Israeli Soldier Chased a Kindergarten Girl

20 December 2009, by: Johann Funk, she is the vision of innocence, peering up into the dull eyes of a soldier towering over her.  She can only be four or five years old.  Black slacks with a green striped short skirt fanning out beneath her short black jacket indicate that she is a kindergarten student.  She strains to hand the backpack, which is half her length, up to the soldier who orders her to stop.  He systematically opens every zipper and plunges his hands into each pocket before handing the backpack back.  It slumps to the ground.

The little girl carefully closes the zippers and with considerable effort slings the backpack onto her back; the young soldier, who has moved on to the next search, has already forgotten her.  She stumbles as she hurries to catch up with her friends.  This encounter is a significant part of her education under the Israeli occupying power, which seeks to clip her fragile wings.

I feel helpless, angry and sad all at once.  What can I do?  I observe, I document, I report but it is not enough, it is never enough to change significantly the severity of the occupation, let alone to end it.  I rationalize that what I do is part of a larger struggle but this answer is never completely satisfying.

My angel at Qitoun Checkpoint is still dehumanized as an enemy, invisible to international geopolitics, despite my feeble efforts.  All I can do is reflect, pray and enter into the suffering God must experience when he sees what is done in his name for the sake of Israeli settlers in Hebron.

Checkpoint, by: Johann Funk

thirty Palestinians
huddle behind razor wire
against an icy December storm
workers from Israel
returning for eid al adha
shivering for five long hours
soldiers in combat gear
clutching stacks of identity cards
handing them back like candy

Occupation Illuminates the Incarnation of Jesus, by: Paulette Schroeder, 20 December 2009.

It strikes me as strange that in the midst of soldiers, guns, checkpoints, detentions, humiliations, in the face of the Occupation and all its flagrant dehumanization of the Palestinians, I have come to see the Occupation’s spotlight illuminating the beauty of Jesus’ Incarnation.  Call it a curious cause and effect.

The Occupation degrades, pushes the vulnerability buttons in human nature: anger, rage, intense sadness, a temptation to hopelessness, a fierce need to survive, and to protect.

The Incarnation, on the other hand, celebrates life, lifts up human nature, elevates all that is possible for human beings to be for the other: service, sacrifice for the welfare of the other, thinking well of oneself, and of one’s body with all its amazing functions including its eyes into the world.

The joyous proclamation of our Christian Incarnational faith makes all that is truly human both beautiful and profoundly holy. Jesus enjoyed his humanity and upheld the dignity of all.  He experienced and preached about everyday aspects of life: the birds, the flowers, bread, wine, and sickness.

I shall be here in the West Bank for Christmas this year. The contrasts I see intensify my desire to work diligently to undo Occupation through media, through friends, through writing. The reality here pushes me to celebrate passionately, to give generous thanks for Jesus, Emmanuel. This real Incarnational faith sustains, leads all Christians to live life abundantly, to work for justice and to open the doors for those denied their humanity.

25 comments to Israeli Soldier Chased a Kindergarten Girl

  • The abominable treatment by sub human demons (IOF) of children marks the IOF along with everything else they do as bound for Jahannam for eternity.

    Thank you for continuing to show the world what your people have been subjected to and are continuously subjected to, Ms. Salam.

    May all with consciences listen to this testimony and tell the world what they have heard. We must all demand justice for occupied Palestine. It is most apparent that the putrid filthy festering heap of garbage, the IOF thug, that calls itself a soldier is an utter craven coward Satanic beast to treat a child this way.

    Free Palestine!! God bless the Palestinians.


  • Ms. Salam
    I enjoy your articles and agree with a lot of the things you say. There is no doubt that the (expanded) state of Israel is a threat to world peace.
    However I can understand why the Israeli solidier’s have to search children, what better way to smuggle weapons and bombs then use a cute child?
    I remember an incident I saw on TV when Hamas attempted to use a boy with Down’s Syndrome to blow up an Army check point with an explosive belt.
    I have a several Christian friends who had to leave their birth countries i.e. Egypt, Lebanon because of Muslim religious intolerance, why don’t you do a story on the tens of thousands of Christian refugees that have had to flee Muslim countries.

