President Abbas to the Junkyard of the History

The usurper “President” Mahmoud Abbas, whose presidential term is over since January 2009,  is actively involved in urging the UN to postpone their vote on the report of Richard Goldstone, which President Abbasaccuses Israel of committing war crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Yesterday, Yasser Abed Rabbo, secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization leadership said: “it was a mistake to suspend action on the UN report on Israeli war crimes in Gaza; we have the courage to admit that there was a mistake, but the mistake can be repaired”.

What Abed Rabbo describes as “a mistake which could be Yaser Abed Rabucorrected” is seen by the majority of the Palestinians as a betrayal to the nation, who demand that “President” Mahmoud Abbas and all the Palestinian National Authority resign without delay. The PA concessions in the national Palestinian issues and rights have increased, this is forbidden. The PA must resign if they still have a slightest sense of dignity and responsibility.

President Abbas to the Junkyard of the History

Yesterday, huge posters of the President Mahmoud Abbas pictures surrounded by victims of the Israeli war crimes were hanged everywhere in the streets of protest2Gaza, with the phrase “To the JUNKYARD of history you traitor Mahmoud Abbas” written on them. The poster was adopted and signed by Palestinian academics and university professors. A conference in which the human rights organizations and the victim’s families spoke was held in Gaza under the same title of the poster. Everybody was seen throwing old shoes at the posters of Abbas. The West Bank Palestinian media did not report anything about the conference, the posters, or the families of the victims. In the West Bank, were the PA gang took control, such posters or even raising poster of the Palestinian victims is forbidden by the PA.

In addition, the human rights organizations in Palestine and abroad, led by Human Rights Watch, deplored the attitude of the Palestinian Authority to vote on the report, which condemns Israel of committing war crimes during the bloody assault on the Gaza Strip in December 2008 to the end of January 2009.

Today the voices of the Abbas thugs, the group around him from those who are MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSpaid well for their traitorous behavior by the US, raised to defend the criminal decision of this tinpot “President” Abbas, in which he protects the Israeli war criminals, and the “Cell Phones company” project. The irresponsible and criminal voices claimed that criticizing Abbas and the criminals around him are “red lines” which nobody is allowed to trespass.

These criminals forget that ONLY Palestine and ONLY the Palestinian national APTOPIX MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSrights are not for bargaining, compromise, renouncing, and selling for the personal enrichment of criminals, and that they are the ONLY the red lines which no Abbas and nobody else is allowed to trespass. Abbas and all those around him getting rich on the misery of the Palestinians are criminals of the worst kind, and as such they should be treated.

Fatah Seeks Joint Action With Hamas Over Gaza Report

AFP/ RAMALLAH, West Bank — The Palestinian Fatah movement urged its Hamas rivals on Thursday to join forces to press for international action against Israel over a damning UN report on the Gaza war.
The move comes after the Islamist movement slammed Palestinian president and Fatah leader Mahmud Abbas for agreeing to delay a vote on the report at the UN Human Rights Council following Israeli and US pressure.

Senior Fatah official and Abbas ally Jibril Rajub told reporters Jibril Al-Rajub 3433that the secular movement supports using the report to bring Israeli officials to trial “for crimes against the Palestinian people”.
“The Fatah leadership has decided to invite the Hamas movement as well as all other Palestinian factions to form a joint Palestinian committee,” Al-Rajub said in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

The committee’s objective is “to take action on the regional and international levels in order to relaunch the Goldstone report”.
“We want our joint efforts… to bring all the Israeli generals and leaders who had committed crimes against our people before the (International Criminal) Court in The Hague for war crimes,” Rajub said.

Rajub went on to say that Fatah was checking the reasons that led to the delay in the vote on the report but urged Hamas “to end its provocation. I am not threatening anyone but the provocation does not serve Hamas or anyone.”

The decision to support delaying consideration of the report — which accused both Israel and Hamas of war crimes — led to an unprecedented tide of anger in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and the Fatah-administered West Bank against Abbas.

3 comments to President Abbas to the Junkyard of the History

  • Bill White

    Abbas is nothing but a Zio Puppet

    A Shabbas Goy

    Palestinians deserve better

  • PA is a Zionist servant, this time its crystal clear.
    I would recommend they all to be arrested and brought to just for all their crimes of assisting and helping Zionists in their crimes in Gaza and in Palestine in whole.

  • yaridanjo

    2000 years ago, the Jewish religion and the Hebrew people conspired to kill Christ. One Christ life = one Buddha life, etc and is equal to about 52 TRILLION normal human lives. The Hebrews were scattered (the disporia) but not very far in 70 and 100 AD. Eventually they returned to the area where they once lived and became the Palestinians. The Hebrew state and the Jewish religion were long gone.

    What Christ called ‘Father’ has orchastrated the return of the Jewish religion to harass these children of the Hebrews, and in return, bring dishoner and comtempt upon Judaism. We are seeing MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION at the spiritual level in action.

    ‘Father’ may well turn on the USA and the European Union (including the UK) and destroy them as well. The karma for those 52 TRILLION lives is waiting to be ballanced. Remember, the edict ‘THOU SHALL NOT KILL’ and ‘Father’ was not fooled by the Hebrews getting the Romans to do the killing for them 2000 years ago.

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