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Israel Persecutes Israeli Arab MK

The Israeli Public Prosecution in the Magistrate’s Court of Tel Aviv – Jaffa imposed 000_7608 [1]a serious indictment against the Israeli MK (member of the Knesset), Mohammad Barakeh, a Hadash representative. The court accused Barakeh of assaulting police and soldiers on four different occasions over a period of two years since 2005. The indictment was signed by 21 officers, among them Druze Officer Joseph Hammoud from Israeli Al-Morouj police station, who gave testimony against MK Barakeh in the court which is expected to sentence the Arab-Israeli MK to prison if he is found guilty. “Click on the pictures to see them bigger.”

The Israeli criminal authorities have trumped up the following charges against MK Mohammed Barakeh:

The first accusation: attacking, in April 2005, an Israeli criminal soldier from MK Barakeh receives medical treatment in Bilin, after ther IDF criminals shot him. Why is he accused of attacking the criminals from the IDF when they attacked him? [2]the “Metsada” death squad unit, who was holding an automatic machine gun, trying to strangle him from behind and preventing him from arresting a Palestinian peace demonstrator who was standing in his own land in the village of Bilin, which Israel has declared as a closed military zone after they stole most of it’s lands for building the ILLEGAL APARTHEID WALL, which the UN has declared as illegal and must be removed, the wall which has turned the life of the Palestinian citizens who live in this village in the occupied territories into a complete disaster.

According the trumped up charges of the Israeli authorities, Barakeh participated in a protest against the “security barrier” which means the ILLEGAL APARTHEID WALL at Bil’in on April 28, 2005. When a soldier arrested one of the demonstrators, Barakeh allegedly choked him with his right hand and struck the soldier’s hands with his left, and shouted to nearby demonstrators, “free him, free him.”

Under the Israeli criminal laws, assaulting a soldier performing his “duty or function”, carries a maximum sentence of five years.

“According to the international laws, treaties and the Geneva Conventions, of which Israel is a signatory in bad faith, the practices of the IDF soldiers at Bilin are war crimes perpetrated in the context of a genocide.”

The second accusation: MK Barakeh is accused of insulting a police officer by shouting: “you are violent and you will pay dearly for this” while he was trying to arrest his son, a minor, during their participation in a demonstration against the second Lebanon war in Tel Aviv, on August 5 2006.

For this one SILLY accusation this so-called a democratic country, baraka-bilaeen(1) [3]the penal laws could put Barakeh six months in jail.

“Notice that the IDF soldiers and Israeli Police call Palestinian women and men with obscene words, like “mother fucker”, “whore” and etc, they spit in the face of Palestinians, urinate over their heads at the checkpoints of harassments “military checkpoints”. In many cases the Palestinians are forced to drink the IDF urine under sever torture.”

The third accusation: MK Barakeh is accused of assaulting a right-wing Israeli activist photographer, Yitzhak Hananya and striking him in the ribs and shoulder after Hananya insulted left-wing activist Uri Avnery On July 22 2006, while taking part in a PEACE demonstration against the criminal war in Lebanon. Barakeh said that he ORALLY asked the right-wing extremist to stop his provocations toward the demonstrators, and he did not use aggression or exercise violence towards him.

For this accusation the Israeli laws could sentence Barakeh to two years in jail.

“Notice that the IDF has murdered many Palestinian detainees, the same like what happened during the last IDF criminal attack in Gaza, where hundreds of detainees where murdered by the IDF after they were captured alive.”

The fourth accusation: the Israeli prosecutor accused Barakeh of obstructing the work of an Israeli police and trying to prevent the arrest of the Secretary General of the Democratic Front, the lawyer Ayman Odeh, during a demonstration in Nazareth, in July 2007. The demonstrators were protesting against the visit of war criminal “Defense Minister” Ehud Barak.

Barakeh is also accused of throwing (ORALLY) insults at a police officer and calling him the “MAD”, “CARAZY you idiot. What are you doing?” and preventing him to do his duty, (of arresting a LAWYER). These charges are very serious in the so called Israeli laws.

For this accusation, the Israeli laws could sentence Barakeh of three years.

Adalah, the Legal Center in Israel, as well as 200 Arab lawyers who volunteered to defend the MK Mohammad Barakeh, are going to send a message to the world that the accusations against Barakeh are all of a political nature.
Another eight international delegations, representing the communist parties in France, Greece, Cuba, China and other countries, went to Israel in order to coordinate an international campaign of solidarity from around the world in condemnation of the Israeli repression and it’s political trial against the MK Barakeh.

MK Barakeh sees the indictments as fabrications against him. They are all planned in advance, in an attempt to neutralize him after his political field actions to protect the rights of Arabs in Israel disturbed them.

Barakeh stated that that the indictment was politically motivated and that the Israelis wanted to criminalize purely him for political and legitimate events. Barakeh added that his political participation and activities are part of his duties as a representative of the public in Israel. He stressed that the Israeli police were the aggressors against the demonstrators in all cases, “the habitual use of excessive force by the Israeli police and military is known, the scenes of Israeli-initiated brutality when the demonstrators are Arab citizens are nothing new, and this aggression is even more frequent and brutal when the peace demonstrators are in the occupied territories.

Barakeh said that the Israeli authorities portray him as a “RAMBO” in front of their large army, in order to enlarge the lies. He added: “I am ready for that, I am ready to go to jail, and I will not hide myself behind parliamentary immunity. I am not afraid of prison, and life behind bars is included in my calculations”.

“Notice that “Israel”, the Zionist organization, jailed hundreds of thousands of Arabs and Palestinians in their jails since 1948 and until today, among them minors, women, elderly, disabled. They also jailed hundreds of Palestinian bodies after they stole and harvested  their organs.”