A Video Which Israel Does Not Want You See

This piece of video was filmed at the Qalandiya Israeli military checkpoint directly before the entrance of the a small ghetto where the so-called Palestinian Authority has their headquarters, where the house and the office of the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas are located.

Qalandiya is a Palestinian refugee camp located to the north of the city of Jerusalem, and about 1 Km south of the city of Ramallah.

In this of video, president Mahmoud Abbas, and his ministerial assistants, MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS RAMADANministers, generals and security officers, the so called “very important people” whom Israel granted VIP cards, were not present. They are not interested in showing this kind of video, which is considered as a threat to their illusory power and what they call “national project”.

From this piece of video which was filmed at the Qalandiya check point, MIDEAST-PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-RELIGION-RAMADANportions which show people collapsing unconscious were edited (censored), for “unknown reasons” – the “unknown reasons” likely being that the video was filmed by Israelis worried about the reputation of Israel.

Click on this link to see more photos and images which were censored.

The pictures in this article are of the censored incident, but from a Palestinian source, Mahmoud Al-Ayan for Al-Quds newspaper.

This video is credited to Mahsanmilim (original behind link)- All rights belong to them.

28 comments to A Video Which Israel Does Not Want You See

  • ShoeThrower

    Apparently, Israel is not the only one that doesn’t want us to see this video. What video? Where is the link to the video? The big blue Quicktime “Q” is inert.

  • Richard Reid

    Anyone got a light?

  • drew

    Filthy vermin!! I think the Nazis were more civilized!

  • This is like on of those WW2 movies where the Nazis are pushing people round in the streets.
    Mad how everyone (World ‘Leaders’) turns a blind eye to this.
    Israel scumbag IDF and Police.

  • Ok here’s how it is…The Holocast Did occur However what most don’t know or realise is that was only a trial run…The Main Event has Yet to Happen

  • Wiseman

    Israeli police must treat people under their authority with more respect. I felt outraged that Israeli police were treating old people like they were gangsters. How can peace ever occur under these circumstances?

  • Fred

    Peace will never occur under these circumstances, it is not supposed to. The Israeli leaders need an external threat to continue to exist and if there isn’t one then it will have to be created. Without a war for Israels very existance the Jewish people might stop their blind support for their leaders and actually wonder about what is going on.

  • Axe

    You owe it to yourself and the world to see the bigger picture. Please read. (the whole thing) http://www.the7thfire.com/new_world_order/zionism/american_jew_in_racist_marxist_israel.htm

  • David

    I dont see what the problem is. Thos women are squaking like chickens and giving me a headache. I dont know how much kinder you expect the Isrealis to be. See this is the problem when you cry wolf over something like this it takes the steam out of real attrocities and theres plenty of them that the Irealis are guilty of. This is nothing and stupid. Show us photage of something that is really bad not this garbage.

  • Eyes Wide Open

    These accursed children of the Devil are the Synagogue Of Satan, the AntiChrist….their future is sealed, they will not be forgiven but will be cast into the pit for all eternity

    “Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same”. Job 4 KJV

  • The Jewish state perpetrating crimes that would make the Nazis proud.

    This is why the holocaust means nothing.

  • tinkerbell

    This sickened me to my stomache, who says that nazism isnt here?
    The poor children and mothers frightend to death, I feel so angry, but I also feel god will prevaill! inshallah. he is coming!

  • Huggles

    This is typical of occupation forces throughout history from the Nazis to Apartheid South Africa. It is about making life difficult and psychologically scaring people.

    Note that they separated men and women. Tall male children are picked off and given to the custody of border police for what purpose it is not clear. Maybe organ harvesting?

  • YaRight

    Looks like G20 protest to me, whats the difference between this and Philly? Just another reason to give these guys more of my TAX dollars, keeping the peace in the middle east, you can tell by the smiles on everybody’s face and how happy they are.

  • Bill White

    “We must use Terror, Assassination, land confiscation, & the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population”
    -Israel Koenig, The Koenig Memorandum

    ‘Let us Hope for a new war with the Arab countries, so that we may finally get Rid of our troubles & acquire our space”
    -Moshe Dayan, Israel’s Sacred Terrorism

    “All of the Palestinians must be killed; men, women, infants & even their beasts.”
    -Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, director Tsomet Inst
    Israeli Haaretz, 3/26/2008

  • Richard Reid

    You have to wait for the whole video to load;)

    Love and Kisses to Osama and his burro!

    I still can’t get my shoe to light.

