Swiss Govt Unhappy With Minaret Referendum

Translation of a Press Release from the office Dr. Al-Tamimi: Dec. 8 2009.

Sheikh Dr. Tayseer Rajab Al-Tamimi, Chief Justice of the Islamic Courts in Palestine and President of the Islamic-Christian committee to support Jerusalem and the Holy Sites, received the Swiss Ambassador to the Palestinian National Authority, Mr. Roland Steininger, in his office in Ramallah. Press release in Arabic (PDF)


During the meeting, Dr. Al-Tamimi discussed the referendum in Switzerland on banning the construction of minarets, and the constant incitement by the Swiss right-wing “People’s Party”, a radical parliamentary majority that has launched further initiatives and campaigns against what they call “the spread of Islam in Switzerland,” in which they listed new initiatives against Muslims and Islam. Among the discussed initiatives, banning of Muslim women from wearing the Hijab, headscarves and long dresses in public places, as well as preventing Muslims from building their own cemeteries.

The Chief of the Islamic Judges stated that the religious values and principles, legitimate human rights, and the respect for other religions should not be subject to referendums. He stated that the incitement against Islam and Muslims, the ban on the constructing minarets, and the announcements of other extreme-rights parties in Europe about their intentions to launch similar initiatives, is seen as a serious signal of the decline of religious freedom in Europe, especially Switzerland, which is until now seen as a place of freedom and religious tolerance.

Dr. Al-Tamimi stated that the prohibition of the construction of minarets in Switzerland is incompatible with the principles of all the religions laws, and it is a clear violation of the Universal Declaration Human Rights and the international conventions on cultural diversity, as well as the International Initiative for the Alliance of Civilizations.

Sheikh Al-Tamimi commended the important role played by Switzerland, and it’s impartiality and respect for human rights, expressing his hope that the Swiss Government will take constitutional procedures to prevent the implementation of the embargo against minarets, and to stop the campaign of incitement against Islam and Muslims in that country.

Sheikh Al-Tamimi called on Muslims to avoid, emotional, random and counterproductive reactions in the face of this resolution. He demanded that Muslims follow the appropriate legal steps of protest, going to the European Court of Human Rights and to the International Court of Justice, against any decision that violates the basic freedom of their religious rights.

Mr. Roland Steininger, the Swiss Ambassador to the Palestinian Authority, clarified the position of his Government about the result of the referendum on banning the construction of new minarets in Switzerland, stressing that his Government is not satisfied with the outcome of the referendum, and that the government seeks to preserve the freedoms of religion in Switzerland.

He stated that his government had good relations with Muslims around the world. Mr. Steininger thanked Dr. Tamimi for the important role that he played in the world at all levels, in particular for his role in the area of dialogue and understanding between religions and civilizations. He promised to raise the important observations made by Dr. Al-Tamimi with the Swiss government and to work on them.

Click here to read the Press Release in Arabic

Addition and clarification: I translated this press release uncommented, because I thought it would be of interest to Swiss readers, how their government represents this democratic decision abroad, in a Muslim country, probably thinking that this information would not find its way back. Without wanting to comment further on this issue, I think that these problems between Christians and Muslims can and should be solved without resorting to extremist positions. I think that zionist jews, who recently released a religious edict allowing the murder of any non-jew for whatever reason, are a far greater danger to everybody than people who are unwilling or unable to integrate into their host societies, which is the actual problem addressed by the Swiss referendum.

28 comments to Swiss Govt Unhappy With Minaret Referendum

  • Sheikh Al-Tamimi is a forthright and courageous spokesman for the cause of Palestine. He was the only one to speak the truth in a loud and clear voice at the gathering when Benedict XVI went to “Israel” this year. Anti-Pope Benedicts’ cowardly acquiescence to Netanyahu and Zio-“Yisrael” is disgusting.


  • john king

    Freedom for Palestine and banning Minarets are two different issues. Many of us Europeans and European-Americans support the Palestinians because the Palestinians are the indigenous people of Palestine. The Jews are the invaders. Europe is our native homeland. We do not want Islamics invading our native homeland. And this means we don’t want to see minarets dotting our landscape and these Muslim imams screaming their lungs out in a language we don’t understand and don’t want to hear. If the native homelands of all peoples were respected we would have little trouble in the world. Muslims invading Europe is no different than the US/UK invading Iraq and Afghanistan and European Jews invading Palestine. Respect our native lands and we will respect yours. Muslims out of Europe! Jews out of Palestine!

