A Palestinian Child Against Israel at The ICC

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Netherlands/ The Hague, Amira Al-Qirim, a Palestinian girl aged 15, a victim and survivor of the Israeli massacre in Gaza last January, held a press conference together with her lawyer Gilles Devers in The Amira Al-qirimHague, in front of the building of the International Criminal Court, ICC, during which she stated: “I am here to present a complaint and to hand to the office of prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo in the ICC a file requesting an investigation into the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli Zionists against the Palestinian civilians of Gaza Strip in which my father, my brother aged 14, and my sister aged 16, all civilians, were murdered by the IOF in the Tel Al-Hawa area south of Gaza city”.

Amira’s lawyer, Jill Davir from the Court of Lyon (France) said “This was a crime against humanity, and we are here to raise the case to the International Criminal Court, against the Israeli politicians and the military leaders who must take responsibility of what they did. They murdered hundreds and injured thousands more of civilians”.
Amira herself was injured seriously, she survived and arrived in France for medical treatment.
GazaOver the period of 27 December 2008 until the ceasefire of 18 Jan 2009, the criminal Israeli IOF deliberately dropped on Gaza more than one million and a half tons of explosives during their so-called “Operation Cast Lead”. With over 1.5 million inhabitants, Gaza is the most crowded area in the whole world. The IOF executed Palestinians in their houses in cold blood, either by shooting them directly or by launching missiles and rockets at them. The cold-blooded executions of these “prisoners of war” is clear violation to the international humanitarian treaties and conventions.

israeli_war-crimes-21Since February 2009, the attorney general of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, is making a “preliminary study” of the charges of war crimes against Israel. According to his press office, the attorney general has received more than 360 letter, petitions from persons, association of human rights, and casualties in this regard.

The Israeli military massacre in Gaza had the purpose of ethnic cleansing of the civilians and murdering politicians in Gaza. According to the former cabinet chief of Ehud Olmert,  the criminal Ehud Barak, and the chief of the Israeli intelligence, Yuval Diskin, the military Operation “Cast Lead” had the purpose of putting an end to some political activists, Palestinian resistance Amputationactivists and their families as the only solution to “decrease the terror” of revenge against Israel. The war criminals stated that the murder of the families of Palestinian political activists and resistance fighters was very important for the security of Israel. By murdering their families, Israel would guarantee that no revenge would be possible in the future. Another motive for this willfully planned crime was for it to secure votes for its organizers.

During the Israeli war crime in Gaza, most of the murdered and the causalities were civilians. Israel dropped phosphor bombs on civilians, and the victims have been found to be contaminated with depleted Uranium.

Simultaneously, and in solidarity with Amira Al-Qirim, another press conference was held by children in Gaza on Tuesday September 1 2009 in the “Small Journalist Club”, during which they demanded that the International 81Criminal Court and peace-loving people around the world “criminalize the Israeli occupation” and its officials, and sue them before to the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes against the civilians of Gaza.

The children demanded an international intervention to lift the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip and to provide Gaza with the humanitarian supplies which can guarantee a human life for the children there, just like all other children around the world.

During the conference in Gaza, the children accused Israel of committing war crimes, genocide and of targeting the Palestinian people. The children called for international protection for them and for an end to the the violations of their rights.

During the Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza, the so called “Operation Cast Lead”, over 1400 Palestinians were murdered and thousands more were injured, among them over 420 child who were murdered, and over 1600 more children are among the causalities.

8 comments to A Palestinian Child Against Israel at The ICC

  • Marhaba Kawther,

    A truly brave child of God is she. A truth teller and will be heard. Shukran jazeelan for reporting this.

    The days of the IOF are numbered. The world knows what they are, IOF = murdering evil criminals.

    Free Palestine!

    Steve in Vista

  • mg

    murder 1
    war crimes

    court will not do any thing who needs court?

