Prostitutes Son to Represent Israel in Egypt

  • Will the great Arab State of Egypt approve the Switzerland UU Racism Conferenceappointment of  Yitzhak (Itzhak, Isaac, Itzik) Levanon (יצחק לבנון) as ambassador of Israel to their nation? Levanon is the son of the first Israeli Madam, the mossad agent Shula Cohen, and the brother of David Kishik, (קישיק דוד) head of a mafia of thieves and criminals operating out of the military headquarter Beit El. See files about corruption
  • Will the Jewish Agency succeed with its appointment of the son of a former prostitute and madam as an ambassador of Israel to a Muslim Arab nation?
  • Did the Egyptian government know that that Jewish Agency imposed the appointments of Itzhak Levanon and his brothers since over 37 years, and that Israel and it’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs do not have any influence or power to reject the appointments made by the Jewish Agency?

shuLevanon is a well known fanatical extremist speaker against the Palestinians. He defended the Israeli war crimes in Gaza, and commented on Goldstone report about these war crimes in Gaza during so called “Operation Cast Lead” last January, saying that the Israeli army does not need someone like Goldstone to tell them the investigate massacres.

On 22 November 2009, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced the appointment of Itzhak Levanon as their new ambassador to Egypt.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry reported that the high committee for appointments at the ministry decided to appoint the “diplomat” Yitzhak Levanon, of age 65, as the new ambassador of Israel in Egypt, replacing the former Ambassador Shalom Cohen, who held this position for four years.

The ministry stated that Yitzhak Levanon had held several senior diplomatic positions in the past, including the positions of Ambassador of Israel to the United Nations organizations in Geneva, Consul of Israel to Canada, Consul General in Boston and Montreal, and he is currently serving as the director general for Arab Media relations at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

An Israeli government source revealed that the new ambassador to Egypt, Itzhak Levanon , is the son of a former Israeli spy who was sentenced to death in Lebanon.

What the Israeli Foreign Ministry forgot to reveal and I think is necessary to reveal
to the Egyptians and the International public opinion is this:

Yitzhak Levanon is the son of Israel’s first Madam in Lebanon, “Shulamit Arazi Cohen” a.k.a. “Shulamit Cohen Kishik” a.k.a. “Schulamit Mayer Cohen” a.k.a. “Shula Cohen” (שולמית כהן קישיק) who sold her favors to hundreds of high government officials in Lebanon between 1947 and 1961. She attended to her customers in her private house in the district of Wadi abu Jamil in Beirut among other locations.

The mother of Yitzhak Levanon, the First Israeli Madam Shula Cohen, was not only a spy in Lebanon but a mossad agent who worked there from the late 40s and until 1961. She part of a network which caused the bankruptcy of the Lebanese economy after transferring the money to the Zionist Agency, then to Israel, and she was also involved in “helping” Jews to immigrate to Israel after stealing everything they could from the various Arab countries.

Yitzhak Levanon was born in Lebanon and he stayed there while his prostitute mother was in jail. He was the only member of the family who visited his mother in jail while the other members of the family left Lebanon. This relation to the economic destruction of Lebanon is why he calls himself “Levanon” and not Cohen, or Kishik, or Mayer, as one would expect due to the names of his ancestors.

Yitzhak Levanon and his brother David Kishik received their positions in government since over 37 under the influence of the Jewish Agency, not because they were qualified, but as a rewards from the government to their prostitute mother for the destruction which she helped bring upon Lebanon. Kishik committed several crimes against Israelis, and is  instigator, perpetrator and recipient of economic benefits from uncounted crimes of genocide, ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians in the West Bank. Read in Arabic

Yitzhak Levanon, and all his brothers and sisters, David, Berti, Meir, Yaffa, Carmela, and Arlet, carry different family names in order to hide their origins as the sons and daughters of a prostitute and madam.

History of Mayer-Cohen-Kishik Family

The family of Shula’s father is originally from Russia, emigrated from there to Argentina,  then Iraq, later moved on to Lebanon, and later again they moved on to Palestine, where Shula’s uncles and brothers started engaging in acts of terrorism and crime against the native Palestinians. Shula later moved back to Lebanon after she married a rich jew from there in a marriage which was mediated by the rabbis.

David Kishik

David Kishik, the brother of Yitzhak Levanon and son of Shula, is named after an uncle of his who was killed in retaliation for his terrorist and criminal activities. David is a squatter in the West Bank, a criminal and a very dangerous orthodox extremist who lives at “Kochav Hashachar”, a zionist colony were the most radicals, criminals and extremists members of the religious community live. The colony was built on stolen Palestinian lands.  Read in Hebrew

David is a corrupt officer who works with a group of zionist thugs, Shlomo Moskowitz, Rami Ekraii, Marko ben Shabat, Ora Ahabat, etc. at the israeli military headquarter in Beit El in the so-called “civil administration”, which is an organization subservient to the “Jewish Agency” while nominally belonging to the “State of Israel”.

Kishik is a chief “inspector” of theft and demolition of Palestinian houses in the West Bank. The beginning of the scandalous work of David Kishik at the military organization started over 35 years ago, when he received his position as an officer at the military headquarter in Beit El as a reward from the government to his prostitute mother Shula Cohen, like his brother Itzhak, who was given a position at the Israeli foreign ministry and later became a representative of Israel to various countries, until his recent appointment as an ambassador to Egypt.

david (32)

This administration covers up theft, fraud, genocide, crimes against humanity and bribery. It is in charge of controlling the Palestinian land in their own homeland, cities, towns, villages, refugee camps etc. Therefore, the civil administration is implementing two different policies, one for the criminal jewish colonists, and the another for the Palestinian victims. The civil administration, de-facto a covert subsidiary of the “jewish agency” has a policy of zero-tolerance for the “offenses” of Palestinians who are the owner of Palestinians lands, at the same time, a policy of “zero-enforcement” for Jewish criminals who steal the Palestinian land.

