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The True Character of Jews shows in Jerusalem

These pictures, copied from a Palestinian newspaper, say everything about the character of Jerusalem under the power of the occupying jews, of what the Israeli jews have become after over 61 years of incessant devotion to crime, after over 61 years of impunity, after over 61 years of silence from the Arab countries and the rest of the world, after over 61 years of excessive privilege, after over 61 years of letting the world pay for their crimes: child beating cowards.

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Child of about 8 years age beaten by an israeli soldier in Jerusalem (Pic Credit: Al-Ayyam/Reuters)

But these pictures also say everything about Abbas and his Judenrat [2]: while these children were being beaten up by fully armed soldier in Jerusalem, the poltroons, backstabbers and brown-nosers of the PA were most probably “negotiating” with their israeli friends about the height of their next salary, misusing money which should have gone to other purposes, in houses of joy in Herzliya, instead of protecting these children.

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Israeli soldiers capture Palestinian children for rape in Jerusalem (Pic Credit: Al-Ayyam/Reuters)

No wonder that the PA did not give money to support the 450 people who have had their houses ordered demolished since some months ago, what even caused the minister for Jerusalem Affairs resign in protest. What could these useless traitors do, who are not even willing to protect Palestinian children from the israeli cowards?

The children in these pictures, from today, have probably already been beaten up and raped in israeli jails, a usual practice during the jewish religious holidays, during which these things always happen much more often than during other days.

Please spread these pictures widely to anybody who still supports Israel in any way or form. Tell them that they are criminals supporting child beaters.