EU and the Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

The 25th annual conference of the Arab medical doctors in Europe and the 21st 000_5581aannual conference of the Union of the Austro-Arab medical doctors and pharmacists, held at the Modul Hotel in Vienna, was turned to a political demonstration against the Israeli occupation and its criminal policies against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on its first day on October 30, 2009. The conference participants strongly criticized the deal of the European countries with the Israeli criminals and the lack of accountability of Israel in accordance with international laws and conventions which they all have signed.

This criticism against the EU came during a speech delivered by Fritz Edlinger, the Legal letter to Council of MinistersSecretary General of the “Society for Austro-Arab Relations” in Vienna, who was present as a guest of honor at the conference. Edlinger documented with pictures and reports the crimes committed by the occupation in the Gaza Strip during his meetings with many Palestinian victims and families affected in Gaza. Edlinger saw the destruction of infrastructure of all vital projects, economic, agricultural, social institutions, health and education sectors, next to the Israeli crimes against humanity. The Israeli crimes in Gaza led to permanently disablement of thousands of Palestinians and killed thousands more of civilians, most of them were children, women, and elderly people.

Legal letter to Council of Ministers

Edlinger spoke about how the representatives of the European Union deal with the 000_5595aIsraeli crimes against humanity. He exposed an official letter send by Human Rights Lawyers from the UK on the 1 September 2009 to Francisco Javier Solana, High Representative for the common Foreign and Security and Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union. The letter accused the European Union of complicity with the crimes of the Israeli occupation and violation of international laws and human rights and demanded the explanation of the negative attitude towards the Palestinian victims, most of whom were civilians. The letter also demanded explanations from Solana and at the same time asserted their right to sue the European Union in the case of failure to respond to their letter.

Legal letter to Council of Ministers

Edlinger criticized the answer of Solana to the letter of the lawyers. DSC_0025aHe said it was an irresponsible and stupid response which confirms the complicity of the European Union with the Israeli crimes, what in itself  is considered as a grave crime and a flagrant violation of the European laws and international treaties, agreements and laws.

Mr. Edlinger sent me a copy of the letters between the lawyers and Javier Solana. Please click on the pictures to make them bigger and read the correspondence as PDF files

Lawyer letter as PDF
Javier Solana response as PDF

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Die EU und die israelischen Kriegsverbrechen in Gaza

000_5541aDie 25. jährliche Konferenz der arabischen Ärzte in Europa und die 21. jährliche Konferenz der Vereinigung der Austro-arabischen Ärzte und Apotheker, die am Modul Hotel in Wien statt fand, wurde an ihrem ersten Tag zu einer politischen Demonstration gegen die israelische Besatzung und ihre verbrecherische Vorgehensweisen gegen die Palästinenser im Gaza Streifen verwandelt.

Die Konferenzteilnehmer kritisierten auch das Geschäft der europäischen Länder mit den israelischen Verbrechern, und dem Mangel an der Verantwortlichkeit von Israel im Rahmen von internationalen Gesetzen und Vereinbarung, die all diese Länder unterzeichnet haben.

Diese Kritik kam während der Rede von Fritz Edlinger, der letter from EU Council of MinistersGeneralsekretär der “Gesellschaft für Austro-arabische Beziehungen” in Wien, der als Ehrengast zu der Ärztekonferenz eigeladen wurde. Edlinger hat mit Bildern und Berichten die Verbrechen der israelischen Besatzung im Gazastreifen dokumentiert. Die Information hatte er während seinem Aufenthalt in Gaza in Gesprächen mit vielen palästinensischen Opfern und betroffenen Familien aufgezeichnet.

Edlinger hat die Vernichtung der Infrastruktur aller Lebenswichtiger Projekte, wirtschaftlich, Landwirtschaftliche, soziale Einrichtungen, der Gesundheits- und Ausbildungssektoren, neben den israelischen Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit gesehen. Die israelischen Verbrechen in Gaza haben Tausende von Palästinensern auf Dauer zu Invaliden gemacht, und weitere Tausende Bürger, die meisten von ihnen Kinder und Frauen, ermordet.

letter from Council of MinistersEdlinger hat darüber geklagt, wie sich die Vertreter von Europäischen Union mit den israelischen Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit arrangieren. Er hat einen offiziellen Brief der englischen Menschenrechts-Rechtsanwälte „Lawyers for Human Rights“ vom 1. September 2009 an Francisco Javier Solana, Hoher Vertreter für Ausländische Beziehungen und Sicherheit und Generalsekretär des Rats der Europäischen Union, vorgestellt.