Within his activities for the civil administration, David Kishik is involved in the falsification of the land property records from the Turkish empire, the originals of which show clearly that all these jews have no relation or roots in the area, that they are merely criminal interlopers. There has been a decades long effort, probably also initiated by David Kishik or his partners in crime, to acquire the originals of these records from the archives of the Turkish Empire in Ankara.

Gil YohananDavid is known to having been involved in a murder attempt against a fellow jew who owned a gasoline station which David coveted. Criminal complaints over this and other crimes have been entered, but the office of the prosecutor, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, has regularly dropped the investigations, the reason being that David and the rest of his family work for the “Jewish Agency” and are thus off-limits.

The criminal activity of David and his “team” composed of extremist jewish squatters from USA and Europe is well known. The former heads of the “civil administration” in Beit El, among them Efraim Sneh, David Shafi, and others, recommended to end the employment of David Kishik and his friend Shlomo Moskowitz, but Israeli civil service commissioner of the time, Shmuel civil service commissioner Shmuel HollanderHollander (a Russian jew), ignored the recommendations of these officers, and he fixed their contracts to become first temporary, and later permanent. The government later gave David jeeps and helicopters so they could continue engaging in their criminal activities, even against the wishes of his fellow jews. His crimes were exposed in Yediot Ahronot in the year 2000, what forced the israeli war ministry at that time to investigate his activities. The conclusion of this commission, composed of 5 reserve generals, was to pass the issue on to the police and the justice, but, because the Kishik family belongs to the “jewish agency”, the case was shelved.

Another aspect of the activities of David is that he gives fraudulent “licenses” to fellow jews to contract factories (one case was a quarry) on looted Palestinian lands against participation in future proceeds, and that a great deal of property looted from Palestinians is put under his name and the names of various of his family members, among them his wife, his mother Shula and his brother Yitzhak Levanon, what places the whole family as beneficiaries of crimes against humanity and genocide committed and instigated by them against Palestinians native of the West Bank.

One example of the atrocities committed by David is the story of the Battir village in the district of Bethlehem. and the Al- Deheisheh refugee camp. David Kishik and his staff demolished houses given “license” and deemed legal by the civil administration, with the help of the Israeli soldiers. The Palestinian victims were evacuated harshly from their houses, they were not even allowed to take out their private things from their homes before the demolition of their properties. After these horrors, the civil administration ordered the owners to rebuild their homes again. David Kishik and Rami Ekraii claimed that they had “made a mistake”. But the fact is that David Kishik and his accomplices knew very well and before the crime that the demolished Palestinian houses were licensed. But they committed their crimes in a favor to the brother of Rami Ekraii (a civil administration officer) who had arrived with his bulldozer together with the them to the area, and who would not have accepted to go away without receiving payment for his crime.

Rami Ekraii and his Brother Yair

After the civil administration approves the demolition of the Palestinian homes, the implementation is subcontracted to two private companies. Each company which demolishes Palestinian homes earns thousands of shekels. Each year, thousands of homes are demolished in the West Bank, these companies collect millions. Without doubt, this criminal activity is a very profitable business. One of the companies carrying out the demolitions of Palestinian homes in the West Bank is “Yair Ekraii for Ensure”.

One brother orders the demolitions and the other brother carries out the demolition and cashes in, a very useful family relationship. There is no problem. Everything is “within the law” and the policy and civil administration and the jewish agency. Furthermore, Yair Ekraii makes even more money by building and selling houses in the Jewish squatter colonies in the west Bank. The money goes to the brothers. It’s “legal work” under the crazy “law” of the Jewish Agency. Nobody thinks twice about the partnership between these two brothers from hell.

This was a short review of the family of the future ambassador of Israel to Egypt. And in this family picture, it becomes clear what makes Israel so different from normal countries: only Israel has a “national hero” which is known to be a former prostitute and Madam, whose offspring are deeply implicated in horrendous crimes against Palestinians, and only Israel would send one of the sons of this crime family abroad as an “ambassador”, and, lest we forget, only Israel has as a “foreign minister” a mafia bouncer from Moldavia. Relevant international treaties, as well as its behavior, suggest that Israel is not a state, but a terrorist and criminal organization posing as a state, and this crew certainly does nothing to dispel that notion.

I wonder how official Egypt will like to have to do with somebody universally known to be the “son of a …”.


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  • The criminality of Israel is expressed in all of their actions. Zionism is a criminal organization that hides behind a number of masks varying from one point in time to another. In the 19th century, the Jew, Moses Hess, was a prime developer and exponent of both Communism and Zionism and National Democratic Socialism. That last eventually became Nazism in the 20th century. All of these feed into the Zionist Crime Syndicate that dares call itself a people and a nation and a religion. Talmudism is diabolic and totally devoted to breaking God’s laws and offending Him. It is anti-Muslim and anti-Christian. Talmudism is the Judeo-Zionist superstition that they use to cloak their criminal enterprises in. It is all a sham and a shill. The real actions of theirs always show the truth about them. They are murderous and pillaging and conniving in criminal enterprises and offensive to God and all men.


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