The Berlin Wall in Palestine

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On the ninth of November 2009 hundreds of thousands of Germans celebrated the 13393-500-750twentieth anniversary of removing the wall of shame in Berlin, which was razed in 1989.
Many leaders of the EU and the rest of the world, as well as many representatives of religious communities, of social, governmental and non-governmental institutions were seen among the Germans celebrators.

These leaders are the same politicians who supported the Zionists in building the apartheid wall on Palestinian land, ignoring in that the decision of the International Tribunal, which confirmed the illegality of the wall and demanded that Israel dismantle it. These same “leaders” have sold at a discount or even gifted the terrorist and criminal organization “State of Israel” with modern weapons while at the same time the citizens of their countries descend into abject misery.

Those leaders who stood celebrating the anniversary of the removal of the Berlin Wall waare the same leaders who signed several economic and political agreements with Israel, treaties which violate international laws and the most basic tenets of human morality. These hypocrites used, before that, the economic and political power in overt and covert wars against the Arab states like Iraq, which was speciously accused of violating international laws and accords.

While these hypocrites spoke their unctuous words to celebrate the fall of the wall of Berlin and the triumph of humanity over dictatorship, German courts of justice routinely look away when it comes to prosecuting the crimes of German citizens against Palestinians, and German authorities conveniently forget to implement the international treaties which they have signed, and even their own laws.

On the anniversary of the removal of the Berlin Wall, hundreds of wallPalestinians demonstrated in protest and condemnation of the zionist apartheid wall built on their agricultural land. Tens of those demonstrators gathered their effort and removed one stone of the zionists apartheid wall, which is built on their private land, before their houses. In memory of the removal of the Berlin wall, the jewish zionist organization continues building its apartheid wall to “protect” the jewish squatter colonies built in the occupied territories in the West Bank, on terrain stolen from many towns and villages.

The zionists apartheid wall separates between Palestinian citizens, cities, villages, lands, but also it separates between the father and his sons, the farmer and his land, the students and their schools and universities, the patients and health institutions, between markets and  customers …

On the ninth of November 2009, Palestinians celebrated the fall of the Berlin wall, but test.phpin their own way, as you can see in the video below. The Palestinians who you see in this short video were demonstrating on their own land in front of their own houses, which the apartheid wall has separated from each other. They were not in Israel, but the Israeli criminal zionists soldiers came and shot at them in their lands. Dozens of these demonstrators were wounded. According to the international laws and the Geneva convention, the presence of IDF soldiers on Palestinian territory in the borders of 1967 is a war crime and a clear violation of the international law. Please see the video, which the International broadcasting agencies and the European media did not show you.

  • Imagine if you wake up tomorrow morning and you find that a criminal has built a wall in your own garden, separating between you and your swimming pool, the street, flowers, fruit trees, school, university, hospital and … would you feel happy about that?
  • Would you accept the criminal theft of your garden? Would you accept the thief to become your “lovely” neighbor?
  • Would you congratulate the thief for staying in your own garden? Would you believe in any kind of peace like that, a “peace” which violates your own peace?

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  • MeatwadSSuppet

    The criminal presence of a people that are willing to defraud their own God by being there. I do not know of any of the jewish prophecies that have been fulfilled, does any one of you reading this know of any? Specifically the prophecies related to the “return of the jews to israel” as they themselves have written them down. Nope not one has cometh to pass. [Redacted]
    The jewsih people may have a secular permission to be there through some U.N.-Balfore agreements, but they long ago violated the contractual agreement to live in peace with those already inhabiting Palestine. To cut off the inevitable “Palestine never existed before 1948” bs from the propaganda crew, tell that to the ancient Romans sputnik, they used the term for that area.

    Violate the contract, get out. Defraud your own God, get OUT.

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