Did Traitor Abbas Instigate the Gaza Massacre?

  • Did the Palestinian Authority plan and even instigate the war crimes on Gaza together with Israel?
  • Is the PA also actively involved in urging the UN to postpone the vote on the report of the Goldstone, which accuses Israel of committing war crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip?

MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSIf these allegations are true, and the PA was involved in these inhuman crimes, then it is the duty of all human rights organizations to add the name of the President of the Palestinian Authority, and Tayeb Abdel-Rahim to the list of the Israeli war criminals involved in the massacre of Gaza last January. (Click on pictures to se them bigger).

According to Palestinian sources from both Fatah and Hamas, who sent me reports with identical content by Email. Egyptian Intelligence sources in Washington were able to acquire information about the meeting of representatives of the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli delegation in Washington was to persuade the Palestinian Authority to withdraw its support for the draft resolution which supports the report of Richard Goldstone, President of the Committee in charge of investigating crimes of the war in Gaza.

The sources stated that the Palestinian Authority initially objected and has steadfastly refused to withdraw support of the draft resolution, until Colonel Mahmud Abbas 30Eli Avraham (PDF) showed the delegation, on the laptop which he was carrying, a video file which shows a conversation between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, in the presence of Tzipi Livini, in which Mahmoud Abbas appears trying to convince Barak about the “necessity” to continue the war on Gaza. Barak appeared hesitant and shaky in face of the enthusiasm of Mahmoud Abbas and the support of Livni to continue the war. The conversation appears to have taken place before the massacre in Gaza, during the year 2008.

Colonel Avraham also showed to the delegation of the Palestinian Authority in ix4cavWashington a recording of a telephone conversation between the Director of the Office of the Chiefs of Staff of the IDF and Tayeb Abed Al-Rahim, the secretary general of Presidential Office of Mahmoud Abbas (and one of the suspects of complicity in the assassination of President Arafat), who was heared stating that “conditions are ripe and ready for the Israeli army to enter Jabalya and Shati refugee camps”, stressing that the fall of the two camps would end Hamas rule in Gaza and force her to raise the white flag. According to what has transpired, when Dov Weissglas told Abed Al-Rahim that this would cause the deaths of thousands of Palestinian civilians, Abed Al-Rahim is said to have replied that “all of them elected Hamas, they have chosen their own destiny, not us”.

After the threats from the Israeli delegation that they would present the MIDEAST-PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-GAZArecorded material to the United Nations and the media, the Palestinian delegation agreed to withdraw the endorsement of the Palestinian Authority to the Goldstone report, but the Israeli delegation also demanded that the PA delegation sign a paper in which they declare in writing that the Palestinian delegation will agree that they would ask no other state to either accept or support the report of the Goldstone commission, and that they would also give no statements in the matter.

It should be noted that Richard Goldstone was subjected to tremendous MIDEAST-ISRAEL-GAZA-CONFLICTpressure before he submit the report and while writing it. It should also be noted that Israel had been making pressure on the daughter of Goldstone, who lives in Israel since nine years, to cause her father to not write his report. But the Goldstone report turned out to condemn Israel, accusing it of committing war crimes in Gaza, and it also alludes to the possibility that Israel commited crimes against humanity. The report has caused worries for Ehud Barak, who asked the former Supreme Court Justice judge Aharon Barak to examine the report and to use his relations around the world to head the official Israeli campaign which addresses the report of Richard Goldstone.

The conclusions of this information are interesting to say the least. If the things MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSwent as is written in the information which I received, it can only mean that Israel is in great trouble, as their greatest “friend” would be trying to get rid of them. If these things happened in Washington, then the Egyptian secret service must be seen has in no way able to get such information by themselves – this information must have been made accessible to them by people within US intelligence circles, with the only discernible purpose of embarrassing Israel and their “ally”, the PA.

The context in which this leak happened is, among other things, the “traffic MIDEAST-ISRAEL-GAZA-CONFLICTaccident” of the escort of Netanyahu during a recent visit to London, the purported “cold” reception of Netanyahu on part of PM Medwedev during his last visit to Moscow, the rather embarrassing way in which the UK authorities deferred the prosecution of Ehud Barak for war crimes in public, the recent public statement of Mr.

El-Baradei of the IAEA saying that Israel is the greatest danger to the middle east, the very well publicized (in corporate media) arrest of several rabbis for MIDEAST-PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-GAZA-VIEWorgan trafficking in New Jersey, the Boström reports about organ harvesting by Israeli groups in Palestine, also in corporate media, and the recent crash of an Israeli F16 in the Yatta district. I doubt that this string of public embarrassments and troublesome for Israel are not coincidental. My impression is that there are people working to warn the Zionist power circles that their luck is over. In case my impression is right, then, as a Palestinian, I wish to thank these people for their work.

