Ban Ki-moons Concern and 62 Years of Nakba


QUESTION Mark: Why has the UN not posted any information about the event “Annual 000_8491Observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People” in Vienna on it’s own home page, like they did last year?

Why did the UN not invite journalists to this important occasion? Why the Director General of UNIV leave the session of solidarity before hearing the various statements on the Palestinian issue?

Why did the press office of the UN in Vienna not post, either fully or in part, the messages of the various speaker, among them Ban Ki-moon and the ambassadors of several countries, on their website?

I wonder, if the meeting had been about “solidarity with Israel”, would the director general of the UNOVm Mr. Antonio Maria Costa have dared to leave the meeting before hearing the unending wailing and whining of Israel and their friends?

Do the United Nations fear the wrath of somebody or some country if they did that? Who are the countries or groups or persons who they fear?

2009 Must Be the Year in which the Preparations Bear Fruit“, said the BanKiMoonUnited Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his message, read on his behalf by Mr. Antonio Maria Costa on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People which was held last year in November. The year 2009 has nearly ended. Today is December 1 2009, but the Palestinians did not reap the fruits mentioned by Mr. Ban Ki-moon in his speech last year.

The only fruits which the Palestinians reaped were a whole series of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip in addition, to the further genocide in the West Bank, the expansion of squatter colonies everywhere in occupied Jerusalem and in all the Palestinian towns and cities, continuous violations of human rights, the building the Apartheid Wall which has swallowed almost half of the Palestinian agricultural lands and turned their life into a catastrophe.


Furthermore, the zionist invaders and their entity have reneged from all peace agreements signed with the Palestinian National Authority. This is the reality of the zionist “state” of Israel, which pollutes the international community and its forum, the UN, while everybody believes their false promises, their blatant lies.

A NEW message from Mr. Ban Ki-moon was read yesterday by Mr. Antonio Maria Costa on the same occasion of “Annual Day of Observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”.

His UN message was bland, showing that he obviously had no full understanding or respect for either the rights of the Palestinian people, or the responsibility of the UN as an institution, for the crimes of Israel. The contents and the language of his UN message which I heard yesterday is not the same language of the UN which is delivered when another country violates its resolutions or commits war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.

We Palestinians are all frustrated with evasive language and the double 000_8488standards of the UN Security Council in dealing with their own resolutions 181, 242, 383 related to the Israeli occupation and peace in the Middle East. The bland and servile words of the SG will not put an end to the cancer which is the Israeli occupation for the Palestinian territories and the Palestinian nation in the 62 years of “Nakba”, since 1948.

Mr. Ban Ki Moon “calls” and “is concerned” and uses other bland and obsequious words towards the zionist criminals, what only shows how the UN and their “Security Council” are powerless to end the Israeli occupation and their daily crimes on all levels. The most important conclusion of the speech read on behalf of Mr. Ban Ki Moon is the increasing meaninglessness of the UN as a forum of the nations of the world, as a fair instance to solve conflicts and to make international law respected.

Here are Some Paragraphs From the Speech of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as delivered on December 1 2009 at the UN in Vienna, read on his behalf by the Mr. Antonio Maria Costa.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The question is as fundamental today as it was sixty-two years ago, when the General Assembly, in resolution 181, put forth a vision of two States. Today, the State of Israel exists, but the State of Palestine does not.  The Palestinian people continue to struggle for their inalienable right of self-determination – a fundamental, universal human right enjoyed by so many others across the world.


The international community continues to assist and protect the Palestinian people, including through the work of the UN agencies, UNRWA foremost among them.  However, our interventions must not be limited to managing the humanitarian dimension of this conflict. What is urgently needed is a political solution that addresses the root of the conflict.

It is vital that a sovereign State of Palestine is achieved. This should be on the basis of the 1967 Lines with agreed land swaps and a just and agreed solution to the refugee issue, a state lives side-by-side in peace with Israel within secure and recognized borders, as envisaged in the resolutions of the Security Council.  I welcome the commitment of Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas to a two State solution.

At the same time, I am deeply concerned that talks between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization have been suspended for almost a year.

A comment: I think that President Abass stated in his speech that, after all these presidentyears of negotiations with Israel, the Palestinians have not seen results. So why is Mr. Ban Ki Moon “concerned about losing time in useless negotiations while the only solution is to implement the UN security council resolution 181”. (He breaks my heart with his sobful “concern”). I would appreciate if Mr. Ban Ki Moon stops regretting about that and uses his power to end the 62 years of Nakba. Or does Mr. Secretary General want us to wait for other 62 years of “negotiations” with the fraud which is the “State of Israel”?

It would be better if Mr. Ban ki Moon abandon this lachrimose declamatory style and checks up to the international laws which the very institution he heads are supposed to keep up, in regards to that criminal monstrosity which the UN created with Resolution 181. I doubt very much that Mr. Secretary General would find much reason to continue accepting Israel as a member of his institution, or even to recognize it as a state.