    Allah is Bigger!
    The Shoe Bomber

  • Salim Nazzal

    The apartheid state of Israel perhaps changes the propaganda tactics but the strategy remains the same. To steal as much as they could of Palestine and to reduce as much as they could of Palestinians by various forms of terror which is the preferable methods for Zionist Jews. The reality on the ground is which speaks, the Jewish settlement increases creating facts on the ground which makes the establishment of a small Palestinian state impossible. Major Palestinian cities like Qalqilya is surrounded by a wall from three directions leaving only one gate to go into town in one of the biggest prisons in the modern history is a small example of the huge destruction which Israel caused and still causing to the Palestinian land and the Palestinian life. If an earth quick or any natural catastrophe occurs in Qalqilya hundreds of thousands of its population will find no place to escape since the Zionist walls are surrounding the city from three directions. According to a source in the Palestinian civil defense whom I met recently several episodes of fire could not be distinguished because the Palestinian fire fighting cars get stopped one hour on the Israeli check points and often reach the place under fire when the fire has destroyed everything. The Jewish fascism is getting stronger with each day and the hopes of reaching a reasonable solution disappearing too. And as long as the world is incapable or unwilling to take a firm stand against Israel no body must expect a drop of hope towards peace in the region.

  • For all of the Americans and anyone else who does not see what this means, imagine that there were a bunch of Nazi Gestapo in your local Churches pushing you around and causing elderly people to fall and you begin to get a picture of what this means.

    But there is much, much more. Imagine that your Church is four centuries older than Notre Dame Cathedral, and a group of Jews hostile to your Christian faith (like the Jews in Poland who used to spit on Churches as they passed by) have taken over control to the entrance recently. And now imagine that their real aim is to destroy your Church just like they destroy your life every chance they get.

    Now you begin to get a small idea of how horrific is this treatment by these Jews of these innocent Muslims.

    May God free Palestine and especially al-Haram ash-Sharif!

    Shukran jazeelan as always Ms. Salam, for your courageous reporting.

    Steve in Vista

  • virtual

    Fuck the crazy jews and the crazy muslimsn (and the crazy christians).

    This is the end of the crazy abrahamic “religions” whcih have been responsible for murder anbd mayhem onm terra for the last 2000 years or more.

    if youre stupid enouff to believe this shit
    thats what you get

    hatred and death in perpetuity

    abbasd and netyanyahoo are demons incarnate

    if people are stupid enuff to believed this shit
    they desreve it

    nicht wahr?

    kawther, what is yer “religion”?

  • Steve Pallister

    Stinking rotten Zionists.

    I have never seen such scenes of inhuman vileness performed by what appear at a glance to be a modern, developed and sophisticated people.

    How can these people take themselves seriously anymore? How when they are not only bad, but the worst human rights violators of modern times, can they pretend innocence and victimhood?
    With their primitive and savage religion which favours a single group of people over all, even as gods and which denies the humanity of all others. With their vicious and shameful history, much of which is stolen but the glee in the massacres adopted as their own is undimionsihed and they WANT to be believed to be the same people, which they are not. With their hypocrisy so enormous it needs a new term and their hatred so putrid they see nothing else and DESIRE to be hated by all. They are beasts, less than men and not worthy of the planet even in my opinion. A more destructive and dishonest group of people never lived on earth and with the discovery of water on Mars I am thinking it is maybe time we gave these creeps what they most want, a WHOLE planet of their own to rule.


    Thankyou always for your courage Ms Salam.

  • Steve Pallister

    And as for you, Virtual, I can take the religious nutters better than I can the ignoramuses myself. You need to recognise the difference between extremism and simple faith and you need to recognise the difference between truth and propaganda. Remove the Zionist Jewish cult from the picture and the reason for Islamic extremists would be gone and the MOVEMENT of extremist Christians would also be gone.

    It isn;t even a true part of the Jewish religion. An honest examination shows the modern Zionist is NOTHING to do with the Torah, it is just a copy of a long extinct history and the “promise” involved is simply not valid in any religious sense. The covenant was broken and that was the end of that. The only way they could play the game they are now, is if they were led by a Messiah, but the catch is that he will supposedly lead ALL people and israel is NOT a national identity, it is a term for ALL the followers of that messiah.

