A War Criminal Visits Vienna


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Demonstration: Monday, 14.12.2009
at  11 bis 12 Uhr 30
Place:    Hörlgasse Ecke Schlickplatz bei der Rossauerkaserne, 1090 Wien

With the visit of Ehud Barak the cooperation between the Austrian army and the Israeli army which was initiated over two years ago should be expanded even further. Included are the areas of defense and military logistics, through mutual training.

This visit, just before the first anniversary of Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, in the shadow of the atrocities documented by the UN and other Institutions documented, the violations of human rights of the Palestinians and the Israeli war crimes. (Women in Black)


A year ago, Ehud Barak was the commander of the war crimes in the Gaza Strip. Over  1500 Palestinians were murdered, half of them were children, elderly, men and women. This war, which was led by Barak, was identified by the UN Human Rights Council and Richard Goldstone report as a “crime against humanity”. In the past, Barak was responsible for the deaths and the suffering of thousands of Palestinians families and civilians. (Palestinian Community in Vienna)


Ehud Barak as a “defense minister”  is responsible for criminal acts of Israel. Internationally, he is considered one of the responsible commanders who personally directed numerous war crimes between 27.12.2008 and 18.1.2009 during the latest attack against the Palestinians in Gaza Strip. (Dr. Tammam Kelani)

Where is the Austrian neutrality? Where is the Austrian tradition of support to the Palestinian liberation struggle which lead by Kreisky from the party SPÖ party?

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It is a disgrace to cooperate the Austrian militarily with a state that is responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, ethnical cleansing and the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians for decades. It is a disgrace to cooperate with the state of the Israeli zionists occupation. (Gaza Must Live)

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