Fancy Title People and the IDF Against Journalists

I strongly reject and condemn the “work” of the Israeli military censorship imposed on the work of journalists and the publications of the Palestinian in the West Bank. I also strongly condemn the continuous restrictions which the Israeli military censorship imposes on the pic79foreign journalists, monitoring their reports, banning and censoring them in the office of the military censor of Bet Agron, the so called government Press office GPO in 3 Kaplan St. Hakirya, in the West of occupied Jerusalem. All foreign, Israeli and the Palestinian journalists are forced to sign a form when asking for the GPO press card in which they declare they will present all their reports, filming and photographing material to the Israeli military censorship before publication. (Click picture to see what the israeli soldiers are doing)

I also strongly condemn and reject the interference of the Israeli military censorship, who try to impose their filthy mission on newspapers, websites and blogs published outside Israel with continued terror, bullying and intimidation done by many front organizations and individuals of lacking intellect, who call themselves glorious names and fancy titles, but who in fact work for Israel and the IDF censorship office in Beit Agron, and who also get paid by them.

Post1aI strongly condemn the military censorship imposed on my correspondence with my homeland Palestine, by Israeli military “security” in the post office, in the West part of occupied Jerusalem, by people who open and empty my packages of it’s content, destroying my videos which show the crimes of the military occupation in Palestine. (Click once to see the image bigger).

Yesterday I was forwarded an email been sent by one of these “Fancy HebronTitles”  people, IDF fronts abroad, who tried to bully a German website which translated and published my article into removing my article, thus de-facto imposing the IDF censorship on a foreign publication. See their e-mail (in very bad German) as a PDF. This slanderous and menacing E-mail was sent to German government ministers in copy. The writers of this badly written E-mail questioned the validity of the information I mention in my article, and the validity of my sources. While the Email was sent to another website and only forwarded to me, I thought it appropriate to answer these small-time bullies because the article is mine. My response to the threat Email sent to LinkeZeitung is here, as a PDF in German. I will translate the e-mail as soon as I can.

Israeli PoliceAs a journalist I know how to get direct access to ministers and government offices; I have documented the crimes perpetrated by Israel since my family left their homeland in the north of Palestine, today called Israel, 61 years ago.

After the criticism of  the “Fancy Titles” people against my latest article about body snatching by the IDF and their partners in crime at Abu Kabir, I have decided to publish each crime with further details to show that Israel is a state of cut-throats and thieves next to being a criminal occupier.

I am sure that all the governments know what happened to the IDF-1Palestinians since 1948 until today, and that Israel is established on the destruction and genocide of the Palestinian nation. But while these governments are paralysed and unable to do much about the Israeli genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the violations of the international humanitarian laws because of their thorough infiltration by zionist elements, I have decided to go ahead with my work exposing further details about the Israeli crimes, whether the criminals and their allies and front-men like what I write or not.

I will not start from the story of my relative murdered and autopsied. First I will start presenting the full details of the murder of three children and the abduction and “autopsy” of their bodies, an incident which I mentioned before. Here is the Press Release issued by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights concerning this crime.

here is the testimony in Arabic by the director of Al-Shifa’a hospital in Gaza as PDF.

(I was not able to translate it because of the horrible things which are described. Perhaps the “Fancy Titles” people and the IDF military censors will be able to translate it) . I hope that the “Fancy Titles” bullies will enjoy it). When I feel better, I will translate it.

Below is a Press release which I received in 2002

Press Release

New evidence in case of three Palestinian children unlawfully killed by Israeli forces

Ref: 11/2002

Date: 30 January 2002

New evidence has been obtained demonstrating the excessive and disproportionate use of force by Israeli forces against three Palestinian children killed last month. According to recent statements made by the Israeli military commander of the northern Gaza Strip, Israeli forces used “Fletchette” shells (shells containing dart-like shrapnel which is fired over a large area upon impact) in the incident when the three children were killed.

PCHR, the legal representative of the victims’ families, expresses its serious concerns regarding this case and reiterates its call for the international community and the United Nations to initiate a full, independent and impartial investigation into the case, to bring to justice those responsible and to provide effective reparations, including adequate compensation for the families of the victims.