    I happen to consider the whole thing to be a pack of myths. The Pharisees simply plagiarised some MUCH older religious myths from Zoroastroism and ancient Egyptian mythology and turned the still recognisable figures into their own entirely in vented history. So in truth, Zionism is nothing but a plagiarised rehash of an already plagiarised religion. Oh and Jesus is so Horus from ancient Egypt it is hilarious when “believers” try to deny it. Denying the virgin birth with a star over, the death and ressurrection after 3 days etc, NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL FAITH. By the way, Jesus, (Horus) was actually snuck into the gig by the Pharisees, who used it as a way to BIND the Christians to their own cult.. he was not a Jew, there was no such thing as Jew, they simply all lived in tribes and these tribes had lineages. The main tribe which provided followers for the Pharisees, the tribe of Judah, only had ONE member amongst the twelve apostles. Judas. Jesus was a Nazarene, which was a form of consecration of a life which also removed them essentially from their former alliances and life anyway. He was not a Judahite though at any time. Modern Jewry has never had much to do with the original people of the book. It came about when the Pharisees who got booted from Palestine after their brief and brutal 78 years reign as Israel, by the Romans, converted a bunch of new followers. This religion of the Pharisees was son unwelcome wherever it went, as it had a particularly avaricious and nasty nature. Eventually it found its true home amongst a people called Khazars who had been living in Eastern Europe for a long time and making a nuisance of themselves. The Khazar kingdom had large and effective armies which could be “hired” by wealthy kings and nations. The problem was that once set loose, the Khazars tended to go so crazy with pillaging, raping and massacring that they often harmed their employers directly or indirectly by making them so hated. The Khazars also tended to prey on trading caravans as they were well placed to interdict in trade through that part of the world. Eventually they were forced by their king to convert to Judaism when the Khazars were given an offer they could not refuse, find a moral religion and behave like members of the human race or we will destroy you, we’re sick of your meanness. The Khazar king reccognised a religion which spoke to the heart of his people, with its self worship, exclusivity and basic admonition to steal, rape and pillage from everyone who isn’t the same religion. The Pharisees who had until then not written their Talmud down, were happy to oblige I suspect and probably even added some especially Khazar type flavours to the mix when they did so.

    The original Israelites are most likely the Palestinians. It is well argued by the israeli historian Prof Shlomo Sand that this is so, that the Romans didn’t expel anybody except the priest class and that most later converted to new religions like Christianity and Islam. The Khazars or Ashkenazim are not semites, Yiddish is not a semitic language. it was a verbal language only and the Ashkenazim simply used Hebrew letters and re assigned them to the Yiddish language. The appearance of Yiddish being a semitic tongue is therefore another piece of deceit.

    Islam last but NOT least, is the most scientificaly valid belief system I have discvovered. its relative recent history, in much more enlightened times and actually around the most enlightened time of its orgininating peoples tends to have very little strange mystical beliefs, and nothing I have found which is contradictory. It doesn’t expect people to beggar belief to imagine some supernatural happenings beyond what we could reasonably belief might have been actual events. It is a wise philosophy and the mistake most Westerners make is to judge the more backward cultural expressions of Islam when what you are seeing is not a backward religion, just backward, often badly oppressed cultures.

  • I voted for Obama, I was wrong,
    Please forgive me. If Obama continues he will destroy the US and all it stands for. I was wrong, Obama is a very bad president and the only honorable thing he can do is to resign.

  • Amerikagulag

    Obama will not resign. He’s a puppet of his Zionist masters. Obama’s chief of staff (Rahm Emmanuel) is the son of an Israeli terrorist. Obama’s vice president (Joe Biden) is a self proclaimed Zionist. It doesn’t get any plainer than that. The US is run by Zionist Israel. And we all must remember that Lenin, Stalin, Marx and even Franco – had jewish roots. Speaks volumes about the tendencies of this ‘religion of choice’ and those who follow it.

  • Wiseman

    Mr. Pallister said, Islam last but NOT least, is the most scientificaly valid belief system I have discvovered. To many, this is untrue. One can validate my statement by rendering apostatesofislam dot com. This is a site put together by people who have left Islam because of logical inconsistencies in their former faith. Sticking to the point, Israel needs to stop using the halocaust as an excuse for the halocaust they have been commiting against those they have occupied. Palistinians are valuable people and not animals to be slaughtered or degraded in character. Murder, rape, torture and slavery must never be justified by faith.

  • firas

    well we should look at this vidio as a discrase to our people. what do u expect the military occupation to be nice to u??it their job to be soldeirs without merci, what i see is unsevilized women pushing the crazy croud and killing eack other. the day of our freedom is the day when we respect our self and stay on line,so no one can treat us like animals. these women didnt respect eack other and try to push their way. is that the way we get our right. when we respect our self others will be forced to respect us …..

    Comment: The shocking and disgusting callousness displayed in this post can only come from an israeli, or from somebody working for the PA.

    Posted from

  • David Hayes

    Dont forget people it was a Jew who shot this video for the world to see.

  • Michael Clark

    Can You Imagine your mother, sister, wife or daughter being harrassed like this, how would you react??
    The callous israelis are not sparing children let alone old women. they feel threatened even by boys as young as 10 or 12 years.
    All this inhumane treatment is possible ONLY BECAUSE OUR COUNTRY (USA) BACKS ISRAEL, we need to unite and stop this from continuing!

    Obama/Biden and his entire team are working for the Zionists!!
    We need another Hitler for these zionists!!!


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