Israel Stole Palestinian Bodies From Their Graves

Following the scandalous crime of kidnapping the bodies of the Palestinians by the Israeli occupational military “IDF” and transferring them to the butchery at Abu Kabir in Tel Aviv, and  after the criminal sophist Ehud Barak threatened to cause troubles for Donald Boström in court, after reporting about the Israelis murdering Palestinians in order to harvest their organs, and after all the insults and smears of anti-Semitism against this journalist in public.

I looked through the archive of my journalistic work in Palestine. I found enough to remind the criminal Israeli zamareh-1liars around Ehud Barak that they better quiet down with their hysteric denials, because there are enough cases involving the IDF of organ harvesting, of body snatching, of murdering people, of disappeared bodies, of hushed funerals in the dark of night documented both in Palestinian and Israeli media and in court proceedings, to make them look very bad should they continue with their obnoxious charade.

After the signing the Oslo agreement, the improper behavior of the criminal IDF, stealing bodies and kidnapping injured Palestinians from emergency wards military commanderfor the purpose of butchering them and cutting their organs at Abu Kabir did not end. In 1995, Avishai Raviv from the Israeli Secret Service GSS (Shin-Bet, Shabak) who helped to establish the terrorist jewish, zionist and fascist youth organization “Eyal” for hunting the Palestinians in the occupied territories. He went to the village of Halhoul near Hebron together with IDF, to hunt (not to search or arrest him, BUT To HUNT) a peace activists from Fatah, Salman Hussein Al-Zamaareh.
The murder of Mr. Al-Zamaareh was cooked up in the kitchen of the Shin-Bet and at the IDF Central Command, a branch of the so called Defense Ministry of Israel.

Shin-Bet agent Avishai Raviv, dressed in civil clothes, murdered Mr. raviv1aAl-Zamaareh, aged 21, after he identified him among other Palestinians who were protesting against the uprooting of agricultural lands belonging to their town Halhoul and the construction of  the new road 60 for the interests of the criminal colonists in the middle of the houses and the fields of the Palestinians village.

The deliberate murder of Mr. Salman Hussein Al-Zamaareh happened during the so called “peace” time. Huge anger broke out in Halhoul. The Zionist Fascist Youth organization “Eyal” released a statement signed by Avishai Raviv, in which they declared their responsibility for the murder of Al-Zamaareh.

The family of Al-Zamaareh buried him in a grave in the Digc02cemetery of the village. Few hours after the burial, the IDF criminals went to the cemetery and opened three graves until they found his body, because they were not sure where he had been buried.

The army of Gods chosen people behaved properly: they stole his body and brought it to the Abu Kabir forensic butchery without the knowledge of his family???

Mr. Mohammad Mishal, the major of Halhoul, described the IDF behavior as criminal, he said that the Israeli occupation soldiers infiltrated into the Halhoul cemetery in the dark, that they had opened three graves until they Digc03found the body of Mr. Al-Zamaareh.
Neither Avishai Raviv nor anybody else from the “Eyal” terror movement went to jail, as his murder and the theft of his body, the desecration of 3 graves had been “just for fun”. The fact that he was with the GSS was revealed after the murder of Rabin, as he had apparently been involved in the planning of that crime.

The body of Mr. Al-Zamaareh was returned to his family stuffed with cotton.

As always I have some questions:

  • Was that a proper behavior or a criminal one?
  • Was this a Semitic behavior, or the behavior of a criminal gang?
  • Was this a wise behavior, or the behavior of sick minds, of psychopaths?
  • Is publicizing these crimes of Israel anti-Semitism?

What should I write about such crimes, and how should I describe the opening of three graves, kidnapping a body and butchering at the Abu Kabir forensic centre without the knowledge of his family?

  • Do Israelis think that the people are so naïve that they believe that the bodies of murdered people are stolen and cut up for innocent reasons?
  • Why Israel should not wake up and stop its crimes instead of justifying them?
  • Anti-Semitism is a song to help hide the institutional criminality of Israel. Why shouldn’t they wake up and look at their own crimes? More Comment, see P Think Tank.

9 comments to Israel Stole Palestinian Bodies From Their Graves

  • This is another example of the despicable criminal transgressions of the Zionist Jews against all that is decent and moral, to add to so many that they have committed.

    As always, thank you for your courageous and brave journalism.

