Confrontation with Eyal from Ben-Gurion Security

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I received a hateful comment from an Israeli calling himself “Eyal”, which goes far beyond the usual hateful rubbish which these people write. I wonder why “Eyal” from the Systems Security of the Israeli Airport Authority (Ben-Gurion Airport) left a comment on my articles “Names and Photos of the Israeli War criminals”. p06“Eyal” appears to be an employee at Ben-Gurion Airport, using the office equipment to vent his anger at me.

Here is what “Eyal”, the Israeli working at Ben-Gurion Airport, left as a comment on my blog. The poor man clearly has some problems writing correct English. Under his comment which I quote below, follows my answer to each point. (I left his comment without correction).

only_4_me [at] walla [dot] com
Submitted on 2009/07/29 at 3:37pm

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IP Location: Israel Airports Authority
address: Israel Airports Authority
address:  Ben Gurion Airport
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Amazing! You live a dream world of lies.
1. Israel has knowingly returned the PLO from excile!
2. Israel gave the Palestinians A: territories, B: guns, C: Goverment.
3. Israel wanted them to flourish and have a state, even offered part of Jerusalem. Israel wanted peace!!
BUT!! Palestinians blasted themself in weddings, in civilians busses, purpusly killed childern, pregnant women and so on.
and even so:
4. Israel retreated by it’s own desicion from GAZA!! from ALL of Gaza!! evacuated tens of thousands of Israeli people which had clashed with them!! all this in order to have peace.
But palestinians fired even more rockets, handreds of rockets directly on citizens.
What would you like Israel to do? sit and let HAMAS after having back ALL of Gaza, fire rockets daily on it’s citizans for 8 more years?
you just enjoy to immerse in your hate, not lifting your head for a second to see the truth.

My Answers:
I find it amazing how Israelis believe and live out their propaganda lies, and how they want their victims to also believe these lies. How does Eyal “think” that Israel gave us the Palestine???

Israel allowed the Return of the PLO

1. Israel did not allow the return of PLO from the exile. The PLO was established as a result of the Israeli theft of Palestine. Israel was established as a state on the ruins of Palestinian towns and villages after the Zionists murdered thousands of Palestinians and expelled over 750.000 more. The Zionists, or those who now call MIDEAST-ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-CONFLICT-WEST BANKthemselves “Israelis” immigrated to Palestine illegally, using falsified passports and working with the British Army. The mass murderer, terrorist and war criminal of the Palmach organization, Alfred Chaim Miller, stated as much in his speech in Vienna during past May 2009. He described how he and his friends immigrated in 1938 to Palestine using falsified passports, and how they occupied and stole Palestinian villages and agricultural hills. This is but one example of how and when European jews started with their theft of Palestine.

The return of the PLO is not an Israeli hand gift either. The Palestinians are not Falasha (Ethiopian) Africans or Russian mafia. According to many UN resolutions, all Palestinians have the rights of return to our homeland. After the Oslo agreement and the return of some Palestinians, Israel arrested many of PLO members who were not willing to collaborate with the Israeli military system after their return.

2. Israel gave Palestinians:

A. Territories

Israel did not give us any territories. Palestine is our land, and in fact the Zionists who now call themselves “Israel” stole Palestine in 1948 and again in 1967, and after Oslo agreement Israel cut the territories into small ghettos, cantons, and some concentration camps, and kept its military and the colonies of the Americans and Europeans and the before unknown Falasha who invent that they are Jews occupying Palestine. The territories agriculture land was stolen for increasing the Jewish colonies in the territories.

Never Israel gave us the Palestinians what they stole from us, and never Israel will give us anything until another disaster or war explodes and thousands of Jews and thousands of Palestinians die.

Israel is not a state and does not want Peace. Israel is a Zionist terrorist and criminal organization which fronts for other Zionist organizations, it is alternatively a criminal state of war criminals and psychopaths which threatens the security of not only the Palestinians and the neighboring countries, but of all the world. Just look how the Israelis are destroying the USA, sucking out all its wealth and using it for their own purposes.