On Sunday, 30 December 2001, Israeli forces fired artillery shells at three Palestinian children north of Beit Lahia, killing them. The victims, all from Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood in Gaza, were:

  • Ahmed Mohammed Banat, age of 15.
  • Mohammed ‘Abdel-Rahman El-Madhoun, age of 16
  • Mohammed Ahmed Lubbad, age of 17.

At approximately 17:40 on that day, an Israeli tank positioned in the vicinity of “Elli Sinai” settlement, north of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip, fired four artillery shells at a Palestinian agricultural area, under full control of the Palestinian National Authority, approximately 1200m south of the settlement.

Then, Israeli forces opened fire at the area from heavy and medium machine guns. Approximately 30 minutes later, the Israeli forces issued a statement claiming that they had killed three gunmen who were attempting to enter “Elli Sinai” settlement. Later, the Israeli forces stated that the three children were attempting to plant bombs in the area. A later statement from the Israeli military asserted that the children were armed with knives.

The Israeli authorities did not immediately release the bodies of the three victims and did not issue information regarding their identities or ages. Three families from Sheikh Radwan neighborhood notified PCHR about the disappearance of three of their children while they were returning home from a visit to a friend in Beit Lahia.

This raised fears that the three children might be the victims killed by Israeli forces. On 2 January 2002, PCHR, through an Israeli lawyer, Andre Rosenthal, sent a message to the Israeli military legal advisor, requesting the recovery of the three bodies to the Palestinian National Authority in order to be identified, and called for an investigation into the case. The bodies were handed over to the Palestinian National Authority on the same day, but no investigation was initiated by the Israeli military.

PCHR has continued to follow up the case internationally and within Israel. On 8 January 2002, PCHR sent appeals to John Dugard, Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Arab Territories, including Palestine; Asma Jahangir, Special Rapporteur for Summary, Arbitrary, and Extra-Judicial Executions; and Olara Otunnu, Special Representative of the Secretary General for Children in Armed Conflict. PCHR requested that they take immediate steps to ensure a thorough, independent and impartial investigation into this incident is conducted, and that other cases of possible willful killings and excessive use of lethal force perpetrated in the Occupied Palestinian Territories be similarly investigated, with appropriate legal action taken.

In addition to following the case through its lawyer in Israel, PCHR coordinated with the Public Committee against Torture in Israel (PCATI), and Physicians for Human Rights, providing the two organizations with information, in order for them to pressure inside Israel for an investigation into the case. In its letter to the two organizations, PCHR stated its initial comments and conclusions regarding the incident:

  • The children were fired at from a significant distance, when they had posed no threat to the lives of Israeli soldiers.
  • The three children were extra-judicially killed since no efforts were made to arrest them.
  • The victims were unarmed civilians under the age of 18.
  • The bodies were taken to the Legal Medicine Institute in Abu Kabir without the approval of their families and without a court decision.
  • An autopsy conducted by Palestinian officials indicated that the bodies had been mutilated and that one of the victims had been trampled by a large vehicle.

Following a request by Member of Knesset Tamar Jabotinsky, the Israeli parliamentary foreign and security committee held a session on 23 January 2002 to address this case. Representatives of the PCATI and Physicians for Human Rights attended the session.

In his statement before the committee, the Israeli military commander of the northern Gaza Strip revealed new information which supports the conclusion that the children were willfully killed.

His statement can be summed up in the following points:

  • At approximately 17:48 on 30 December 2001, three suspects were noticed in the vicinity of “Elli Sinai” settlement. The officer in command of a tank fired four artillery shells at the three, killing them.
  • One of the bodies was then run over by the tank. The tanks shells fired contained nails (flechettes) which were scattered as far as 100m away from the point of impact.

In his statement before the committee, Director of the Yehuda_HissLegal Medicine Institute (Abu Kabir) explained that the victims died having sustained injuries inflicted by the nails in the shells and that one of the bodies had then been run over by a tank. This information further supports the conclusion that the killings were willful and a violation of international human rights and humanitarian law.

The Israeli military representative also produced video footage before the committee showing that the victims were positioned at a significant distance from the Israeli military position. It is PCHR’s opinion that this information collectively indicates that the Israeli military extrajudicially killed the three, and used excessive and disproportionate force. All evidence indicated that the victims had not posed any threat to the lives of the Israeli soldiers, that the soldiers had not resorted to less lethal force as required by international standards and had made no attempts to arrest the suspects prior to opening fire. The video footage also reaffirmed that the victims were unarmed contrary to claims made by the Israeli military.