    Ma’ assalaamah

    Steve in Vista

  • Kidney Libel

    Stop with the antisemitic insinuations already. The outrage is due to the outrageous crime- not because of the perp’s religion. If any other ethnicity committed such heinous patterns of sadism, there would be no doubt that they should be prosecuted and exposed.

    They get a free ride because they are jews? Cmon people. Wake up and grow some b$ll$ The slaughtered are the victims here, [redacted] Maybe we SHOULD exhume THOSE bodies too, to see what really happened in history. God only knows what these psychopaths are capable of.

  • Retard already

    Sorry mate but it’s true and it may not only be israel thats guilty of this hineous crime, it’s just nice to see that gods chosen people are human too aswell as mass murdering butchers.

  • Rabbit

    How fun to be a Zionist apologist/propagandist just now.

    Having to deny the undeniable grotesquery, or defend the indefensible crime. The mega[phonies are out in force about the net, but defending this sort of ghoulishness, these sorts of Mengelian like horrors, gracve robbing, hunting for organ thewft, virtual cannibalism. We have long asked how low can the Zionist demon cult go. More and more we see the answer to this is another question. [redacted]

  • Peter B

    Antisemitism is the shield and sword of the criminal Zionists the world over. Never mind that most Zionists are not really Semites.

    Once the true face of all the Zionists is exposed for all to see the world will (MUST) come down like a ‘tonne of bricks’ on these liers and punish them most severely.

  • mystic

    I am ashamed of being a Jew. How DARE the Zionists act in such a depraved, barbaric subhuman and criminal manner in the name of MY Judaism? Thank God Sweden is not afraid or intimidated by the snarling accusations of “antisemitism” by Israel. This story will never go away ; The Zionists are self destructing themselves and that is good. Please understand there are good Jews who do not condone Zionism which is evil and anti-God.
    Not even the Nazis acted this way (although Stalin did with Katyn).

  • MK Ultra

    The autopsies are a red flag. Come on! If the IDF (Israeli Death Forces) shoot and kill someone, why in the world would they need an autopsy? That, and the fact that Israel is one of the top three nations in the world involved in the illegal trafficking of human organs are a dead give away. They sure as hell ain’t trafficking with their own Chosen Organs, they’re doing it with the Palestinians’ because they are free, plentiful and theirs for the taking while giving them the added thrill of committing more cold-blooded murders.

    One day, Israel and the Zionists that run will have to answer to the world for their crimes against humanity in exactly the same way that Hitler and his Nazis had to answer to the world made them answer for theirs.

  • Salam, peace to all who deserve it.
    When Zionists [redacted] got some strength, they show they their true color, they are criminals, it is a pure root attribute in them.

    We witness how a 7 years old kid wants to kill an old woman and how they train kids to type by hands on bombs!

    The worst crimes comes from them, war crime of all kinds, WMD, terrorizing, destructing of world’s economy, hunting people to trade their organs and now… threats with antisemitism to who publish their stinking crimes!

  • Robert Felix

    You said:
    “…The family of Al-Zamaareh buried him in a grave in the cemetery of the village. Few hours after the burial, the IDF criminals went to the cemetery and opened three graves until they found his body, because they were not sure where he had been buried…”

    The body of this man could NOT BE USED FOR ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION. Human organs ‘live’ without serious cellular damage only @ 5 to seven minutes AFTER the physical body dies, the heart stops beating and the lungs cease to provide these organs with life giving oxygen. ‘Stealing’ body organs for transplant would have to have been done in a hospital on an operating table by a skilled surgeon several minutes after the individual in question was defined as ‘clinincally dead’, or when they were still alive under anesthesia for the organs to be biologically alive and be of any use to a prospective donor. Digging a body up several hours after it is buried is useless-the organs and the body containing them are biologically dead and non functional; and the corpse is only good to teach basic anatomy to medical school students. Get your medical and scientific facts right-if the Israelis did this it is for sadistic political purposes completely seperate than getting organs for possible donors. Organs, whether donated voluntarily or involuntarily MUST be reomoved from the donor’s body within several minutes of physical death, and quickly by an experienced surgeon.

    Answer: The same question was asked by another reader some days ago via Email. I can only answer that I know that things happened as described in the article, but that I do not know the true motivation behind them purloining the bodies such as in the case of Al-Zamaareh. These things were commented about in Palestine by saying that they “could use the organs if the body was not yet totally cooled off and the organs not too damaged”, whatever that means. A possible answer would be in these articles:

    And the accusation made there and elsewhere that Yehuda Hiss of Abu Kabir was giving organs for experiments to institutes and individuals.

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