All the contrived “concerns” of Mr. Banki Moon will not give one cent DSC_0105cto my brother who is without income since 4 years because of the Israeli economic strangulation of the West Bank, and will not allow my ageing mother to go to the Queen Augusta Victoria hospital in Jerusalem. All the “concerns” and “calls” and crocodile tears of Mr. Banki Moon will not take away the pain of my seven years (and counting) of exile, and they will certainly not help me to return to my home in Hebron, they will not help me and hundreds of thousands of fellow Palestinians get damage payments from the jews, they will not help to get the Israeli criminals into jail.

As things stand, the UN is more and more reducing itself to a politically meaningless institution which offers the world no utility at all in return for the inflated salaries of its employees, while its officials, from Mr. Banki Moon downwards, more and more look like people wearing clothes three sizes bigger than they are, as their performance simply does not match what is expected from them.

Sadly, everybody is waiting for Mr. Ban Ki Moon to show some strength and act according to the UN Charter and other relevant international laws and treaties, instead of by the criminal agenda of the corruptionists from the US and Israel. I hope that he finds some strength before everybody wakes up to disillusion about the reality which he is creating with his lackadaisical “concern”.

I support the clear commitment and continuing efforts of the United States to bring about a resumption of meaningful negotiations on all final status issues, including the security of Israelis and Palestinians, borders, refugees and Jerusalem.  The biggest challenge to this shared agenda is to the conditions in which the parties have the trust and confidence to return to genuine and substantive talk.


On the Palestinian side, the Palestinian Authority has made significant progress in meeting its Roadmap obligations in the West Bank, and in building institutions to serve the Palestinian people. I call on all Palestinians to fight violent extremism and to refrain institutions. These efforts have resulted in economic and security improvements, which should be sustained and extended. I welcome initials steps taken by Israel to contribute to these positive trends, and call on Israel authorities to expand these measures so that change can become truly transformative.

I am deeply concerned that, in East Jerusalem and the remainder 000_8619of the West Bank, illegal settlement construction continues. I have noted Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent announcement of settlement restraint. While this is a step beyond earlier positions, it falls short of Israel’s obligations under the Roadmap, particularly given the exclusion of East Jerusalem. I repeat my call on Israel to meet in full its Roadmap commitments to freeze all settlement activity, including “natural growth:, and to dismantle outposts erected since March 2001.

In addition, the barrier continues to restrict Palestinian access to key social services, agricultural land and East Jerusalem, As you will recall, the International Court of Justice has stated that the barrier’s deviation from the 1967 line into occupied Palestinian territory is contrary to International law.

I am also concerned about the situation in Jerusalem, Actions such as the evictions of Palestinians and house demolitions, as well as the continued closure of Palestinian institutions in occupied East Jerusalem, run contrary to Israel’s Roadmap obligations. I call on Israel to cease such actions in East Jerusalem, which stoke tensions, cause suffering and further undermine trust, and to reopen Palestinian institutions.


I reiterate my belief that Jerusalem remains a final status issue to be negotiated between the parties. As the Quartet has previously stated, unilateral actions cannot prejudge the outcome of negotiations, and will not be recognized by the International community.  Jerusalem should emerge as the capital of two States, with arrangements for the holy sites acceptable to all. We should all want to see Jerusalem as a s symbol of harmony, tolerance and peace.

The crises in Gaza is also in urgent need of resolution. With the arrival of inclement winter weather, the humanitarian situation remains very troubling.  The closure of Gaza should be lifted, consistent with Security Council resolution 1860, to allow for the unimpeded flow of humanitarian aid, commercial goods and people.  Consistent with this same resolution, efforts must also be made to address Israel’s legitimate security concern. This should include mechanisms to prevent the smuggling of weapons into Gaza and an end to Palestinian rocket fire at Israeli civilians.

Ten months after the end of hostilities in Gaza and southern Israel, the issue of 000_8683accountability for violations of International humanitarian and human rights law has not been adequately addressed. I call on both Israel and the relevant Palestinian authorities to conduct, without delay, credible domestic investigations into the many reported allegations of serious human rights violations.  The reunification of Gaza and the West Bank is also essential. There can be no two State solution without a unified Palestinian territory. I support Egypt’s efforts in this regard, grounded in Arab League resolutions and supported by Security Council resolution 1860.

Here is the Speech of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as delivered on Nov. 29  2008 at the UN in Vienna, read on his behalf by the Mr. Antonio Maria Costa.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: “2009 Must Be the Year That the Preparations Bear Fruit”

Message on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, 29 November 2008

25-feb-1123IENNA, 29 November (UN Information Service) – The Palestinians have been deprived of their inalienable rights, including the right to self-determination and statehood, for more than 60 years. Israelis live with an ever-present sense of insecurity. There is only one way to address such legitimate rights and fears: a peace agreement that results in an end of occupation, an end of conflict, and the creation of a State of Palestine living side-by-side in peace with the State of Israel.