The session was adjourned, to be reconvened later this week, pending receipt of the report of the Israeli Legal Medicine Institute on the case.

In light of these developments, PCHR asserts:

The killing of the three children was willful and extra-judicial in violation of international human rights and humanitarian law, and that Israeli forces have full legal responsibility for their deaths, including with respect to the provision of compensation to the victims families, in accordance with international law.

In immediately resorting to the use of artillery shells despite no threat having been posed to the lives of the soldiers, the Israeli forces employed excessive and disproportionate force.

It was not the first time that Israeli forces have employed “Fletchette” shells against Palestinian civilians. A number of Palestinian civilians have been killed or injured by such shells, including when no threat was posed to the lives of Israeli soldiers, according to PCHR’s investigations.

Despite all these facts, Israeli forces have not initiated a full and proper investigation into this case or many other similar cases. The autopsy of the bodies took place at the Israeli Legal Medicine Institute without the approval of the victims’ families and without a court decision – according to the director of the institute, the bodies of the victims were brought to the institute without having been identified in contravention of Israeli law.

The video footage showing the killing of the three children should be made public.

The international community and the United Nations must call for a thorough, independent and impartial investigation into this incident, and that other cases of possible wilful killings and excessive use of lethal force perpetrated in the Occupied Palestinian Territories be similarly investigated.

The use of such shells against a civilian population is unlawful under international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949. The Israeli military commander also confirmed that an Israeli tank ran over the body of one of the victims.

Here is a PDF in Arabic, a statistic of those murdered by the IDF in December, 2001, by a . The cases of the three teenagers are marked in yellow. According to the description and what is known about the case from elsewhere, the children were captured alive, one of them was driven over by a tank, and the others were tortured to death with sharp instruments, the leg of one of the teenagers was cut while he was still alive, and from one of the dead, Mohammed Ahmed Lubbad, the brain was missing when returned to the family. The Palestinian doctor who inspected the bodies was Moawiah Hussein, director at that time of the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza.

After publishing the details of this horrible crime, do the screechers want to read further details about other crimes perpetrated by Israel against innocent civilians? They will get more, much more.

After reading this, can anybody say when in history such crimes have been documented elsewhere? Can anybody describe what kind of fantasy somebody has who tortures injured teenagers to death, cuts a leg from a human being? Is this the mentality of normal human beings?

6 comments to Fancy Title People and the IDF Against Journalists

  • The ongoing slaughter of the innocent lambs by the Satanic IOF does not escape the sight of God. He will repay the Jews for this.

    Free Palestine.

    Steve in Vista

  • BobReadsHistory

    There are no innocents in Palestine.
    There are no innocents in zionist israel.
    All are guilty.
    If you all killed each other, the rest of the world (apart from jews and muslims) would not cry. We would breathe a sigh of relief.
    That’s the truth.
    Muslims hate non-muslims.
    Jews hate non-jews.
    I hate no one, but feel threatened by both groups.
    Killing ‘in the name of god/allah’ or any other ‘religion’ threatens us all. We don’t want any of you.
    Kill yourselves. Leave the rest of us alone, please.

  • BobReadsHistory(not):

    Did you know Bob Jews lived in Palestine continuously from the time of the destruction of the second temple? Or Jews lived in Yemen, Iraq, Iran and other Muslim countries for over 2000 years? Since they were “people of the Book” as described by Muhammad they were allowed to live in peace.

  • Rabbit

    You are wrong Bob, you really SHOULD read history, and of course the Palestinians are innocent. Even under international law they have a right to defend against an illegal occupation.

    Your attitude is profound ignorance on top of supreme indifference and ultimate selfishness. F*ck you and all weak kneed ignorant sacks of deluded pus of my fellow “Westerners” who think like you.

  • little egypt

    Well Bob, for someone who reads history you must have missed the part about the genocide of the Palestinians in the naqba and continued illegal occupations of Palestine. Here it is Bob explained for you, out of the blue the euros decided to give Palestine to the Zionist terrorists! Imagine now if someone decided where you live now belongs to Zion or Israhell. Perhaps with Rahm in the White House you will find this easier to think about. Stupid americans think war on Palestine is about religion but it is about invasion and stealing land. The Palestinians barely have weapons to defend against Israeli terror with and you blame them along with their invaders.

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