B. Guns

The guns which the PA has received, the thugs and puppets of Israel and USA, were given them to protect the Israeli security; for the purpose of “internal use” between the Palestinians, such as the de-facto civil war which the PA lost in Gaza; for arresting those Palestinians who resist the diktat of the vampire Keith Dayton. Israel never accepted that the PA use their guns to protect the Palestinian civilians during the criminal Israeli military invasions of civilian homes, town, cities and villages. Never did the PA security forces shoot one bullet against Israel. This is a clear disaster and a conspiracy.

3. Government

What “Eyal” calls a Palestinian government is actually an illegal “authority” which works with the Israeli and the American governments to defend the so-called Israeli security.

The current PA is properly called a “Judenrat”, which is a group or institution acting under color of law and which allies itself with invaders to commit genocide against their own people.

As a Palestinian I would never accept a PA government under the Israeli occupation and without a fully independent State, power, authority, military army, borders, and the return for all the Palestinians who were expelled during the campaigns of terror of 1948, 1967 and later.

3. The Palestinian Flourish

What lies does this “Eyal” character write? What flourish and prosperity does Israel want the Palestinian to live under their continued occupation, military laws, checkpoints, daily murders, invasions, arrests, hunger, and shortage of water? Why do the Israelis keep the sources of the Palestinian water under their control? Why do the Israel kept the economic and the borders under it’s power?

Do you know how many Palestinians, children, women, parliament members, Jpsef Al-zeqPrisonerjournalists are in the Israeli jails? Do you know how many Palestinians are in jail under administrative arrest? Do you know many women gave birth on the Israeli checkpoints in the territories? Do you know how many sick persons died after Israelis denied them the right to receive medical treatment? Do you know how many Palestinian civilian you have murdered? Do you know how many Palestinians you have injured? Do you know that the PA president needs permission from Israel during his travels? Do you know how many Palestinian dunums the Israelis stole in the territories? How many trees they uprooted? Do you know how many millions Israel stole from the Palestinian tax payers? Do you know how many Palestinian house you destroyed in the territories, and how many Palestinians you have denied his a permission to build or repair a house? Do you know how many disasters you created in Palestine?

Do you know how many bodies of Palestinians murdered by israelis are still “jailed”, awaiting the end of their “sentences” to be returned to their relatives? (Explanation: Palestinians accused by israelis of “terrorism” and other scurriluous and trumped-up charges are either murdered and then kept in secret vaults or graves for a period of time which corresponds to a “sentence”, or, when Palestinians die in jail before the end of their putative sentence, the bodies of Palestinians are kept by the israeli authorities until the end of these sentences). One example of such acts are two brothers from Ramallah, Emad and Adel Awad Allah, who were murdered by the israelis during the peace time in coordination with the PA. Their bodies are being held, or have been disappeared, until this day. Do you know how many secret graves exist, scattered around all of Palestine, for those murdered by the israelis?

Do you know how many thousands of citizens from other Arab countries are still incarcerated in Israel, people who were declared dead in the 1967 war, but who were actually abducted and incarcerated by israel? This is but one disgusting example of how the Arab regimes collaborate with israel.

Is this the “flourish” which Israel wants us to live? Is this the Palestinian flourish which “Eyal” is talking about? “Eyal” can lie to himself and to others, but not to me. I am a Palestinian and I know who “Eyal” is and what mentality he has, I know what Israel gave us, and why they gave it to us, and I know what they stole from us and kept for themselves….

Jerusalem Offer

Which part of Jerusalem did the government of “Eyal” offer us? Is he drunk, stupid, sick or just enjoying to lie? Abu Dis is not Jerusalem. According to my information, Israel stole the agricultural land of Bethlehem and added them to Jerusalem, and Israel wants to add half of the territories to Jerusalem, among others the illegal Efrat settlement. I also know that they ejected thousands and thousands of inhabitants from Jerusalem in a typical israeli project of ethnic cleansing – this is happening in East Jerusalem, which is supposed to become capital of Palestine. This is the truth and reality of the european jews who call themselves israelis and act under the banner of the criminal ideology of zionism: because they are nothing and own nothing, they must steal everything and murder everyone.

Again: Which part of Jerusalem did “Eyal” and his accomplices offer us after they stole it: the part which is surrounded by the apartheid wall, which does not even allow birds to fly over it, or the part which they stole before and stacked with illegal immigrants from the US and Europe?