    • Dahamne

      How can you call law abiding citizens (mostly) invaders? How can someone paying taxes and contributing to the building & development of Europe be called an invader like US army in Iraq & Afghanistan? This is the most stupid statement I have ever heard.
      The majority of your people have abandonned Christianity and turned to every sort of “ism”. Those of you who remained Christians (5% if lucky) don’t even have the guts to protect Jesus and the virgin Mary from filthy Israeli jokes. But because you are brainwashed to see what some elite wnat you to see, Islam & Muslims remain the easiest target. You have no intellect to reason with, you have become like puppets or robots who only react to signals or messages transmitted by the Zionist control media and entertainment industry. Poverty, crimes, prositution, delinquancy, abortions, sex, alcoholism and the likes have become part of your daily life but your only problem are the Muslims. Your sons are dying in Iraq & Afghanistan for what? for an elite that controls you, your banking system, your politicians, your mind, your thinking, your destiny and your whole life. If Europeans continue in this way of life there will be no future for you and your society will vanish but Muslims have nothing to do with your careless behaviour. So stop talking nonsense and get some sense into your head, face reality and defned your nation from the claws of those who ripping you off and milking you while you are asleep. I live in Europe and I defned the country I reside better then you ro most natives who screem nationalism day in day out and don’t even understand the game of politics.
      I feel sorry for guys like you and I really pitty you.
      Wake up and get a life.

  • EEuro

    Islam has no place in Europe, if you don’t leave Europe, there will be war, we defeated you before and we will do it again.

    Slobodan Milosevic knew how to deal with you, another one will emerge to lead Europe to Reconquista.

    • Dahmane

      Islam is the religion that brought you out of your caves in Europe. Just look how Muslim Spain used to be before 15th century and look at your past century and you will see how your people used to live. We gave you the jump start in Scince, Mathematics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Navigation and so on for FREEEEEEE.
      Anyone who wanted to join Islamic universities in Spain or the Muslim world was welcomed. You don’t even have the guts to teach this in your schools because your masters don’t want you to know the Islamic civilation that contributed heavily to today’s Europe. People like you have no right to open their mouth because it shows you don’t understand a thing in the game of politics. Your Slobodan Milosevic whome you supported to do your dirty business then attacked his country once he’s fulfilled your goals and objectives. I am amazed by your countries double standards and your ignorance.

  • David

    The Swiss people have the only say in their country.
    Should it not be satisfactory for some people then those people do not belong there.
    For anyone to comment or try to negate the vote of the Swiss is not democratic.
    Just like in Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim country and Israel where Christians are spit on beaten and are forced to submit to the laws of those countries,So to the Muslims
    are forced to submit to the laws of of the Swiss.

  • Aryan

    [Dr. Al-Tamimi stated that the prohibition of the construction of minarets in Switzerland is… a clear violation of the Universal Declaration Human Rights and the international conventions on cultural diversity, etc etc]


    So then what about allowing Christians to build their Cathedrals in Muslim countries Dr. Al-Tamimi??!!

    • Dahmane

      Based on your question, it shows that you have no idea about the Islamic world. We have countries with multi faith societies like in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon & Iran, they have no problem with building cathedrals, Churches, synagogues or other places of worship and rightly so. Other Muslim countries already have Churches/Synagogues built hundreds/thousands of years ago during the Muslim Caliphate and most remain operational until today.
      There are however, some countries where the level of maturity to live with a different faith, is not there unfortunately. This is due to ignorance and what comes with it and they have to learn hopefuly with time to live with it.
      This hate compain against Islam & Muslims in Europe will jeopardise every progress made in the past decades of hard working men of religion trying to bridge the gap of differences. This is due to politicians and their wars following the globalist agenda and ignorant people programmed to react to specific media news targetting Muslim communities. As for those Christians/Jews who seem to think that they are exempt from this ethnic cleansing, they better think twice because the elite (Illuminati/Freemason Luciferians) is set to fight anything to do with Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
      To summarise, all Muslim countries apart from the Golf Arabs have Churches and Synagogues. So you better get your facts right before you make a statement.