  • phishybongwaters

    be careful, the truth is anti-semetic

  • Bill White

    “All of the Palestinians must be killed; men, women, infants & even their beasts.” -Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, director Tsomet Inst
    Israeli Haaretz, 3/26/2008

    “We must use Terror, Assassination, land confiscation, & the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population” -Israel Koenig, The Koenig Memorandum

    ‘Let us Hope for a new war with the Arab countries, so that we may finally get Rid of our troubles & acquire our space”
    -Moshe Dayan, Israel’s Sacred Terrorism

  • kalidas

    Judaism = Ponerology

  • mark

    you dare criticize Israel…you anti-semites

  • Murder in accordance with the rules of war is still plain old murder
    to the innocents who were slain.

  • Seth M B

    Is this Hate speech? Nein.
    What with the latest UN report, who’s up for boycotting products made in Israel or from Israeli products, or Israel itself?

    If you did want to boycott openly, would you be able to see past the smoke screens of anti-semitism and other “hater” labels to identify the great wrongs that the US government is supporting.

    Besides, if you really wanted to boycott Israel you would have to boycott the USA. Who keeps supplying the Israelis with weapons and money for defense? Who, and from where, are the most people sending the Israelis remittances?

    Is anyone surprised that “Freedom Fighters” shoot rockets at the Israelis (kudos if you know when and where the PLO and Menachem established that a terrorist is a freedom fighter, one and the same). The sad thing is how ignore-ant Americans have become to the situation, even though the US has GIVEN and still is GIVING billions of tax dollars to Israel which translates into militant antagonism and expansion.

    I am somewhat ignore-ant to Arab or Muslim culture myself, I’m a North American, but I do know that the Israelis are thugs and destabilizers in the region, the world for that matter. Does anyone know how many nuclear weapons the Israelis have? A lot of people have seen footage courtesy of Youtube and the like, and the Israelis have dealt a lot of death and misery on the USA’s dime.

    The USA’s little pit bull in the Middle East always needs a bigger and better doghouse, but always bites the hand that feeds when the US tries to scold it. Thanks to AIPAC and Jewish charities they always get their taxpayer funded paychecks (AIPAC is one the most powerful lobbying groups in the US. Google it if you don’t know what it stands for). Also, can someone explain to me why the US presidential candidates have to be “vetted” by AIPAC (review your media)?

    On the consumer end it would be hard to send a message. On the political end you would probably be branded a terrorist or extremist just to be kept quiet.
    There are not that many products to be found that are made in Israel. Most products are for their own group’s consumption. What makes the list are American companies that support Israeli “charities” as opposed to selling their products. The result is the same though, a remittance to the Israelis.

    To be precise in a boycott effort you would have to research companies, their charitable contributions and corporate leadership to really boycott a product. Jewish charities would be the hardest to research. Too many of them are for good causes so I morally break them down into Good Samaritan and ethno-centric. But how do you find the ones that directly/”indirectly” support settlements and the Israelis who stay there? You would have to decide.

    If you agree, that boycotting Israel and their supporters (especially in conversation) should be a long term effort, I applaud you. After all, Israel’s greatest product is to cordon off, antagonize and terrorize a downtrodden people into they are finally provoked into retaliation. Then they murder and eliminate Non-Jewish people in a nice slow fashion in many “time-tested” ways. They also excel at kidnapping, spying, and torture (if you want information hire an Israeli Jew to extract it). It would almost appear that the Nazis were instructors of sorts. Why else have the Israelis have been pulling pages out of the Nazi playbook and reenacting them in their old backyard. I suggest anyone who begs to differ should read up on the Warsaw Ghetto (among other Nazi contrivances) before they retort. The Israelis know how to really instigate a situation. They have been doing it for a few thousand years.

    It is kind of funny, the US does not want “radical” anybodies to have nuclear weapons or a strong military in the region, or the world for that matter, but the US keeps on giving the worst the most. Finally, do you agree or disagree that behind all of the smoke screens American statesmen enjoy the antagonistic games the Israelis play for the US, at its taxpayer’s expense?

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