Der Brief der Rechtsanwälte hat die Europäische Union der Mitschuld mit den Verbrechen und der Übertretung der Israelis von internationalen Gesetzen und Vereinbarungen, und der Menschenrechte bezichtigt, und forderte eine Erklärung zu der negativen Meinung der offiziellen EU über die palästinensischen Opfer, die meisten von denen Zivilisten, Frauen und Kinder, waren. Der Brief hat auch von Javier Solana eine Antwort verlangt, und Erklärt, dass die Europäische Union im Fall vom Ausbleiben einer Antwort auf ihren Brief verklagt werde.

Solana letter from Councilof Ministers0003

Edlinger hat Antwort von Javier Solana auf den Rechtsanwalt-Brief 000_5553kritisiert. Er hat gesagt, dass es eine unverantwortliche und dumme Antwort war, die die Mitschuld der Europäischen Union an den israelischen Verbrechen bestätigt, und, dass das Verhalten dieser Vertreter selbst ein Verbrechen und eine schamlose Übertretung der europäischen Gesetze und internationaler Verträge, Abmachungen und Gesetze sei.

Edlinger hat mir eine Kopie der Korrespondenz zwischen den Rechtsanwälten und Javier Solana geschickt. Klicken Sie bitte auf die Bilder, um sie größer zu sehen, und lesen Sie die Briefe als PDF .

Rechtsanwalt-Brief als PDF
Brief von Javier Solana als PDF

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3 comments to EU and The Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

  • Always keep the pressure up. The murderous “israeli” thugs are cowards and filthy rotten in their whole treatment of people. We must constantly make the world see this. The world must respond.

    As always, thank you Ms.Salam for your courageous, well spoken and complete reporting of the facts and events.


  • Anthony Lawson


    Commentators from the mainstream media accept just about anything that is fed to them, by the White House or favoured politicians, and repeat it, like parrots, to their mass audiences, whether the information is accurate or not.

    “The International Bureau of Double Standards” is, of course, a euphemism for the way that the New World Order operates, and, unless we all learn to see through the lies, half truths and damaging innuendo, we will only have ourselves to blame for the way our futures and those of our children are affected.

  • Rabbit

    I who actually took part in the first referendum in Denmark, against the EU, believe that all the other failures aside, the treatment of Israel by the EU, as outlined here is the single most damning fact which deligitimises the EU as a viable or recognisable institution.

    There can be no legitimate organisation born out of a complete breach of international law and of your own standing laws, whilst attempting to assemble said instituion based on those laws.

    Nothing out of the ordinary of course anymore, where the worlds most powerful nations tremble in fear at the wrold’s most weak and promptly destroy those weak nations in “self defense” before any actual threat can emerge.

    Quite to be expected in a world where a man who presides over two illegal wars, and counting and yet who receives a Nobel Peace Prize, awarded on the basis of a mere 14 days in the office as President of the USA no less.

    Who could say it was unusual when a massive modern military nation is threatened by a few million starving civilians they have locked in concentration camps and when they attack and destroy a few thousand once in a while, the world feels sorry for the poor Israelis having to “defend themselves again” against palestinian violence. As far as I can see, Palestinian violence involves a lot of impaling thsemlves on helpless Israeli bullets and somehow managing to get in the way of the bombs and missiles that the “Most moral army in the world” is carefully directing at precisely selected military targets.

    This world even has it as normal that the ragtag resistance who have nothing but homemade rockets and small arms somehow manage to kill only a fraction of the civlian percentage as the “Most Moral Army in the World” yet they are declared the terrorists.

    No no, I can see the situation is all pretty much par for the course really here in Wonderland otherwise known as Earth 2009.

    “Pass the bong please Alice, said the caterpillar”

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