Two Hundred Soldiers to Snatch a Boy and 30 Dollars

Without preconditions, the Israeli central command Gadi Shamni is demanded to return the stolen 30 dollar which one of the coward thieves under his command stole from the wallet of Ru’a Osama Al-Ayasa, the daughter of my colleague Osama Al-Ayasa.

On August 15 2008, Gadi Shamni sent a heavily armed military contingent consisting of an estimated 200 soldiers, among them Ofer Amramofficers and special forces, to the house of my colleague to snatch his child Basil, who had just turned 15 years. The coward criminals opened the wallet of Ru’a, a student at the Al-Quds Open University, and stole her personal pocket money, the equivalent of about 30 dollars. This is a clear case of looting, a crime of war, even if it was one dollar. Shamni is demanded to release Basil, the child of my colleague, who is incarcerated since over one year without charges simply because his father is a journalist, to return the stolen money, and to pay ample damages for the kidnapping of their child and for the rampage of vandalism of his soldiers in the house of the Al-Ayasa family.

Osama Al-Ayasa is a journalist, a blogger and a writer about the Osamahistory and geography of the Palestinian Holy Land. He is also an author of 12 books, among them  “The Story of the Assassinations of the Leaders of al-Aqsa Intifada”, “The Story of the Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls”, “Shadow on the Ground”, “Titles of Muslim Rulers in Jerusalem”.

The Al-Ayasa family lives in the Al-Deheisheh refugee camp, which was established in 1949 by the United Nation Relief Work Agency UNRWA about 3 Km south of Bethlehem, to the left side of the main street between Bethlehem and Hebron.

The Central Command “GOC” is a regional command of the Israeli units of war criminals in the West Bank, the so-called “the occupied territories”. Since 1948 and until now the GOC has engaged in and is responsible for all the IDF crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide, all sorts of theft, murder, vandalism, kidnappings, assassinations, looting, destruction of Palestinian land, terrorism, torture, …

Vandalism in the House of the Al-Ayasa family

In the words of my colleague Osama Al-Ayasa, “on August 15 Son2008, a heavily armed military unit , an estimated 200 soldiers according to the PA statistic, surrounded and raided my house in the Al-Deheishe refugee camp looking for my child Basil, who had just turned fifteen, and who was not at home at the moment of the raid. The IDF units were with painted with camouflage color on their faces. They smashed everything inside my house, and stole the personal pocket money, about 30 dollars, from the wallet of my daughter Ru’a, who is a student at the University of Jerusalem.

Later an intelligence officer, his a code name “Lawrence” or “Loranz” (an 131invented name as is usual for the IDF), handed me two letters to review the occupation intelligence in the colony Etzion. I was obliged to stand in front “Loranz” outside my house during the vandalism of the IDF. Many IDF surrounded me and pointed their rifles at my face. The IDF were everywhere around the house, in the street and on the roofs of my neighbors houses. I heard the noise of breaking everything inside my house”.

  • Why all of this? asked Osama. “How did a child of age 15, a swimming champion, and lover of sports become wanted by the most powerful country in the Middle East, rather than be studying at school?”
  • What future awaits a child at the age of 15? A child who witnessed the murder of one of his little friends by the Israelis occupation just earlier that year?
  • What should a child do? To wait another 60 years of life living as a refugee, far away from his village, and surrounded by the worst kind of apartheid in the history of mankind?
  • Will we continue being a listeners to the play of Fatah, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Abu Mazen, Dahgmash, Halass, and the uncounted other names which raise each moment as leaders of a group or party or .?

“On August 18 2009, I took my child Basil and went to meet the Israeli intelligence. I know my child, he is not involved in anything. He is just fond of swimming and sports. Are these hobbies incriminating? I went with Basil and I returned without him. He was arrested during the intelligence review of the colony Etzion. My little child was transferred to a prison compound where he was tortured severely”.

Yesterday I sent an E-mail to the IDF asking them to give back the stolen money from Osama Al-Ayasah’s house. I sent a copy of this e-mail to the ICC, and Human Rights Commission at the UN.

From: K Salam <kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com>
To: idfnadesk [at] idf [dot] gov [dot] il; idfnadesk [at] gmail [dot] com;
europacdesk [at] idf [dot] gov [dot] il;
Sent: Sunday, September 20, 2009 9:21:21 PM
Subject: The IDF looted 30 dollar

Hello IDF,

I was informed by the Palestinian Journalist Osama Al-Ayasa from Al-Dheishe Refugee Camp south of Bethlehem, that IDF soldiers invaded his house on August 15 2008.

The IDF personnel were headed by an officer called “Loranc” or “Lorenz”, an invented name as is usual for the IDF, since your accomplices always change their name during the criminal raid operations in the occupied territories.

During the raid in question, about 200 IDF personnel were looking for the son of 15 years of my colleague, Basil. During their invasion of the house of Osama Al-Ayasa, the IDF vandalized and destroyed everything inside the house, among the damage they stole the equivalent of 30 dollars from the wallet of his daughter.

