Israeli Army Terrorizes Teenagers inside a School

Austria/ Palestine/ Occupied Territories:

At around 11AM, Fuad Mahmoud Nayef Turkman, aged 17, was killed p030002the eyes of his brother, relatives and colleagues inside the schoolyard of the “Izz al-Din al-Qassam” school in Yabad, after an Israeli military jeep broke into the school shooting tear gas and then proceeded to deliberately run over one of the students, Fuad, and pulling him more than 25 meters out of the school before the eyes of the horrified pupils.

The school secretary, Mr. Omar Ahmed Al-Kilani, said that while students Jenin (1)were present in the school yard, an Israeli military Jeep broke thriugh to the entrance of the school yard, and proceeded to terrorize the students, throwing bombs and run over Fuad Mahmoud Nayef Turkmen (17 years) before the eyes of his colleagues.

Several students fell unconscious after breathing the tear gas, and they were transferred to hospital for medical treatment. Some students collapsed after seeing the criminal murder of their colleague; among them was his Mahdi, who had a nervous breakdown.

AsideMohammed Nayef, Turkman’s uncle, who is a teacher at the same school, said that he saw the Israeli military jeep break into the school yard driving fast towards a group of students. The jeep ran over “Turkman” with all four wheels, and then backed up and drove over him again and pulled him about 25 meters. He added that the IDF soldiers did not allow them to get to Fuad for about 15 minutes. The victim was transferred to the hospital in Jenin, but he died soon after his arrival.

[The town of Yabad is south-west of Jenin in the West Bank, which is nominally under the control of the Palestinian Authority and its “security” groups, which are lead and directed by the American Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton].

It should be noted that the illusory governor of Jenin, Kaddoura Jenin (3)Musa, and the Police chief, “colonel” Yosef Ezril, as well as “colonel” Radi Asede, the regional commander of Jenin, together with “colonel” Ibrahim Ramadan, the director of the “Alternative Security Service”, all disappeared and hid in their basements, as usual, during this last terrorist incident of the Israeli army invading a boys school, murdering a teenager student for no reason at all, beyond the sick psyches of these Israeli boys in uniforms.

18 comments to Israeli Army Terrorizes Teenagers inside a School

  • AKforTruth

    Shame on Israel… shame.

  • nader paul kucinich gravel

    Single-Payer GRAYSON Single-Payer

    …It would have been just too damn expensive to remove all that asbestos from the Twin Towers…

    As the 9/12 Tea Party looks into the events of 9/11 they have many questions concerning the Official Story.
    They know not to trust the Government & Media.
    Only the guilty fear inquiry.

    An ill wind comes arising
    Across the cities of the plain
    There’s no swimming in the heavy water
    No singing in the acid rain
    Red alert
    Red alert

  • Richard

    The Israeli’s are going to get theirs, you’ll see. The day is coming……

  • acudoc

    The Zionist regime governing Palestine will pass away. Ahmadinejad is absolutely correct. In the meantime there is all this suffering.

    The support of the American people for their Israelis allies is weakening. Our leaders don’t even sense it yet. Stories such as this one open the eyes of the American public. The Dead Tree News is slanted in support of Israel but the internet is allowing the truth to be known. Remember that the Communist system appeared strong to the very end, but came crashing down due to its inherent weakness. The same can be said for the apartheid state of Israel.

  • The diabolic cowardice and evil murdering of innocents by the IOF speaks volumes about the criminal lawless non-state that calls itself “Yisrael.”

    Free Palestine!

    Steve in Vista

  • Sami

    Not so surprising. What is so surprising is the deafening silence of Palestinian citizens against the PA Security Forces established long time ago by Arafat and his Oslo Team. No one dared to say anything during the time of Arafat when he and his security forces terrorized the people into submission adding to the submission to the IDF. As envisioned by Arafat and his Israeli partners, the Palestinian Security Forces together with the Preventative Security were established to help consolidate Arafat controls of the people( not the land) for an on behalf of the Israeli Occupation. Last week there was a joint security patrol in Bethlehem between the brave Palestinian Security Forces and their Israeli partners setting the tone for things to come when the Palestinian Security Forces will soon establish special units to provide security patrol for the Jewish Settlers as they go about terrorizing Palestinian villages? Of course what do we expect from those who ran away from battle in Lebanon? What do we expect from those who hid in their rat holes and where promoted by Arafat into colonels, generals and field marshals? What do we expect from these commanders other than to run, hid into the nearest sewer lines just like rats, leaving innocent people to fend for themselves. Yes, we Palestinians should be very proud of the Palestinian Security Forces. They are doing an excellent job protecting and guarding the Israeli Occupation. Thank you Arafat, thank you Abbas, thank you General Dayton for a job well done. We all need to remember, when Arafat first visited the UK, he did not ask England to address the grievance of the people for the Balfour Declaration, for the British Mandate that helped create the State of Israel, he did not seek billions in damages and compensation for the suffering of the people as a direct result of the British Mandate, the only thing he was able to ask for is the help of England to train his Security Forces. And our people waste $5 millions to build a memorial for Arafat?

