The Former Leader of Gaza Death Squads

Mohammed Dahlan, who deceived the Europeans and the Americans, who financed his defeated army of death squads, the army that fled from Gaza after the first bullet was fired by Hamas militants who wished to reach the phantom of illusory power.

Mohammed Dahlan, who convinced everyone that he is the right man in the right Mohammad Dahlan, the former Palestinian leader of the death squad in, and that he alone is capable of destroying the infrastructure of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Mohammed Dahlan, who had been forgotten in the wake of his defeat in the Gaza Strip or in the wake of the defeat of the implementation plan set by the US administration in accordance with its policy of aiding the Zionist establishment, the Jewish-Zionist terror organization in Palestine called “State of Israel”. Mohammed Dahlan, Mohammed Dahlan, … the disgusting man who appeared again in the media after he was appointed spokesman of the Central Committee of Fatah some months ago.

This time no one knows what disastrous results the hare-brained schemes of Dahlan will have, if they will be similar, or worse, to the disaster which he brought to the Gaza Strip.

Mr. Fritz Edlinger, the Secretary General of the Society for Austro-Arab Relations, “SAAR” in Vienna who has worked since over 30 years in support of Palestinian rights said about Mohammad Dahlan that he is doing the job of the Israelis during the last interview which I had with him on March 2009.

“There is something else where the PA Fatah fell into the Israeli trap. There is one 2009_02_20 856Mohammad Dahlan name who is responsible for this policy of Fatah, this is Mohammad Dahlan. So part of Fatah is even fighting Hamas since they are there political competitors, and I wouldn’t blame all of Fatah. For sure there are many who were against what Dahlan tried last year, because the coup of Hamas was not a coup. The coup of Hamas as we know from many articles, was to prevent Dahlan from making a coup against the Hamas government, so the problem is the bad people of Fatah, they are already bad for the policy, and they do the job for the Israelis, and there were even people who said that there were Palestinians involved in the preparation of this war, they were giving at least technical and logistical support to the Israelis, telling them which places they should attack and this and that. This is something which is unacceptable.”

“If there is any future for Fatah, they must eliminate these people, who are in fact traitors. These traitors are paid by the Israelis and the Americans to do bad things, the most callous jobs. And this is something: if these people are still present in any position in Fatah, even after the so-called next congress of Fatah, then forget about Fatah.”

“This is something I am very sorry about. Because, as I mentioned, I am really fighting and working for the Palestinians since more than 30 years, and I am really sad, and nobody from the Palestinian heroes who got killed, thousands and ten thousands during the previous years, would like to see that people who are Palestinians, who are high ranking officials in the PA or Fatah are really working closely together with the Israelis to spy on their own people and finally to kill their own people. This is something which is unacceptable, and this is something the Israelis, with this American support, achieved by separating  the Palestinians into “good guys” and “bad guys”. I am really not with Hamas, I am with the Palestinian unity. This unity is the best chance for success against the Israelis and the Americans, because as long as the Palestinians are not united, the Israelis and the Americans will play with them, and they will continue playing for years.”

The public has doubts and fears in the wake of the return to politics of Mohammed Dahlan . There are expected disasters waiting for everybody. The US money does not make Palestinian leaders, but instead it will increase the hatred for the person of Mohammad Dahlan. This hatred grows with each statement released by Dahlan in the media.

Dahlan, who should be included in the list of Israeli war criminals, must get out of the West Bank and return to Gaza to be confronted by the victims of his crimes. The news about Dahlan which come from the western media like AFP, Reuters, and others, are actively trying to influence public opinion by showing this criminal in a glowing light, but the Palestinian public knows very well who he is and what, and that there are reasons to be very worried when western pro-zionist media push him. The truth is that Dahlan is detested by everyone in Palestine. We all say No to the death squad leader Mohammad Dahlan.

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