The True Character of Jews shows in Jerusalem

These pictures, copied from a Palestinian newspaper, say everything about the character of Jerusalem under the power of the occupying jews, of what the Israeli jews have become after over 61 years of incessant devotion to crime, after over 61 years of impunity, after over 61 years of silence from the Arab countries and the rest of the world, after over 61 years of excessive privilege, after over 61 years of letting the world pay for their crimes: child beating cowards.


Child of about 8 years age beaten by an israeli soldier in Jerusalem (Pic Credit: Al-Ayyam/Reuters)

But these pictures also say everything about Abbas and his Judenrat: while these children were being beaten up by fully armed soldier in Jerusalem, the poltroons, backstabbers and brown-nosers of the PA were most probably “negotiating” with their israeli friends about the height of their next salary, misusing money which should have gone to other purposes, in houses of joy in Herzliya, instead of protecting these children.


Israeli soldiers capture Palestinian children for rape in Jerusalem (Pic Credit: Al-Ayyam/Reuters)

No wonder that the PA did not give money to support the 450 people who have had their houses ordered demolished since some months ago, what even caused the minister for Jerusalem Affairs resign in protest. What could these useless traitors do, who are not even willing to protect Palestinian children from the israeli cowards?

The children in these pictures, from today, have probably already been beaten up and raped in israeli jails, a usual practice during the jewish religious holidays, during which these things always happen much more often than during other days.

Please spread these pictures widely to anybody who still supports Israel in any way or form. Tell them that they are criminals supporting child beaters.

15 comments to The True Character of Jews shows in Jerusalem

  • The Jews are obviously: child molesting – rape in jails as a high “holy” day obligation no doubt, craven bastard cowards who are only capable of beating up on children or sending tanks and white phosphorus on defenseless civilians who have done nothing. The list goes on: the crimes over the years include IOF gang rape leaving an 11 year Arab girl raped and mutilated to die on the Negev. Facility 1391 for torture and murder and organ theft. The whole Naqba to begin with. Murdering 1,000 Egyptian POWs in the desert. One of the largest drug dealer conglomerates in the world for corruption all the way to China – from the West, through the United States. All of this and much, much, much more – all for the criminal conspiracy masquerading as a religious group to continue to parasitically and genocidally murder and rape and steal (as Michael Hoffman said concerning Judaism, “the criminal conspiracy that calls itself a religion,” so completely true).

    It is way past time to destroy the Zionist maggot in the world and dismantle the Zionist state, AND FREE PALESTINE!!!


  • Dear Friends,
    My comments is: Human hearts in this begin of the 21 centuary is
    filled with Hate & Phobia, I am very sad for All those who are & must
    suffer,for no crime they commited,but & this BUT is very BIG,the so-
    called FREEWORLD is watching& maybe enjoying the suffering & pain of those innocent KIDS& Others elsewhere too!!!????
    I wish there is another Planet,I would immediatly leave this SICK,
    POLLUTED & CRIMINAL Globe,called Earth,as most of those living
    on this Earth are,either Criminals,Sick,or completely frustrated,but
    whatever the case is & at the end of the Day all are realy losers,
    because we are not protecting the Weak& Poor`? Pity but True,
    the German use to say:Nach mir der Sintflut,after me the flood,
    I wish Noah,Abraham,Moses ,Jesus & Mohamed to see those MONSTERS calling themselfs Humanbeing & Civilized too!!?
    of today,who are ruling this Misery,sorry but I would immediatly
    leave to another Planet…Regards

    Capt.Raschid Alweissi, Bremen – Germany

  • Gary

    I bet GOD does not build the s—hole up in 3 days.

    Palestinians need to blame Hitler

    • Geeee…Gary, What insight! What an intellectual, thought probing post. Just kidding. Have you ever thought about just sitting in the corner and be THOUGHT an idiot instead of posting and PROVING it?
      Before ’47 when the [edited] jews were financially manipulating America and Europe to suit its whim of destroying everything white, Christian and moral, Palestine was a beautiful, green, lush agricultural and peaceful place. when the genocidal [edited] decided Palestine instead of Madagascar, their ensuing war upon innocent, indigenous peoples, destroyed much of its historical architecture and scenery. Now it’s a wasteland.
      Read a book on history that ISN’T written by a [edited] JEW to get a real grasp of the past.[edited]

  • It is utter genocide what israel has done, and while most americans don’t care, or think killing kids is ok, there are alot of us who hate israel and see how evil that country really is. I cant wait for the day israel faces the arabs by itself. I wont help them, let jesus.

