Austria: Genocide Charges against Ehud Barak

The complete text of the charges are here (PDF, German).

Yesterday, at almost the same time when Ehud Barak was being given military honors at Ehud Barakthe defense ministry, genocide charges against him were being presented at the office of the Austrian prosecutor, only about 15 minutes walking away.

The charges relate entirely to the Gaza massacre committed between December 2008 and January 2009 by Israeli troops under the command of Ehud Barak, and the whole allegation of crimes in the letter to the prosecutor consists of the so-called “Goldstone Report” itself, and it names as witnesses the members of the commission, judge Goldstone and his colleagues, as well as their interview partners.

At the time when these charges were being presented, the news that an arrest warrant had been issued against Tzipi Livni in the UK had not yet transcended; this only became known in the evening hours, and as of today 15 December, it appears that the Austrian authorities have not taken action against Barak. This could have different grounds. First, the situation of Livni and Barak are different: whereas Livni currently has no function in government, Barak is currently defense minister and vice-premier; First page of criminal charges, with entry stamp of the prosecutors office.secondly, Austria is still apprehended in the notion that they have a political and moral duty to ensure the security of Israel, whatever Israel does and probably at any cost to Austria, because of understandable yet irrelevant historical facts, third, England has implemented the Rome Statute of the ICC as a national law, whereas this is not the case in Austria yet. Ultimately the main reason why Austria has not taken action in this case might be the almost absence of public discourse around the crimes of Israel, a situation which will most probably evolve to the better.

At the same time, the governments who still support “negotiations” or a “two-state solution” should disabuse themselves of the notion that Israel, with its genocidal and racist to the extreme posture is in any way a partner for negotiations of any kind, be this with us Palestinians or any other party. The experience of over 60 years of occupation has shown that Israel consistently conducts all negotiations in bad faith, and that speaking with them is a fruitless endeavour. It is time for other approaches in order to solve the problems which they have caused during the last 6 or 7 decades.

I see the arrest warrant against Livni as a first step in the right direction, and would very much greet that in the future the discussion around Israel and its unrelenting criminality was less based on misguided notions of “moral duty” and much more on enacted national and international laws, which is what makes out states of law everywhere.

The complete text of the charges are here (PDF, German).

6 comments to Austria: Genocide Charges against Ehud Barak

  • This cannot be ignored. The charges and arrest warrants against all of the guilty Israelis must be made and pressed and followed through for the sake of justice.

  • only seems fair ,they chase people suspected of war crimes to the grave like the auto worket from ohio, pay back is a bitch

  • Duke

    Although it is good news to hear that a warrent is out for his arrest, the warrent unfortunately is probably a tiger without claws or teeth. All these criminals (US Israeli, ect…) are protected. it is much like “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. What I mean to say is that all governments do bad deeds of one form or another and prosecution of even the biggest political criminals of “Friendly” states can come back to haunt them so it does not happen. It is not as if any government is ruled by Ron Paul types who obey laws and respect humanity. Nevertheless none of us should ever give up the cause.

  • Eddie V S

    Israel… now here’s a country that has been whingeing for the last sixyt years that someone did them wrong… and all along it has been committing genocidal acts against it’s neighbours. I suppose this is the attitude you tend to adopt when you think of yourself as being ‘chosen’

  • Hi, about time the legal machinery was engaged.

    However, the machinery is also run by mere errand boys who of course work for the same bosses that the crime syndicates work for. Israel is their project too, as was Reform Judaism, and as is Zionism. Those who have donated the Knesset, and the Supreme court of Israel, enabled the extortion from Germany a 100 years of tribute/compensation for the holocaust, orchestrated the laws of Europe to make it a crime to challenge the narratives of Zionism, and constructed the EU itself, they are one and the same people. You cannot indict their petty errand boys – unless they wish to sacrifice someone on their own! And what practical good is that – except for a feel-good?

    Therefore, realistic expectations wise, Ehud Barak can no more be tried and punished like Eichmann was in Jerusalem, than any of the other errand boys, from Bush to Blair to Obama.

    The godfathers protect them all.

    To really be effective, one has to get to the godfathers directly.

    See for instance the pertinent chapters of World Order by Eustace Mullins in which he identifies some interesting laws still on the judicial books (as of 1985) which Mullins felt could be used against the godfathers themselves on criminal racketeering charges. An excerpt of the pertinent pages is in my essay linked below. Perhaps Europe has similar laws.

    But just getting anyone in the system to take applying these laws to the godfathers seriously would be hard enough. Living to write about it the next day would almost be impossible if the hard part was magically achieved:

    Zahir Ebrahim

  • nokangaroos

    Well, good luck. You should by now be familiar with conditions in Austria.
    In the foreseeable future, no Jew will EVER be arraigned, regardless for what.
    Frankly, I´d be surprised if the motion is even accepted.

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