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Israeli Army Terrorizes Teenagers inside a School

Austria/ Palestine/ Occupied Territories:

At around 11AM, Fuad Mahmoud Nayef Turkman, aged 17, was killed p030002 [1]the eyes of his brother, relatives and colleagues inside the schoolyard of the “Izz al-Din al-Qassam” school in Yabad, after an Israeli military jeep broke into the school shooting tear gas and then proceeded to deliberately run over one of the students, Fuad, and pulling him more than 25 meters out of the school before the eyes of the horrified pupils.

The school secretary, Mr. Omar Ahmed Al-Kilani, said that while students Jenin (1) [2]were present in the school yard, an Israeli military Jeep broke thriugh to the entrance of the school yard, and proceeded to terrorize the students, throwing bombs and run over Fuad Mahmoud Nayef Turkmen (17 years) before the eyes of his colleagues.

Several students fell unconscious after breathing the tear gas, and they were transferred to hospital for medical treatment. Some students collapsed after seeing the criminal murder of their colleague; among them was his Mahdi, who had a nervous breakdown.

Aside [3]Mohammed Nayef, Turkman’s uncle, who is a teacher at the same school, said that he saw the Israeli military jeep break into the school yard driving fast towards a group of students. The jeep ran over “Turkman” with all four wheels, and then backed up and drove over him again and pulled him about 25 meters. He added that the IDF soldiers did not allow them to get to Fuad for about 15 minutes. The victim was transferred to the hospital in Jenin, but he died soon after his arrival.

[The town of Yabad is south-west of Jenin in the West Bank, which is nominally under the control of the Palestinian Authority and its “security” groups, which are lead and directed by the American Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton].

It should be noted that the illusory governor of Jenin, Kaddoura Jenin (3) [4]Musa, and the Police chief, “colonel” Yosef Ezril, as well as “colonel” Radi Asede, the regional commander of Jenin, together with “colonel” Ibrahim Ramadan, the director of the “Alternative Security Service”, all disappeared and hid in their basements, as usual, during this last terrorist incident of the Israeli army invading a boys school, murdering a teenager student for no reason at all, beyond the sick psyches of these Israeli boys in uniforms.