The accusation of Osama Al-Ayasa is 100% believable, as the described behaviour is the usual comportment of the Israelis present on Palestinian territory. Al-Ayasa is a journalist, a colleague and  books author. According to international treaties and laws signed by Israel, this activity constitutes looting, and it happened in the context of the campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing of Israel and other zionist organizations against the Palestinian people.

I ask that the office Central Command of Gadi Shamni to pay back the equivalent of 30 dollar back to the daughter of my colleague until September 25 2009. Equally I ask the GOC to release the Basil Al-Ayasa, the son of my colleague. His incarceration constitutes persecution on racial and political grounds.

After the 25 September 2009 I intend to escalate the issue via legal avenues. IDF members must assume that this can lead to unpleasant personal consequences.

You may comment on the article about this issue, which will be published after sending this Email.

The Lawyers

“On May 4 2009, my son was sentenced to 28 months”, said Osama angrily. “There was no legitimate accusation against my child”. The IDF persecutors accused Basil of several charges, among them of belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and of and resistance against the occupation. Frankly there were no real charges , no accusations. Just being a child and not being corrupted like the PA”.

141Osama added that, while attending the court sessions in the Ofer detention camp, “I saw and experienced all kinds of humiliation which the families of prisoners suffer at the hands of the mafia of the Palestinian “lawyers”, who use children in an reproachable and shameful way”.

Osama Said: “We are facing a new kind of lawyers who have no qualifications as lawyers are supposed to have, such as a degree in the science of practice of law. What these “lawyers” are doing today is cutting deals with IDF criminal prosecutors, and there, often with no study of the prisoners files or any interest in a real trial or judgment, most of times they do not even go to court”.

Currently the prisoners are assigned a “lawyer” appointed by the ministry of 112prisoners or the Palestinian Prisoners Club. These so-called “lawyers” most of times do not take the prisoners issue seriously. These “lawyers” most of times do not attend the court sessions of their supposed clients. They treat the families of the prisoners like traders of bags, and if the prisoner’s families want to “change the rules of the game” and give the issue of their incarcerated relative the right attention which it deserves, then these lawyers require them to pay an additional sum of money, over and beyond from what is received from the ministry or the club. In general the families of the prisoners are abused by these “lawyers”, and the incarcerated victims must pay the price of that with some more years incarcerated at an Israeli jail”.

Osama said that “for political reasons” he is not allowed to meet or to see his child at jail regularly. He is allowed a short visit once each five months.

Basil was transferred to Rimonim prison, located in the territories occupied in 1211948. The location was called Khirbat Azzun or Tabasor, and now the Israelis call it Ra’anana after they flattened those towns. At Rimonim prison children prisoners do not enjoy the same former “rights” like at other jails. They are denied the access to electrical equipment for making tea and cooking, the children incarcerated there are also denied to get out of their cells for a break. Furthermore, the children are denied the right to continue their school, as lessons or learning anything is denied to these children. This is the so-called children jail. Did the Nazis have jails like that?

The Israeli methods of kidnapping family members, ransacking the homes of dissidents, as well as using kangaroo courts populated with psychopathic buffoons against regime critics was typical for the regime of the Soviet Union, whose internal and external policies were determined by zionist jews. In the same way, to this day these are methods employed by all fascist regimes which are clients or vassals of the USA, another country whose internal and external policies are determined by zionist jews.

The rather rhetoric question is, in which measure is the PA colluding and conspiring with the occupation to deny the victims of the occupation access to justice?

5 comments to Two Hundred Soldiers to Snatch a Boy and 30 Dollars

  • Concerning the whole persecution of children and all Palestinians, it is a crime that cries out to God for justice.

    Concerning the lawyers that are corrupt and money grubbing only, it seems ‘Shylock’ has found a home with his fellow Jews and of course still wants his pound of flesh.

    Free the children and free Palestine.

    Steve in Vista

  • Doug

    Dear GOD I pray this will end soon. Since I have learned the truth about Israel and their horrible crimes against the world, I have lost my faith in everything but GOD. I am not free, I am not happy, I have no future nor does any other living soul on this planet. If allowed to continue, we will all be Palestinians living in death and destruction soon.
    They say the truth will set you free? No, it will only disgust and shame you. Shame for having no control to stop it. Shame because our President and all our Senate and Congress are evil Luciferians that allow it.
    Shame because we have allowed it.

  • As usual I can find no fault with what you write. I love you because of the way you say what you want to say, because of what you see to be important, because justice is uppermost in your mind, and because the white heat of your anger shows, and it is justified.

  • Steve Pallister

    Israel is a land of demons. There are few if any true human beings amongst them anymore. Demons have been gathering around the Zionist cause for years and now they are a nation. A nation of demons and soon the human race will see clearly and have to fight them one and all.

  • John Z

    For some time now, the difference between Nazi SS forces and the IDF has been exactly zero. NO hideous news of war crimes coming out of Palestine surprises me any more. When these hateful creatures (“Israelis”) aren’t kidnapping humans for their body organs, they are kidnapping and raping Arab teenagers. (like the 15 y/o Palestinian teen above) Like I said, NOTHING surprises me anymore about war criminal behavior done by either Israel OR its Armed Forces any more.

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