Israel Arrests Palestinian Security Forces

The Palestinian Authority “PA” covered up the news that on last Friday 20 November 2009, the Israelis arrested five senior Palestinian intelligence officers near the town of Salfit in the north of the West Bank which is under it’s power, among them the regional intelligence commander for Salfit, Mohammad Abdel Hamid. The Palestinian Authority also hushed up the fresh news of the Israeli arrest on Nov. 21 2009 of three Palestinian security officers in the north-east of Qalqilya in the West Bank. The detainees are Ayoub Mohammed Khaled and Mohammad Fayez Shamasneh, from the PA national security forces, and Anwar Aziz Mustafa, from the military police, and two members of Fatah, Jihad Abdel-Halim Shamasneh and Nour Aziz Beda.


According to Palestinian eyewitnesses, these persons did not defend themselves during the arrest by Israeli occupation soldiers.

Military sources said that the Palestinian National Authority forbids their security elements from using their weapons in self defense when they are arrested or mistreated by the israelis, or when these invaders assault and ransack Palestinian towns or cities.

The sources confirmed that the Palestinian security forces are controlled by the PA agreements which they signed with Israel, which forbid the PA from using their weapons against Israel.

Today, at late time, the Palestinian Authority confirmed the arrest of their forces and claimed that Israel released the five officers of the General Intelligence Service.

The PA claimed that the arrest of its officer was the first time in about three years and that they were apparently made on the backdrop of an investigation being carried out by the General Intelligence Service against a Palestinian who is suspected of collaborating with Israel. According to the same news, talks and meetings were being hold between the PA and Israel in efforts to release the Palestinian security officers.


Contradicting Palestinian sources revealed additional details about the circumstances of the Palestinian officer’s arrest. According to these news, US general Keith Dayton was  personally involved in passing security information to Israel which led to the arrest of the Palestinian officers. The sources condemned the farce of the PA regime in dealing with the Israeli occupation and the lack of will and ability to protect the Palestinian people and its forces.

2 comments to Israel Arrests Palestinian Security Forces

  • denmason

    Israhell [redacted]. The people of the world are once again waking to the fact that nothing good ever comes from these parasites. They have always caused problems for as long as history can remember. This cancer has spread far enough, and enough IS enough.

  • Ms. Salam, thank you for your brave and forthright reporting as always.

    It is obvious that the PA is a stooge by the idiot agreement they signed with the Israelis. Too do this is to be only Vichy gendarme thugs at the disposal of the ZioNazi Israelis. Over and above that is the brutal criminal tyranny of the the Zionists in Occupied Palestine.

    Free Palestine!!!


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