    Answer: I do not write about the persecution of Christians because my topic is Israel, and their crimes against Palestinians of both Christian and Muslim faiths. About the report about “Hamas using a child with Downs syndrome to blow up an army checkpoint” which you saw on TV, I would suggest you check it for facts. The best way is to call the TV station and ask them for the source of the information. Try to find out from where those statements came, and then decide for yourself if it is true or not. And, are you suggesting that that justifies the atrocious treatment of a whole people under genocidal conditions?

  • Bill W

    Photos and Videos are destroying Israel

    The world has awoken after seeing these images of the Zio Nazis

    Now its time to DIVEST Israel, search it online, tell your Church leaders, your Congressmen and business groups

    End Apartheid in Occupied Palestine

    Free the Gaza Concentration Camp

  • mark essex

    obliterate not only israel, but all of the zionists in the world! (redacted)

  • This is nothing. The IDF has used children and elderly for target practice for years and our tax dollars have been paying for it.

    It would be one thing for Israel to punish terrorists who are actually victimizing them, but they are now victimizing and killing innocent people and are behaving worse than Nazis.

  • I fucking hate the Zionists and work my whole life to expose them and put an end to their world domination. I’m Jewish though. Should I just kill myself, Mark?
    How about we kill all the stupid people instead, then we’ll eliminate Mark, and the whole ignorant Christian crowd, the Zionists, the stupid people who support them, the Carbon Tax supporters and the Health Care Plan promoters, and all the people who voted for Obama. Wouldn’t that be wiser?
    We should just wait for ALL the Zionists to get to Israel, then have 7 different countries launch an all out devastating attack on the so called Holy Land, and if it’s really so holy, we’ll see if God saves it, afterall.

    • Troll exposer

      Interesting writing Joshua. Most citizens would get the secret service good squad at their door for your comments/suggestions to kill. In your case, most likely it will be FBI agents at the door, handing you your co-intel paycheck for attempting to incite illegal acts.

  • rodger ward

    Yet more FACT BASED information, that proves these so called jews ARE NOT GOD’s people.

  • j r

    Someday the Israeli’s are going to get their karma when someone turns their shitty little country into a piece of green glass.

  • All you need to understand an israeli is a ruler and the photo above of the 3 year old child with a IOF storm trooper aiming an American M-16. Lay the ruler along the gun… See the standard operating procedure of the israeli. See the braveness of these scum. I have see MANY examples of this targeting. Many times it has been caught on film. We will all have to see the evil before it will be dealt with. You all can see this clearly in this photo of the child threatened with a Military Machine Gun of the IOF. This storm trooper is forever going to feel the pain of his actions. God will see to it.

  • T-Bone

    Obama, congress and the senate should all be ashamed of themselves for keeping quiet. It’s a farce…how can a people that claim to be opressed, turn aound and do the exact same thing to another people. They wonder why certain things are questioned…


    boycott Isreal, it’s products, bloody Zionist assholes, the Zionist has destroy Isreal, you wait, when the shits starts to fly, i hope the real jew will be safe and the Zionist PIG will die, the Zionists are traitors, they sided with Hilter, they helped Hilter, goddam assholes.

  • Fellow Traveller

    I look at the picture, where this individual is pointing an American made weapon at a child who is shorter, than the weapon is long.

    … Then I look closer.

    …It would seem that the creature with weapon in hand, looks not unlike some sort of an ape.

    …go figure, a trained ape pointing a deadly weapon at a child who is shorter than its (the ape’s) weapon is ling.

    … and this is a member of the Chosen Race of God?

    …Good Lord, surely you jest!


  • Quahadi Hill

    It is amazing that between fifteen and twentyfive million people control the world.
    The zionist do exactly to the Palestians what was done to them in WW2
    Sad Sad Sad

  • dave

    Love the image of the brave Jewish soldier defending himself against the 4 year old terrorist with his rifle pointed at his head.

  • Rabbit

    Israelis are demons. Zionism is demonism. Only demons can behave like this, as a people and actually be proud of it.

    There is no humanity in Zionism, it is the antithesis of humanity.

  • denmason

    These cowards are very much less than human. The world is waking up zionists and this time there will be nowhere to hide.