MIDEAST-PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-GAZA-UNRESTI can not confirm or deny the received reports, but the fact that high-placed sources from both Fatah and Hamas are stating the same thing lends this issue credibility, and it is also in character with the history of atrocities and betrayals of the PA against the Palestinian population at large, and their connivance, complicity and collaboration with the occupation. See the Palestinian National Council statement which I received as (PDF). See the Union Public Employees statement as (PDF). See the statement of the Palestinian Human Rights Foundation Monitor “Rased” as (PDF). See Gaza Youth statement as (PDF).

10 comments to Did Traitor Abbas Instigate the Gaza Massacre?

  • Rabbit

    The Goldstone report was already heavily biased for Israel, and its watered down findings and gratuitous “may have committed war crimes” finger wagging at Hamas was evidence of that.

    The ferocity of the attack on the report, begginning before it was even seen, and the all out total war being organised from one corner of the earth to the other and in every major media organ, is also PROOF to any rational mind of Israel’s GUILT. Together with the full self knowledge of that guilt and it implies every intention to continue such actions.

    This has ceased to be an Israeli or Jewish crime only, it is a crime being committed by the world against Palestine. I believe that when the real history does get written, the Palestinians will easily have replaced the Jews as the most persecuted people, because apart from the vastly exagerated and one sided view of their own most recent “holocaust” in Germany earned by their own Zionist elite, they have quite simply committed a worse and far less justifiable one against the Palestinians and not over a few short years in anger either, but in cold blooded pre planned genocide stretching over 60 years…so far.

    The hypocrisy of being everything they accuse their hapless victims of, from war criminals to liars, thieves, terrorists, international criminals, breakers of international laws and so on, is just the sauce on the sh*t pie which is Israel.

  • Rabbit

    I’d like to add I have also noticed with interest the many public embarrassments against Israel and there have been more reports of Israelis involved in organ trafficking in other places as well recently and it should be noted just how strongly Sweden has defied the usual screeching from Israel and even their own Israel ambassador (A Jewish Zionist), even snubbing them internationally. The irony of the response that Israel evidently did not understand Swedish freedom of speech laws was a nice touch at the start but the backbone they have shown since then has been a pleasant chance and cannot have occurred without a major shift in support for Israel somewhere. Thus the possibility that someone is dropping the P.A and their Israeli masters in it over this treason by the P.A is definately there. It looks like some in the USA might be giving it their best shot to upend the Zionist apple cart, but isn’t it shocking to see how little honest control Americans have over their own policy making? The USA is nothing but a big powerful bear, kept in control, dancing like a buffoon to the Israeli tune by the threat of a stick over its nose, by a puny little master with a nasty attitude and a lot of hateful bluff.

  • kalfan

    Joe Viall (may he rest in peace) was extremelly condemning of Abbas and he used to call him a ‘traitor’.

  • Bill White

    Abbas is just anothe Useful Idiot of the Zios..
    Many Judas’ just like him, willing to sell their souls for 30 pieces of silver.

  • Peter in the UK

    The extermination of the Palestinian people will continue no one will dare to make Israel accountable for their holocaust against the people of Palestine and any of the other countries they have attacked and are going to attack with regards to Iran…This entity calling itself Israel is a danger to the whole world or should I say the whole world is a danger to itself for doing nothing to stop this rouge state.
    And for Abbas the traitor what do you expect? These people get a good living off the misery and the butchery of others and with a bit of luck there may be a hell then Israel and Abbas can both rot in it together.

  • mystic

    Very very plausible. Abbas is a puppet, and needs to be treated as such, just like Mubarek sold out his Palestinian brethren for money . Very very dangerous. I do NOT trust Abbas; He’s been bought and bribed just like Mubarek was.

  • In reading about the traitorous behavior of so-called leaders of Palestine and the cold-blooded selling out of their own people, I can only name this as the most vile despicable sub-human act imaginable. Given the utterly genocidal murderous assault upon Gaza, an assault upon an unlawfully contained concentration camp full of the rightful inhabitants of the land imprisoned by the vilest of criminal murdering invaders and pillagers, complicity to cause this to happen cries out for vengeance from heaven AND the immediate judgement and meting out of justice by rightfully constituted tribunals of justice and execution of the sternest of sentences upon the perpetrators of the genocide against Gaza and all collaborators, especially those who instigated and conspired and provoked it to happen.


  • Be careful that the Goldstone Report and many of the other events that indicate Israeli criminality are not calculated to bring about a slap on Israel’s wrist giving the world the impression that Israel has been punished sufficiently thereby allowing it to continue its mad rampage of terror and domination.

  • I can only assume many have been Threatened by Israel.

    Under pressure from US, UN delays action on Gaza war report http://wp.me/p4271-1rB
    Israels, Mossad Terrorist activities around the world and there have been many (scroll down to get to them) http://wp.me/p4271-1pw
    Please Write or email President Obama: ask him to tell Israel to Free Mohammad Othman Now. Mohammad Othman has not committed any crime. ( “you can do it” and you can also say anything else you wish) http://wp.me/p4271-1rI This is a small step in the right direction. It’s time for the world to voice it’s opinion in regards to Israels behavior.

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