Decision of Collaborators Furthers Palestinian Genocide

Addameer, Al Haq, Al Mezan, Badil, Civic Coalition for Jerusalem, DCI- Palestine. NSAN Centre, Independent Commission for Human Rights, Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, Ramallah Centre for Human Rights Studies, Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling, wrote a statement:

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, Decision of Palestinian Leadership and International Pressure an Insult to the Victims

Yesterday, 2 October 2009, the Palestinian leadership, under heavy MIDEAST-PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-GAZA-CONFLICTinternational pressure lead by the United States, deferred the draft proposal at the Human Rights Council endorsing all the recommendations of the UN Fact Finding Mission (the Goldstone Report). This deferral denies the Palestinian peoples’ right to an effective judicial remedy and the equal protection of the law. It represents the triumph of politics over human rights. It is an insult to all victims and a rejection of their rights.

The crimes documented in the report of the UN Fact Finding Mission represent the most serious violations of international law; Justice Goldstone concluded that there was evidence to indicate that crimes against humanity may have been committed in the Gaza Strip. Violations of international law continue to this day, inter alia, through the continuing Israeli-imposed illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip. The findings of the Mission confirmed earlier investigations conducted by independent Palestinian, Israeli and international organizations.
The injustice that has now been brought upon Palestinians has been brought MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSupon everyone on this globe. International human rights and humanitarian law are not subject to discrimination, they are not dependent on nationality, religion, or political affiliation. International human rights and humanitarian law apply universally to all human beings.

The rule of law is intended to protect individuals, to guarantee their fundamental rights. Yet, if the rule of law is to be respected it must be enforced. World history, and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land has shown us that as long as impunity persists, the law will continue to be violated; innocent civilians will continue to suffer the horrific consequences.

Justice delayed is justice denied. All victims have a legitimate right to an MIDEAST-ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-CONFLICT-GAZAeffective judicial remedy, and the equal protection of the law. These rights are universal: they are not subject to political considerations. In the nine months since Operation Cast Lead, no effective judicial investigations have been conducted into the conflict. Impunity prevails. In such situations, international law demands recourse to international judicial mechanisms. Victims’ rights must be upheld. Those responsible must be held to account.

The belief that accountability and the rule of law can be brushed aside in the pursuit of peace is misguided. History has taught us time and time again, that sustainable peace can only be built on human rights, on justice, and the rule of MIDEAST-ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-CONFLICT-GAZAlaw. For many years in Palestine international law, and the rule of law, has been sacrificed in the name of politics, and cast aside in favour of the peace process. This approach has been tried, and it has failed: the occupation has been solidified, illegal settlements have continued to expand, the right to self determination has been denied; innocent civilians suffer the horrific consequences. It is now time to pursue justice, and a peace built on a foundation of human rights, dignity, and the rule of law. In Justice Goldstone’s words, there is no peace without justice.

As human rights organizations we strongly condemn the Palestinian leaderships’ decision to defer the proposal endorsing all the recommendations of the Fact Finding Mission, and the pressure exerted by certain members of the international community. Such pressure is in conflict with States’ international obligations, and is an insult to the Palestinian people.

As human rights organizations concerned with rights and justice, we declare that we will double our efforts to seek justice for the victims of the violations of human rights and international law without delay.

4 comments to Decision of Collaborators Furthers Palestinian Genocide

  • Steve Pallister

    I have no words to describe the depth of my disrespect for the P.A.

    When I saw the news, I was disgusted, and as far as I can see, the price of this spitting on the lives of their brothers and sisters, their nearest and ONLY allies possibly in the whole world, was nothing more than blackmail over telephone service. Could they be so grotesque? Could anybody sink to such a depth of human ignominy, let alone the very blood and kin of those victims of the latest vomiting forth of the inbred Jewish bloodlust we saw unleased once again at the turn of this year on Gaza? Those leprous dogs in the P.A have actually sunk lower even than israel.

    What can be worse than a vile rabid disgusting and ugly dog, except perhaps the parasites which exist upon its stinking carcass!

    Somebody has actually taken the title of Lowest Scumbag Parasites of Humanity, long held with no par by Israel and every one of its pustulent supporters. Well done oh great and noble representatives of the palestinian people. The Palestinian Authority? well that’s it guys, I hope you appreciate the “authority” (sic) these guys lay down. What princes!

  • Steve Pallister

    Is this really it? The price of loyalty, let alone simple observance of international law were nothing more than a few shekels for some f*cking gadget! … and a long awaited and hard fought for small victory in the international arena, ineffective as we all knew in our aching hearts it would be, is consigned to an even more ignominious end.

    Dam them. How can such evil exist without there is something as good somewhere? Then where the hell is it? I’d have said that old balance to the evil, the big race salvaging quality, the thing which is going to convince some busy intergalactic expressway builders with a tight schedule to just pause long enough to get the wildlife specialists in to see if the dominant species on this planet might not bear giving it second thoughts on the destruction order.”

  • Steve Pallister

    Might just not be there after all. Perhaps we are a dead end species after all.

    (Sorry the last sentence got snipped.)

  • It is an affront to God and people that the inhuman crimes of the Rapist, Murdering, Pillaging, Genocidal Yisraelis occur to begin with. Even though Goldstone may not be one to go far enough in rightfully accusing the Yisraelis of their crimes, at least this report was concrete and a place to start. It is a complete act of not only cowardice, but craven evil complicity, for those calling themselves Palestinian leadership to fold up and defer the draft.

    Thank you, as always, Ms. Salam for your honest and forthright reporting and courageous stance.


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