EU-Israel and The Loss of The Human Rights

Where are the human rights in the European-Israeli agreements? Is the Israeli occupation human?

Are crass daily violations of human rights in Palestine, the blockade, p19siege, starvation, murders, incarcerations, demolitions, the construction of squatter colonies, the theft of the dead and their organs, the jailing of their bodies, human?

Are the Israeli practices in the Gaza Strip, in Jerusalem, Hebron and in each other city, town and village in Palestine not crass violations of the human rights, and the EU-Israel agreements, which explicitly names human rights as a condition for its continued existence?

Which are the guarantees adopted by the European signatories to p19this agreement with Israel? Where is the Israeli compliance with the terms of this agreement?

Is the sale of products from squatter colonies populated by deranged criminals, which explicitly contravenes the spirit and letter of the EU-Israel agreement, human?

It is a shame and utter disgrace that Europe keeps quiet about the violations of the human rights in Palestine, of the crass violation and disrespect shown by Israel for all national and common laws in Europe. I think that Europeans deserve politicians who enforce their own Laws and Agreements, people who do not allow criminals to dictate to them how to manage their own affairs.

Below is what the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza sent me by e-mail about the Legal Action to enforce Human Rights Conditions in EU-Israel Association Agreement.

See the European Convention On Human Rights. Please right for the European Union and ask them where are the human rights which are mentioned in their convention.

Legal Action to enforce Human Rights Conditions in EU-Israel Association Agreement

Clare Short MP and the European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza have launched a legal action to require the European Union to uphold the human rights conditions entrenched in the EU-Israel Association Agreement.

The action was launched in a letter sent to President Barroso and Javier Solana, the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, spelling out the way in which the Treaty conditions are being breached and the way in which international law applies. The case is being taken forward on behalf of the complainants by Public Interest Lawyers of 8 Hylton Street, Birmingham.

The Commission has been given 28 days to reply to the detailed p19case outlined in a 15 page letter which spells out the fact that under the EU-Israel Association Agreement, the EU has clear obligations in the light of Israel’s violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The case made is that the EU is failing to meet these obligations.

In the letter it is argued that ‘Palestinian, Israeli and International Human Rights organizations have concluded in numerous reports and studies that Israel’s actions in Operation Cast Lead intentionally and systematically disregarded and violated both international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Furthermore ‘the combined reports delivered to the UN including p23that of Richard Falk, charged with investigating the human rights situation in Palestine found several breaches of law in Operation Cast Lead. The Special Rapporteur on Poverty discussed reports that during the military intervention Israel deliberately obstructed the work of humanitarian personnel leaving the poor without basic medical, food and other services in violation of both international humanitarian law and human rights law.

The case presented outlines the position of the International Court of Justice and the UN with respect to the countless violations, amongst which include the acquisition of territory by force, obstructing the self determination of the Palestinian People and many other peremptory norms.

In pointing to EU’s obligation in the face of so many reports and MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSstatements of the highest authority in international law, it states that ‘Under the Geneva convention The EU must not only insure that its own comply with human rights: it also requires it to base its relations with Israel on the mutual respect for human rights . Thus where Israel persistently violates human rights and the EU does not take appropriate steps against Israel it will be in breach of article 2 of the Geneva Convention.

Maintaining the status quo in the EU-Israeli Association Agreement, which makes Israel, EU’s biggest trading partner is improper and more importantly it is justiciable. The letter points towards specific steps which the European Community is required to take under the agreement where Israel is in breach of Article 2 of the Geneva Convention.

In recognition of its obligations it calls upon the Commissioner to meet its obligations and further provide detailed description of its actions in fulfilling its obligations.

Clare Short said today “I and many others have tried through our p23parliaments to require our governments to comply with international law, without success. We now hope legal action will require compliance. It is my firm belief that the only way to peace is to require Israel to comply with international law and that this is in the interests of all parties. The European Commission and member states are failing in their duty to uphold the conditions of our own treaty with Israel and to use these requirements to obtain long term peace and justice.”

4 comments to EU-Israel and The Loss of The Human Rights

  • Ms.Salam,

    As long as the backrooms of Europe secretly condone all that Israel does, there will be no real call upon the Jews in Occupied Palestine to do anything that is just. It is a big game with them all. It is way past time to have massive protest throughout the world about not only Palestine and the Naqba, but also the genocide perpetrated on Iraq and also the genocide being pushed into Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is a must to bring all of the West and the Jews to account and force all of this to end.

    Steve in Vista

  • DDearborn


    Once again this begs the question: Who exactly are the real terrorists? Is it the foreign armies that invade, kill and destroy?
    Or is it the indignious population that rises up to protect their
    homeland, their women and their children?
    Clearly the 1000’s of women and children in Gaza and the West Bank who have died from malnutrition, medical care denial, and outright murder are not the terrorists. And yes under international law when innocent women and children are slaughtered it is murder. Callatoral damage is just another name for might makes right, no matter how wrong it is.

  • kalfan

    It is far fetched to go seeking sympathy and assistance from as far away as Europe but as an Arab like me you should have first sought some form of protest, however mild, right from the Arab world. The questions that beg answers are why do the Arabs not care about their kin ? Why do they not use the formal venues for political protests ? Do they have no resources to achieve this ? Why do the Persians care more than Arabs ?. Why do the Torat Jews care more than Arabs ? As regards the Europens do not hold too much faith. They are busy protecting the rights of animals and forests to care unless of course if there is some obscure tribe somewhere that complains of persecution by (Black) Arabs or Muslims. It all boils down to being REALLLY scared of Jews and I hope you understand.

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