  • TruthTriumphs

    The best solution for all is to FORCE Israel to…

    …stop incursions into Gaza

    …stop demolishing homes and private property

    …stop expelling people from their homes in Jerusalem which they’ve lived in for decades and then implanting a european/australian who thinks it’s his

    land because a text in a book written 2000+ years ago says so

    …stop building an apartheid wall almost FIVE TIMES bigger than the Berlin wall

    …stop harassing little children and old folk

    …stop allowing evil settlers to rampage through Palestinian land and then burning the crops

    …stop killing Palestinians for the purpose of harvesting their organs

    …and on and on

    I’m doing my part by boycotting Israel.

    Europe is waking up to the tyranny of Israel too and the world at large has seen the demonic face of Israel during “Operation Cast Lead”, enough is enough,

    Israelis MUST follow common human decencies.

    Israel’s Human Shields – The Guardian(UK) – Thursday 2 January 2003
    Israeli Use Of ‘Human Shields’ Is Judged illegal – The Independent – 7 October 2005
    Israeli Soldiers Use Civilians As Human Shields In Beit Hanun – B’Tselem – 20 July 2006
    Amnesty Accuses Israel Of Using Human Shields In Gaza – AFP – 1 JulY 2009
    Israeli Defence Force Troops Used 11-Year-Old Boy As Human Shield In Gaza – Haaretz – 10 April 2009

    P.P.S.: Here’s more of the “glory” that is Israel, (by the way, I have about 150 to 200 news pieces exactly like these ones below)


    – “Israel takes control of more West Bank land” (Yahoo News)
    – “Secret Israeli database reveals full extent of illegal settlement” (Hareetz News)
    – “Gaza homes destruction ‘wanton’ ” (BBC)


    – “Report: “Army kidnapped 7,600 children since 2000, 246 remain behind bars””
    (International Middle East Media Centre)
    – “Israel troops admit Gaza abuses” (BBC)
    – “Israeli torture is systematic” (


    – “Yemen seizes ‘Israel-linked’ cell” (BBC)
    – “Doubts over Swiss attack claims” (BBC)
    – “Israel planned Gaza attack nearly one year ago” (GULF NEWS)


    – “Israeli soldiers not only killers, but thieves” (Online Journal)
    – “The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields” (Global
    – “Were chickens firing rockets?” (URUKNET)

  • Not On My Watch

    When I read of what they are doing in America I was upset.When you go so far as to have Christ Mass trees banned along with any other Christian religious Items then Even as a Non-Christian It enrages me.Such Hypocracy. And yes I have been following Israel’s sickening actions for quite some time now.I struck a Blow with my WALLET over the last year.Screw Starbucks and the Israeli Defense fund! Not a DIME will come from me as supporting such horrific actions is in itself WRONG.I demanded my family buy CHRISTIAN themed Cards this year.Screw Santa, Rudolf ,Frosty, and the rest of the Commercial Icons.If we were to Ban Menoras they would whine “You NAZIs That Antisemitic!”.Well a Big Center Digit extended to THEM!There are good Jews.They don’t support this either.They suffered the Nazis for a decade or so.Yet the Arabs have been suffering thier brand of genocide and atrocities for 40+ damned Years!African Americans suffered longer and harder than the Jews did.And these bastards have been doing things I vomit just reading about.

  • Ld Elon

    Throughout his story we have seen a stance against those of oppression, whom of whioh Man will stand up too these.

    Dragon breather

  • Ld Elon

    Throughout his story we have seem Mans stance to his oppression, whom of which Man will stand for these oppressors.

  • Boy, the Jews must have really admired the Nazis—-it seems they emulate them every chance they get!

    I think they should re-make “Inglorious Basterds”, but use Jews instead of Nazis. We’ve had enough Nazi movies lately, and they’re long dead.

    The Jewish Nazis (aka Zionists) are alive and well, however.

    Death to them.

  • Gary

    I bet anyone $100 GOd(the real one) does not build the s——- back up after 3 days.
    Idiots in dreadlocks and beanies can not be chosen ones, maybe the Palestinians are?

  • Richard

    It amazes me what can be done by the zionist owned media and corrupt officials. They shall be ashamed of themselves the lies deception they will pay a price to God and the laws of Karma.

  • Jacko

    “I know a lot of Americans (mostly Christians and some Jews) like to go and spend their money on a vacation in Jerusalem each year. I find it appalling what Israel does to the Palestinians, and how they hide behind this self-sabotaging, agent provocateur terminology they call anti-semitism. It’s absolutely disgusting, and I wish more Americans would wakeup to the lies of Israel, and chose somewhere else to vacation and spend their money.”

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