Palestinian Protester to Blair: You are a Terrorist

“You are a terrorist, you are not welcome in the land of Palestine”. A Palestinian blair-says30from the Hamdan family shouted these words in the face of Tony Blair, Quartet Representative for “Peace” in the Middle East, when he arrived at the Iron Cage at the entrance of the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron. A bodyguard of Tony “the poodle” Blair overwhelmed the angry Palestinian when he approached phony Tony, and dragged him several meters away.

Palestinian eyewitnesses said that the citizen, who shouted in the face of Tony Blair, was subjected several times to attacks by the Israeli occupation soldiers in the heart of city of Hebron, just as all the Palestinian people who live in the heart of the old city are subjected to regular attacks from the IDF and the Jewish criminal squatters as part of their daily life. The heart of the old city of Hebron, turned under the Israeli occupation into a concentration camp closed by iron 20091021bleer2101009gates controlled by the IDF occupation.

The visits of Tony Blair to the Palestinian towns are frowned upon by the Palestinian public opinion, he is not welcome in our land and in our cities. The PA media coverage does not show this fact, because the visits of Tony Blair are part of the dirty “politics” of the PA.

Tony Blair, this so-called  “Quartet Representative” for “Peace in the Middle East” is a war criminal culpable massive war crimes against Iraq, who is culpable blair-ibrahemy-mosqe300for the mass murder of thousands of Iraqi civilians, and the increased violence in Iraq, that many women in that country are forced to turn to prostitution in order to sustain themselves.
The government of Tony Blair was always with the Zionists, and the only peace which he want for us is the peace of the cemetery.

The wretched smile which appeared at the face of the wretched war criminal 1-17-07 (05)Tony Blair after the Palestinian man told him the truth “Your are terrorist, and you are not welcome in Hebron”, showed clearly that the message arrived, but the words which oozed from his fetid mouth of Blair, that blight upon all humanity, were a clear lie designed to cover up his criminality: he seriously stated that “the protest incident should not be viewed as a reflection of sentiment of the local public”. What does this sack of excrement know about public sentiment, in Palestine or even in his home England.

Blair also stated, probably to himself, that most Palestinians and Israelis “want to resolve the conflict peacefully”, and added “frankly, the protests are not going to solve the conflict and bring peace, but only the negotiations will be able to achieve that”. As a Palestinian, I’d suggest that he shove his bad-faith negotiations and his artless, moronic statements where the sun does not shine.

These statements are lies, and the incident is a reflection of the IDF officer from the military adminstration (DCL) blocking the shop of a Palestinian in the old city of Hebron. (Pic Credit ?)Palestinian public opinion. The presence in Palestine of criminal psychopaths like Tony Blair, Keith Dayton, Jake Walles and others like them, is not welcome by the majority of Palestinians. They are the guests of ONLY the PA, as a part of their criminal and traitorous project of renouncing the national rights of Palestinians, what is as futile as it gets, because nobody in the PA has the legitimate right to “negotiate”, or renounce, anything in the name of the Palestinians.

Of course Tony Blair himself did not live in Hebron for 42 years of occupation, A Palestinian ambulance driver negotiates with the IDF in order to open the iron gate for him to pass in order to save the life of a Palestinian behind the closed gate. IDF officer from the military adminstration (DCL) blocking the shop of a Palestinian in the old city of Hebron. (Pic Credit ?)and the illegal and bad-faith “negotiations” which he mentioned as the only way of peace is the only reason which has brought the current deteriorated situation to Hebron. The blocked military iron doors, the closure of the Palestinian shops and the streets and the expansion of the Jewish squatter colonies all came under these so-called “peace negotiations”. What the war criminal Tony Blair said is a bunch of lies, clear to everybody who lives in Hebron and in other occupied Palestinian cities and towns.

And lies is the only thing which will ever get out of the mouth of a psychopath in the employ of the lord of the flies.

Instead of explaining that which he knows nothing about, namely Tony Blair, the war criminal of Iraq, during a meeting with the PA, his ONLY supporters in Palestine. (Pic Credit: ?)the Palestinian national sentiment, it would be better for everybody if phony Tony explained which was the nature of his relation with Thomas Hamilton, and which were the exact grounds why he ordered the issue of a D-Notice around the publication of Operation Ore results. I am sure many Englanders would find these things more than interesting. And on that note, it would be better if this miserable leaves Palestine for ever.

2 comments to Palestinian Protester to Blair: You are a Terrorist

  • This is the kind of speaking out it will take to make the world listen. We all need to do this on a constant basis. Courage and truth are the two necessary constants. God bless all who speak out like this man did to the genocidal evil criminal Tony Blair.

    Thank you as always, Ms. Salam, for your brave and forthright journalist reporting. The points you make are said perfectly.

    Steve in Vista

  • Rabbit

    How many of these demonic scum must inflict themselves upon the world before the very stones cry out enough of the LIES, the HYPOCRISY and the GREED?

    Our own War Criminal John Howard still crawls about the planet, his reputation virtually untouched for his “Services to Israel” and the new crop of “Leaders” in Britain, the USA and here in Australia are no less complicit in the lies and crimes as their puppet predecessors..

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