The Israeli and Palestinian leaders re-launched bilateral negotiations a year ago at Annapolis. They agreed to try to reach a peace treaty by the end of 2008. I regret that this goal appears unlikely to be achieved. However, the parties have succeeded in creating trust and a framework where none existed only two years ago. We must not diminish that achievement. I commend the commitment made by President Abbas and Foreign Minister Livni at Sharm el-Sheikh earlier this month to continue talks into next year, and to seek a full and final settlement. This process must resolve the 25-feb-13101permanent status issues of Jerusalem, settlements, borders, refugees, security and water.

My biggest concern in the immediate period ahead is the situation on the ground. I strongly call on Israel to cease settlement activity, remove outposts, open Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem, and refrain from unilateral actions in Jerusalem, such as demolitions and evictions, which alter the status quo. I recognize Israel’s security concerns. But the improved environment of security cooperation must lead to an easing of closure in the West Bank, in order to increase stability and to bring about a much-needed boost to the Palestinian economy.

The situation in the Gaza Strip also remains of major concern. I call for immediate 25-feb-1313measures to ease the near-blanket closure of Gaza, which leads to worrying deprivations of basic supplies and undermines human dignity. And I unreservedly condemn rocket fire. The way forward is for all parties to respect the calm brokered by Egypt. I call on Israel to allow sufficient and predictable supplies to reach the population, to ensure access for humanitarian workers, and to facilitate stalled UN projects. I also call on Hamas and, indeed, all Palestinian factions to work urgently to reunify the Gaza Strip and the West Bank within the framework of the legitimate Palestinian Authority.

We have seen many difficulties in the past year. But it has been a crucial time in setting the stage for peace. Two thousand nine must be the year that these preparations bear fruit. Let us all work constructively, tirelessly and consistently for a just, lasting, comprehensive, and urgent settlement of the question of Palestine.

6 comments to Ban Ki-moons Concern and 62 Years of Nakba

  • Maps of Palestine-Israel Borders

    And meanwhile the United Nations and so many others speak platitudes and cover up for Genocidal Zionist “Israel” and Genocidal American support for “Israel” and a portion of the world turns a deaf ear to the cry of Occupied Palestine. “Israel” is a criminal genocidal invasion of Palestine and nothing else.

    Free Palestine!


  • David

    60 years and Israel has done 0000 for peace
    they only stall
    well 60 years of stalling is already too much
    send in the UN peace keepers to lay down the international law
    after 60 years we see not a move towards peace by Israel but a move towards war time and again they refuse to move back to the 1967 border.
    They must be made to do so for they will never do anything but stall on their own.
    Today the UN is on trial not Israel Israel is already Guilty is the UN guilty too?

  • Ban Ki Moon is a fake and tool of zionist amerika. hE WAS GIVEN THE POSITION AS A REWARD FOR THE importation of the US BEEF INTO S KOREA. He is a sham..

  • Dear Sir,
    I strongly believe that zionists are the cancer of the human race. I curse them several times a day.
    Jews have been tormenting, harassing, persecuting, incarcerating, torturing, and killing innocent Palestinian men, women, and children, since 1948.
    They have stolen 83% of the Palestinians’ land, and continue building illegal Israeli settlements, on the remaining Palestinian land.
    Unfortunately, the unethical Anglo-Saxon nations have turned a blind eye to this evil injustice.
    The United Nations have issued dozens of resolutions against Israel, but no action was taken to enforce them!
    There is no need to despair. God is more powerful than the Jews and their immoral friends.
    The world has 1.3 BILLION Muslims. Muslims pray 5 times a day. If all those Muslims ask God to [redacted]
    God abhors injustice and always listens to prayers. He also allows fair, and justified, curses to be fulfilled.
    Do not underestimate the power of prayer and the awesome destructive force of justified curses.
    The sooner you unleash your “God given” powers, the sooner Palestine will be liberated.
    So, tell your Muslim brothers, and sisters, to curse the satanic zionists (and their unethical friends), and ask God to destroy them SOON.
    God bless you.
    Len Giles

  • Rabbit

    Israel has lost any legitimacy it ewver might have hoped to aquire. This is not a real state it is a temporary state of being.

  • pammy

    this Clown Ban Ki Moon is another fraudster who has been pushing the phoney global warming and wants the suckers to fund the UN with Carbon Taxes as if Carbon Dioxide is a deadly poison which only an idiot could believe is true now since Climategate broke which is the modern Piltdown Man scandal of the world.
    Thank God that the fraud of global warming has been exposed before they got their hands in our pockets.
    I don’t see any need for the UN at all.
    It is a TOTAL FAILURE and they tried to rob you with a insidious carbon tax.The UN is a fancy tablecloth over a pile of dung and dead mens bones.
    Thats what happens when you try to run the world like Nimrod.
    The weak little men try to convince us that we need them and try to bedazzle us with phony experts.
    The world would be better off without these global meddlers.This global warming scammer Ban Ki Moon is moot and should be laughed out of our conciousness.

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