  • tevionaldi

    What would Muslim Arabs say if devout Christians planted a church building right next to the great mosque in Mekka, wth a bell tower to invite people of every kindred, tongue and race to join in worshiping the Son of God, Jesus Christ?
    I just doubt that Islam would ever prove to be that tolerant.
    Why should Europeans always cave in to Islamic demands? Giving in just means showing weakness to members of the Muslim faith!
    Here is the deal: Stop the persecution of the minority of Christians in the Middle East and allow churches to be spread all over the Islamic world, and Muslims are most welcome to build their own worship places all over Europe, minarets included.
    We Europeans are just not willing to sacrifice our own cultural heritage, be it religious or not, and submit to a religion with a universal political claim of dominance. We are carefully watching how Christians or members of other faiths are being treated by their Muslim societies in the Islamic world. What we see is not encouraging – to say the least.

  • Ross

    yet another case of Muslims claiming rights that they deny to others. We’re talking about building minarets on top of existing mosques here. They still have the freedom to build the mosque – unlike Christians and Jews who are not allowed to build churches or synagogues in Muslim countries. Sheer hypocrisy. In any case – isn’t the minaret the place where the chanter wakes up muslims within hearing range to remind them to do whatever it is they think they have to do? It’s the 21st century now – we have watches, pagers, alarm clocks, blackberries and cell phones with alarms to remind those muslims who need reminding. Otherwise it’s just another example of creeping Islamisation – bringing the Dar Al Islam to a street near you.

  • rachel

    This stinks of the Lisbon Treaty. When the powers that be dont get their way, they just keep on the attack until all personal liberty and self determination is gone, usually bought.

    To have even suggested that Switzerland should adopt minaretes is deeply disrespectful. To continue to argue the issue is outright insulting. My sympathy for Muslims would run much deeper if they stayed in their own countries and cleaned up their own houses rather than dirtying ours. Im sure mutual respect would follow.

    What absolute garbage to even have this argument considered in the first place.

    This minarete thing is about something else. Lets just blame this whole thing on the elephant in the room

    Comment: Exactly, in the same way as the jews should return to Europe and the US instead of dirtying and destroying our people, our land and our culture.

  • Rachel

    Are we discussing Jews?

    Answer: We always discuss jews here, the zionist variety who assume they have the right to pillage and murder with impunity. The rest of your comment was deleted.

  • Shot

    as a swiss who voted on the minaret referendum, I am in full solidarity with the palestinian people and their right to the palestinian territories. I am also politically active in this role.

    however, let me clearly state that this did not hinder me in voting a resonding YES to the minaret ban, along with 57% percent of my countrymen. the ban on minarets is not in any way a ban on practising islam or on freedom of religion; much as the swiss government is going out of its way to have the world (or all yes voters on the ban) believe.

    rather, it is a choice, the choice of the swiss to have switzerland remain, architecturally at least, a christian country; with churches and church spires its visible historical heritage and not half-moons, muezzins and minarets.

    I am sure that we can all agree that not a single muslim country would invite the christian “crusaders” to build church after church in their own lands; not even if they actually had a say on such matters as the swiss luckily (for the time being, at least, still have.

  • Young_people

    I’m young, but I can understand why the hippie’s in 1960’s era US came up with the mantra of don’t trust anyone over 30. How f-ing idiotic is it to say any one doesn’t belong anywhere? Since when do we own this planet? Since when does the free spreading of ideas equal out to homicidal xenophobia? what the hell is a European-American? You mean a white person? Have none of you heard that there are no races? I understand it’s said we Americans have no sense of history, but for the love of god Europe and the middle east seem to have no sense of modern reality! I’ve grown up in a world where I can fly anywhere. In a state where dissemination and multiculturalism are a strength. I’ve watched the baby boomers, struggling to adapt to world they helped build without the slightest idea of where the hell there going. And I’ve seen more technological advances in my 28 years then in the last 2000 all because of you crazed religious throwbacks. Here’s some news for you, your cultures won’t survive. They are dated and plain stupid. This planet is for Terrans not Jews or Christians or Muslims or blacks or whites or natives or transplants or whatever. Deal with the fact your the same damned species or get the f*** off our planet

    • CSgtMjr Wilson

      “In a state where dissemination and multiculturalism are a strength”.
      So let me get this straight; you believe cultural dilution and integration create a stronger whole?
      You really don’t understand what culture is do you?
      That is a lonely and seemingly angry place to be; I feel for you.