  • Elisabeth Jenders

    Absolutely shocking.
    Without wanting to excuse the soldiers, one should note that the Israeli regime is abusning its own children, brainwashing them, de-humanizing them and turning them into killer machines.

  • Jen

    This kind of loutish, barbaric behaviour happens because Israeli youth are brainwashed by their country’s institutions to regard all Palestinians as sub-human. One has to wonder for the future of Israeli society and culture if the government and the IDF continue to turn Israeli teenagers into inhuman killing robots. Levels of mental illness and violence are sure to skyrocket within Israeli society.

  • Bill White

    Sami likes to Blame the victims, in Talmudic Fashion.

    Arafat stood up to the Israeli Beasts and met force with force.
    He wasnt perfect but he kept things intact.
    And the Mossad Created Hamas, Because of Arafat, to counter the strength of the PLO. Divide and Conquer.

    Israel is a Bastard state. An Apartheid State and a Cancer to humanity.
    The world is a better place without Israel.
    Perhaps we can still move the Jews to Birobijan, a land set aside by Russia, to home the Jews, Pre Israel. It is still inhabited by some Russian Jews and it would not entail ethnically cleansing anyone, as the land is vacant.
    I only wish that Hamas had more arms and snipers to take out these Israeli Occupiers and thugs, to prevent more events, such as the one we just read about. Arafat knew that force was required, when dealing with demonic monsters-Israelis. All they understand is death and fear.

  • TheHolyCrow

    Perhaps the IDF needed some more organs for harvesting. Isn’t that what they are doing to thousands of “terrorrists” they arrest ?

  • Thomas Jefferson

    It is NOT the “The support of the American people for their Israelis”, but rather the Corrupt U.S. politicians bought and paid for by the Zionist, that dictate our foreign policies. That is going to change, soon.

    “Trade with all nations, allegiance with none.”
    T. Jefferson

  • Revenge...

    Revenge is needed.


    The Palestinians must wait, it’s clear that the Ummah is not going to come and help it soon, so it must build itself up together.

    Train your brains, technology, weapons, defense systems will help you.

    A prayer and a ladder of hope will take you no where fast.

    Be as heartless and cruel as the Israelis, but cast your terror towards only the aggressors.

    There are good Jews who have helped you and shielded you as you have shielded them in the past.

    Be cold towards those who have no mercy upon you.
    We do not need revenge, we just need real justice.

  • God Speed

    #10 is completely right. With the help of the controlled U.S. media and the unconditional boot licking support from most of the members of the U.S. congress, israel’s zionist regime is free to lie, cheat, steal, starve, imprison, torture and murder us all at will. But We the People are slowly but surely finding out what is really happening and who is lying to U.S. and for what means.

    Hope, Peace and Love

  • Amerikagulag

    Jew means semite like Catholic means Swedish. It doesn’t.
    Zionism: Because white supremacy has an even uglier sister.

  • Amerikagulag

    Remember the Holocaust – of PALESTINE!

  • #12 US politicians and and Zionists are all being bribed by the US Houses of the War Oil And Dope Exchange.

    Zionists are welfare schmucks and couldn’t bribe their way out of a wet paper bag. They are agents for the dark lords, as is the US government, but they ain’t the dark lords. Their just a rag tag collection of easy to corrupt welfare recipients and marketing loss leaders for the forever wars.

    Zionists are little more than bunch of dumbed down hillbillies like most of us Americans.

    Gen Mc Chrystal and Gen Patreaus gave paid presentations to Carlyle Group today – Carlyle is one of the houses of the unholy – that’s you’re enemy – not a fellow dominion heretic hillbilly across the pond.

    Israelis need to ponder the “We are god’s only chosen people” thing-a-ma-bob. They need to ask, “Chosen for what?” The answer: The meat grinder. But hey, a lot of people are making trillions of bucks off their ignorance of the fact that Israel is is a disposable short term asset whose only purpose is to create an atmosphere for continued war.

  • If Israel were a person, s/he would be wanted for murder, theft, war crimes, crimes against humanity and there would be a huge reward:

    Peace; and the end of usury and debt.

  • Perhaps it would be easier to tame the jungle-bores than these so-called israelies. These illegal occupies of Palestine musthave forgotten that there is always a limit of everything and that includes devilish Tyranny.

    These occupiers of Palestine must remember that their demonstration of GUILT has gone full circle. Those dark days have gone when their genocidal killings of the People of Palestine were covered up.

    Now every single malicious incidence is in the public domain all over the world. These (things) must learn from their historical period of enforced SLAVERY and the fact that history repeats itself.

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