  • Hi,

    Please go to
    and open these documents and you will see that there is a GOD IN HEAVEN

    Jerusalem, The Nation Called Israel And Biblical Israel – Their Fate
    The False Jews Of Revelation, In The World Today Are Real & Dangerous
    The Northern Army And Its Allies Used To Punish The English Speaking World & Israel

  • Christopher

    I used to support Israel when I was a Christian; now I no longer believe in a Jewish messiah who refers to “gentiles” as dogs. Israel is a truly evil nation, and when reads selected bits from the Torah, you realize how low their opinion of we mere gentile dogs really is. I say let Israel fight their own blasted wars, since they have been probably responsible for stirring up every war in history.

  • george

    there is a country in the middle east that has never signed any agreements with the international atomic groups, never had any inspections of their nuclear projects, has attacked their neighbors , threatning every day to attack more and definately possess weapons of mass destruction…that country is isreal. As an american and a citizen of the world I say something should be done about this . Sanctions and great pressure should be placed upon isreal to comply.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    This is the tribe of cannibals who in 1944 made the decision to assault the Japanese people with nuclear weapons.

    In 1946 this same tribe of genocidal cannibals also made the decision to assault the rest of the human race with thermonuclear weapons.

    They have never stepped away from that decision since then. We are still slated to be destroyed in an all our general nuclear war.

    The 1968 movie the “Night of the Living Dead” is a spoof on what is in store for them when the Living dead finally awaken to what this small tribe of nuclear war fighting cannibals are really all about.

    Throughout The long history of the world, this ancient tribe of desert dwelling cannibals have remained Mordant Minded, committed to be willingly and intentionally wrong. They have assaulted us to death with nuclear weaponry. Now we are going to deal with them.

    They are to be humanely institutionalized until the time as they are no longer exhibiting symptoms of criminal insanity, and no longer are able to destroy us in a general nuclear war.

    Here is an arrest of one of them.

  • kalidas

    Judaism = Ponerology

  • Rabbit

    Israel is the center of pornography, pedophilia, prostitution and white slavery…for the world. The reason is simply that the Talmudist Jews, are the vile and perverted cult behind Zionism. The Talmud teaches all manner of perversions including rape of small children. Bestiality is even encouraged in the Talmud and even Rabbis are specifically endorsed in such perversions.

    The hatred and living on nothing but lies has turned a TRAUMATISED and PARANOID people, the Jews into monsters. They have become demon infested. Those Zionists who are not actually posessed by a demon are at least at the stage of obsession with demons.

  • Faithful, Called, Chosen

    You have summed up the matter completely. In the book of John, The Son of The Most High told these vile children of the devil they were full of all uncleanness and filth. In the book of Revelation chapter 19, we who are not deceived anticipate the return of the Son along with the host of heaven to slay the wicked and it is no accident that He returns to Jerusalem; it is the world’s boiler room of all manner of rebellion, and unauthorized home to the devil’s children and their soon-to-be-revealed messiah, the antichrist king. Yes, it is true. The jews’ messiah has not come yet, for it is antichrist. Anyone who says different is a liar, and the truth is not in him.
    John 8:44 is a clear indicator that the Talmudic jews are Yahushua Ha’ Maschiach’s ( called Jesus) enemy. John 8:47 is indisputable evidence that jews are against YAHWEH and His Son. Therefore, they can only belong to another, his name is Satan.

  • It is all justified in the Talmud.

  • Bill

    The Bible predicts that the whole world will come against Jerusalem in the last days. It is this kind of inhumanity that will cause it to happen.

  • Christopher

    One should consider the amount of devastation the world has suffered at the hands of the Jewish people, in particular by those in the Zionist movement. I can’t imagine how anyone could have any compassion for these people. Maybe I’m unfairly generalizing, but people need to be aware how the media, the banks, Congress and Hollywood are controlled by Jews, and are being used to destroy the world. The names are available. It’s not paranoia. The Jews run most of the world. They gave us Marxism. They have slaughtered countless millions, and are continuing their genocide int he Middle East today. They are responsible for the persecution of the Iraqi people, and now want to destroy Iran. If there is a God, I often wonder why He sits by and allows these demonic parasites to wreak havoc in the world. Surely he couldn’t have “chosen” the Jewish people as His own; if so, then I really have little use for Him.

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