Answer: Thank you. That was wrong. It has been corrected.

  • Janelotte

    It is sad to see a bitter being adding bitterness to other peoples lives by stating info that is totally wrong, and shame on you, he died while on duty as a member of the royal family and Jordanian proud armed forces! and Jordan always and will remain to help countries in need to make peace and not war:-)

    • Who do you think [redacted] Janelotte? Jordan and all members of it’s “royal” family should be taken out, lined up, [redacted] thrown to the wild dogs and that would not be enough to compensate them for a life long of treacherous and servitude to the Zionist-Jews and the American imperialists and to the parasitic criminal Zionist entity occupying Palestine.
      The “duty” that this enemy of his people was doing in Afghanistan was to participate in torture of the already victimized Arab/Muslim people. He (of contemptible memories) was actively working for the ZOG of America that had already killed close to 2 MILLION Arab/Muslims since the 911 (a false flag operation) what more does this maggot wanted to do in Afghanistan. I spit on him and his memory and all his royal parasitic family. HELL IS WAITING!

      Comment: I expressly distance myself from the opinions expressed by this very angry reader.

  • This is a great news. The news that a CIA agent from the Jordanian criminal family was killed is great. That is what spies deserve and nothing less. All these families are puppets and agents and they all spy for the US. The US is paying and will continue to pay a high price and when they will lose the war as they lost it in Iraq, they will forced to retreat and deal with their bankrupt economy. It is then and only then that Palestine will be freed by force.

  • Ashraf

    The family of Obama had sent condolences to the CIA innocent Victims; and the Family’s dog too!!! Lol,

    Listen, Kawther, I liked your sarcastic tone. In middle of worst tragedies, critical sarcasm sometimes is more courageous than tears; and more effective reflex. Well diagnosed and supposed be known, the insane psychopaths enjoy the tears and pains of their preys as sadists as they are, but they don’t enjoy the victim’s laughs at pains, they got mad at sarcasm. Keep the cheerful spirit.

    One thing I don’t get it, what sort of religion that collected these, Jordanian royal family member and the international drug dealers of the CIA, in one martyrdom and heroic honor acts? Sounds good religion, if martyrdom with dog’s condolences is not mandate, I mean if only accidental is okay, even without any CIA peace missions anyone may die in car accident, you know; of course such religion of honor is profiteering and minister heroin and cocaine. All history; King’s and emperors in their honor they fight for the freedom of their own slaves, “we are fighting to set you free to be our slaves, this is our honor and that is your free slavery”. “We are devoting our lives by enslaving ourselves in our honor for you should free yourself within our enslavement”, mind of kings and emperors, and societies of empires. Shoes of the emperor ring rational to my head, oops, I mean ring rational on my head.

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