Suicide Bombers

Does “Eyal” think that anyone who has had his father or his brother murdered, or both of them jailed, his house destroyed, who is subject kw_01to continued harassment, who has been jailed or made to live starvation, thirst and poverty, anyone who has had his hope and his feelings killed by Israel, anyone who wants to kill himself, that such a person will ask me or others for permission to explode himself? All the suicide bombers are victims of the Israeli occupation. Israel can’t plant terror, horror, occupation, injustice and achieve peace, security and love. Nobody likes the injustice of the occupation.

The Israelis must stop crying that they are the victims of the Palestinian suicide bombers, because they are not – they are perpetrators of horrific crimes, all of them. The real criminals who create the suicide bombers are Israeli military and their continued occupation. I don’t know how long Israel will continue corrupting it’s society and occupying Palestine. I see that 42 years of the Israeli occupation is more than enough. The Israeli occupation must stop, and then we will be able to talk about peace, on our terms.

4. Israel Retreated from Gaza

The Rockets of Hunger

GazaIsrael retreated by its own decision from GAZA, in order to turn it into an extermination camp. That’s the truth. All what Israel did in Gaza since before their strategic retreat is a clear and premeditated campaign of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. The PA, who signed the border agreement of Gaza, is a partner of the Israelis in their genocide campaign against Gaza and all other Palestinians.

Would “Eyal” explain me why the Israeli engineers of genocide do not allow macaronis and tomato paste to enter Gaza? Has this dimwit ever heard that a nuclear bomb was made of tomato paste and macaronis? Is the Israeli security based on committing genocide and war crimes? Pressure causes explosions. The rockets of Gaza are the rockets of hunger, poverty, and depression. What Israel did in Gaza and is still doing is very obviously crimes which only mentally and morally depraved people can commit. Would Eyal be able to wake up and understand that?

I never loved the Israeli military occupation, but I also never hated the Israeli civilians or the Jews.

10 comments to Confrontation with Eyal from Ben-Gurion Security

  • Salaam al-Maseeh

    Assalaamu alaykum, Ms. Salam,

    Your replies to “Eyal” are complete in themselves, point by point. It is important that many people read your replies as they tell the truth that people throughout the world need to know.

    Shukran jazeelan for all the work you do, Ms. Salam to bring the truth to the world.

    May God free Palestine!

    Baarakul laahu fiik,

    Ma’ assalaamah

    Steve in Vista

  • Beau

    You are right in what you say, but not in how you act. The subject at hand should be devising and proposing ways to get rid of this “Jewish” slavery and genocide. As it looks, instead they are hornswuggling you, making you talk about things even these people already know. That doesn’t help anybody, except your enemy. – Sorry for being so blunt!

  • Rabbit

    People like Eyal are beneath contempt and incapable of self realisation. It is a waste of time to expect his kind to ever see the truth, to recognise their state and its crimes, because to do so would require a complete surrender of his entire existential paradigm. I predict that the destruction of the Zionist, by force will eventually be the only course left open to humanity.

  • Eyal


  • Friggy

    “…entire existential paradigm”?

  • ME

    Because Israeli Jews are satanic talmudists nobody believes any jew. not a jew in Israel not a jew anywhere. We are full aware that everything what a jew says is b.s., remember that their God is Lucifer. the big deceiver.

  • Maybe General Pompeius needs to take over the land again and settle these heinous injustices.Too bad the lackeys in the US have given themselves over to the wisdom of the world and their sister (Fabians,CFRs,Perfidious united jewry etc.) Zionists in a push towards the One World Order and and all humanities enslavement.

  • Axe

    zionists are destroyers. [redacted]. The zionists hates and wants to destroy all non-Jews.
    They will also destroy even other Jews who are less destructive and evil than they are, if they get in their way.
    Israeli zionists are intensely selfish, intolerant and anti-social, et cetera. They are full of hate, greed, malice, et cetera.
    Naturally, other people, i.e. the non-Jews, don’t like being bulldozed aside, robbed and murdered by the Jews, and will sooner or later resist.”

  • Assalaamu alaykum Ms. Salam,

    Dear Kawther, your work is invaluable. You clarify the entire range of Israeli atrocities and the rightful place of Palestinians to their own home. All of this must be shown to the world. Shukran jazeelan for all that you do.

    Free Palestine

    Ma’ assalaamah

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