  • acudoc

    I don’t believe in multiculturalism. When you move to a foreign land to live, you make an attempt to acculturate. You don’t demand the muezzin to shut up when you move to Morocco.

    I realize there are many sticky issues regarding personal expression involved here. Muslims in Europe will continue to enjoy the right to practice their religion, just without the symbol of the minaret and its associated public calls to prayer, which is an affront to most Europeans.

    It’s no accident that the bloodiest wars in history (at least before the bankster-financed wars of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries) were religious wars. Let’s just leave Islam in the Middle East and in its cultural swath through North Africa and the Near East, and Christianity in the West, allowing freedom of worship without obnoxious insistence on the intrusion of religious symbols in everyone’s face.

    Personally I am more at home with the Sufis and Advaita Vedantists of India than with Muslims or Roman Catholics or Protestants, although I have a fondness in my heart for the attempts of Jesus to soften the harshness of our collective lives together.

    Anyway, I appreciate this blog by a courageous Palestinian woman and long for the day when all humanity can face the mystery of existence without shutting out the point of view of the other

    • Dahmane

      You are WRONG , acudoc. No matter where you go in the Muslim world, Europeans mostly mix with their own community, eat their own food and are not integrated whatsoever but our people don’t mind and never insist on integration because this word doesn’t exist in our dictionary, full stop.
      You seem to have forgotten what Christians did in the past (before banksters-financed wars) like the cruisade which your historyans are not even capable of narrating the truth and facts about those unhumane massacres and raping & pillaging their own people in Europe on the way to Palestine. You have forgotten how many people in Europe & elsewhere Churches killed to remain in control. Christianity has nothing to do with you lot. You bastardised this religion and made a mockery out of it. You invade countries and kill millions in the name of Christianity and it’s fine by all of you except those real believers who happened to be the very minority.
      So please leave Christianity alone as you need to educate yourselves to understand this noble faith for most of you. I’d like to see the day when Jesus (peace be upon him) comes back to earth denying you have anything to do with him or his teaching.

  • There’s a very simple solution. Muslims who don’t like Swiss Democracy, are free to move back to a muslim country! REMEMBER YOU ALL SO CALLED MULTICULTURALS. WHEN YOU GO TO ROME, YOU DO AS ROMANS DO!!!!!

  • Jen

    My understanding is that 53% of the Swiss electorate voted in the referendum to ban minarets. Of those who voted, 57% voted in favour of the ban. This means that 30% of the eligible voters voted in favour of the ban, it does not mean that the majority of Swiss voters favour banning minarets in their country. The fact that only 30% bothered to vote may indicate that most Swiss voters viewed the referendum as a waste of their time or irrelevant to what they see as important issues in Swiss culture and society.

    The ban is opposed by the Swiss Bishops Conference, the Old Catholic Church in Switzerland, the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches, the Salvation Army, the Serbian Orthodox Church in Switzerland and the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities, among other religious organisations in that country.

  • Ted N

    Multiculturalism does not work. If you have any doubts, look at France or recall that many Brits are leaving their country for precisely the same reason. La Raza anyone? I assume that most of those that support minarets in Switzerland are minorities themselves, like Bosnian muslims, Jews or Orthodox. It is curious to see that the same people do nothing or even support the ban in regard of building symbols of christian faith in their own countries. How many churches were build in Israel or Saudi Arabia? Why no one can even own an apartment in Israel unless he is a Jew? This is classic case of hypocrysy, clean your own backyard before you tell others what to do.

  • Rabbit

    I do not agree with the decision by Switzeralnd to ban minarets. I believe it was due to a fear mongering campaign by certain parties and was therefore based on lies and propaganda, and I can see a few here cling to the silly notiion that Islam is over running the west. Interestingly that idea is most common in countries with the smallest Muslim populations.

    On the other hand since the decision was arrived at by that rarest and most admirable of democratic functions, a referendum, and particularly the Swiss system which allows citizen’s initiated referenda; then I feel it should be respected. Countries MUST be allowed to make such decisions for themselves. It isn’t as if the Swiss are assaulting anybody, stealing their property or killing them in their homes. This is primarily a building code issue and cultural reasons are as good as any to keep a country’s character in its architecture.

