Death of Political Prisoners in Palestine

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas movements have trespassed all the limits with their continuous arrests and torture of political activists, and then killing many of them them in their jails. The attitude of these two movements is now Jonaid jailsimilar to what the Israeli occupation has done and is still doing against the Palestinians in occupied Palestine. The Palestinian National Authority and Hamas have increased the incarceration of political activists, and committed hundreds of politicians, political activists and resistance members into their respective jails.

Recently, the PA made a decision to deny all political prisoners visit from their families for unlimited time and unknown reasons? This is a crime against the Geneva conventions, a crime against humanity, and a crime against all Palestinians.

In many cases the PA has arrested the wives and daughters of political prisoners in order pressure them psychologically. Hamas, not to be outdone, also tortured Fatah prisoners and interrogated their women in Gaza. These arrests and interrogation by the PA and Hamas are forbidden and contrary to human rights, and certainly against the Palestinian nation. These shameful things are new, and they have brought us the Palestinians shame and disgrace before the public.

Today, Monday 10 October 2009, Palestinian prisoner Fadi Abed Hamadni grand motherAl-Rahman Husni Hamadne, a painter, single and aged 28, a student at Al-quds University, died in the Junaid prison of the PA in Nablus after less than two months of detention by the intelligence of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

According to a statement  of the “Change and reform Bloc” of the Palestinian legislative council, (PLC-Statement) of which I received a copy, the collaborator forces of President Abbas are responsible for the assassination of Hamadne. The statement says that the assassination of the prisoner Hamadne by the PA forces is seen as done in complicity with the zionist occupation, whose crimes are aimed at eliminating the Palestinian resistance and depriving the Palestinian people of all their basic rights and property.

The statement called for the international community Hamadne relatives crying his deathand human rights organizations to be alert to such crimes and put an end to them before they escalate. We call on Arab countries, especially Egypt, to have a voice against this crime; because silence helps the criminals to continue their crimes. We also confirm the necessity to bring the criminals to justice for trial for the implementation of the rule of law and punishment.

According to different sources, Hamadne was arrested on June 15 2009  and was severely tortured by the PA intelligence. The jailers denied him right to receive visits of his family during the last two months of detention. In addition, they arrested two members of his family, his brother and his brother-in-law, in order to make pressure on him to confess anything.

The spokesperson of the Palestinian military, “colonel” Adnan Al-Dumeeri, said Adnan-Dumeerithat the Fadi Hamadne had been found dead in his cell haanging from a piece of cloth (pieces of the bed cover) around his neck. He denied that Hamadne had been tortured in jail. He pointed out that the brother-in-law of the deceased, Shaker Dababse, who is incarcerated in the same jail, removed the piece of cloth on the neck of Hamadne personally, implying that this means that the death was a suicide “in good faith”. He added that the medical results would show the reason of Hamadne’s death. “This issue is very sensitive for us”, he added.

“Colonel” Al-Dumeeri said that an independent investigation had been started, with the presence of independent human right organizations. He added that “we also asked the relatives of the deceased to send any doctor of their choice” to inspect the body, or to send it to any other jurisdiction for an autopsy to determine cause of death. These lies are the usual  script repeated each time when these Dayton thugs murder yet another political activist.

Directly contradicting the dubious display of good will by the good “colonel”, in Mother Of Fadi Hamadnethe village of Asira Al-Shimalia near Nablus, were Hamadne’s family lives, the PA security and military prevented the family of the deceased from opening their house for mourning from receiving any condolences. The PA military security (actually the Palestinian thugs of Keith Dayton) imposed strict military measures on the native village of Hamadne and gave his family an order which forbids the ceremony of mourning. When the family went to the jail to recover the body of Hamadne, the Dayton thugs under “colonel” Al-Dumeeri gave a savage beating to all the family members present. Among the injured are the mother and the father of Husni Hamadne. The family finally refused to take the body until the reasons for the death of their son are fully clarified.

Hamas on their side denied the allegations of the PA, and reiterated that the PA are responsible for the murder of prisoner Hamadne and also of other prisoners, among them Majd Al-Barghouti, Muhammad Al-Hajj, Haitham Amro and Kamal Abu Toama. They all died incarcerated in PA prisons. Three political prisoners died in less than two months, (Haitham Amro, Kamal Abu Toama and Fadi Abed Al-Rahman Husni Hamadne)

The level of tensions between the factions has increased recently after Hamas prevented the Fatah members residing in Gaza from participating in the opening of the sixth Fatah Congress in Bethlehem.

  • Until when will Hamas and Fatah continue harassing, incarcerating, torturing and murdering Palestinian political activists and members of the resistance?
  • Are the years which these people spent incarcerated in Israeli jails not enough?
  • Do you not understand that these people protect the rights of all of our nation?
  • Is it not beyond injustice, below depravity, to collaborate with the zionists in moving these people from jail to jail? Do they not deserve a fate far better than that?
  • How can Fatah call their criminal activities against political activists and members of the resistance a “national project” when it is far more appropriate to call say that they are conspiring with foreign occupiers  against the Palestinian nation?
  • How does the PA explain the death of three political prisoners in less than two months? How do the countries financing the PA explain these crimes against all Palestinians?
  • Why do the EU and other countries who finance the PA not care that European human rights standards are strictly adhered to by the PA in return for the money given to them?
  • Should I understand that it is IN THE INTEREST of the EU that Palestinian political activists are treated worse than animals, tortured and murdered?
  • The resounding indolence of the countries financing the sham PA allows only the sad conclusion that they are complicit and conspiring with the zionists to foist exactly these disgusting and criminal conditions upon us.

1 comment to Death of Political Prisoners in Palestine

  • Salaam al-Maseeh

    Assalaamu alaykum, Ms. Salam,

    Hamas and Fatah and thug Keith Dayton are abominable and the exact same as the murderous diabolic filthy Zionist criminal occuption of Palestine. Thank you for your courage and true journalism, Ms. Salam. God bless and keep you and free Palestine.

    Baarakul laahu fiik,

    Ma’ assalaamah

    Steve in Vista

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