  • Rabbit

    I see a good portion of the same sort of ignorance and bigotry trying to express itself here also in the comments. What a pack of slavering morons these racists are. These monkeys don’ty realise they are not free, they are not defending anything. They are being manipulated by a much more insidious and dangerous religion behind the scenes and they are like puppets to these people with their dumbed down little worldviews. *sigh*

  • Iggy

    …..said Rabbit as he (she?) looked in the mirror………

  • mc

    I voted FOR the ban, and if the government continues to turn themselves against the will of the people, they will have problems as people will turn to the right wing party (UDC).
    I could care less about muslims jews catholics and all the other fanatics, if there was a vote to ban churches’ towers i will also vote for it.

  • rachel

    Rachel, you and your potty-mouthed hasbara friends are not welcome here.

  • Donna Kebab

    More Muslims demanding rights that they refuse to give to Christians.

    Typical. It is all one way street with Muslims.

    What did Turkey’s ‘moderate secular’ PM say?

    “Minarets are our bayonets, the domes are our helmets, the mosques are our barracks and the followers are our army”.

    He also said, “Democracy is a train we get off when we arrive at where we want to go”.

    Comment: I in no way support those unhelpful and less than appropriate statements from the Turkish PM, or similar statements from anybody, whatever their religion or nationality. I think that sooner rather than later those unwise words will have to be retracted in shame.

  • Vinny

    It’s amazing to read the degree of hate that comes out of the defenders of the Swiss vote. No doubt Europe has produced both fascism and Nazism and two world wars. And now in the name of Christianity they are occupying Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, and murdering millions of people in the third world.
    What defense do the Muslims have besides fighting back in their own countries by all means to drive out the invaders? You Europeans are doing it now to some poor working class Muslims who have no military power, nor financial or media power to influence anything in Europe.
    You should be fighting the capitalists, the bankers that have brought you joblessness and poverty not some poor refugees and workers that were doing your dirty work.

  • Hello.

    I found many of the comments rather interesting that they are making this tortuous situation out as some tension between Muslims and Christians. It isn’t really. The Hegelian Dialectics have something for everyone.

    The Swiss Vote is along the same agenda as ‘Osama Bin Laden’, the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ – no wait, Daniel Pipes’ rendering is even better: “[It is] Not a Clash of Civilizations, It’s a Clash between the Civilized World and Barbarians.”

    I would humbly suggest reading the following – the title alone captures it:

    “Islamofascism – Zionofascism – Judeofascism – Christofascism – Neofascism etc. An equitable distribution of Collateral Language!”

    And if it is ‘islamofascism’ the good Christian people in Europe are worried about, perhaps they might first try this: “The complete guide to killing non-Jews”

    And then reflect on the 72 kg of Baxter contaminated virus that is waiting for their viens – courtesy of the International Banksters, right in their own backyards from whence their attention is being diverted on absurd gibberish that is being taken so seriously by a mindcontrolled public attuned to compliance that it enables the rulers to get away with mindblowing attrocities in their name (democracy right?):

    If however some still haven’t lost all of their commonsense, they would see that the ‘islamofascism’, like the ‘swine-flu’, like the ‘global warming’, like the ‘global financial collapse’, like the ‘global war on terror’, and like Zionism too, is a Hegelian Dialectic designed an fabricated for an altogether different agenda that is abusing Muslims, Jews, Christians, mankind, and also its Sciences, literature, arts, and zietgest, all in the service of an atheistic one-world government empire of the oligarchs to be apparently rooted in Jerusalem.

    Where is the empirical evidence for any of that? Well, those from whom the Zen of reflection has been snatched at the altar of the pursuit of their ‘American Dreams’ won’t see it even as they are laid under the butchers knife smiling – for “none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who are falsely led to believe they are free” …

    But here is my little attempt to reclaim that Zen back for the consionable member of mankin who isn’t merely a shill, asset, agent, or sayanim, who isn’t merely an indoctrinated fool or tool, and who is genuinely seeking to make sense of all this bizarre and confusing perversity both in their own self-defense, as well as in empathy with fellow humanity – for this Zen is a bit like the “finger pointing away to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory”!” All one has to do is turn one’s head every so slightly and just bother to look where the finger is pointing to:

    Thank you.

    Zahir Ebrahim

    Comment for:

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