Zionists Looking for Collaborators?

It didn’t surprise me that Zionists would send me an Email looking for collaborators. I know that Israel is a Zionist criminal and terrorist organization with all what this means, because of it’s invasion, it’s laws, crimes, behavior, etc … I also strongly believe that Israel is not a State, and that the establishment of Begging to go HomeIsrael in Palestine by the UN was illegal and immoral. I also believe that every single Israeli soldier who crosses the borders of 1967 is enforcing an illegal occupation, is perpetrator or accomplice of ethnic cleansing and genocide against my people. They are without exception war criminals and terrorists, but until now we are jailed for their crimes. The Email asks me for missing soldiers.

I would appreciate if all Israeli soldiers disappear in one way or other from my homeland Palestine, now and for ever. This the only answer which I want to give the Zionists who sent me their Email fishing for collaborators, and I give it openly.  The Email follows, in translation and in the original Arabic. I redacted the originating Email, a Website and a contact number in the UK.

Has anybody else received such an Email?

Subject: Are You Happy?

You can get 10 million dollars!

10 million dollars for reliable information which will lead to finding missing Israeli soldiers.

We guarantee your personal security, and ensure fully your personal confidentiality each time you contact us.

If you have information, and if you are interested in the cash prize, Contact Us!
Telephone: ++44 208 (deleted)

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يمكنك الحصول على 10 ملايين دولار!
10 ملايين دولار مقابل معلومات موثوق بها تؤدي الى
ايجاد جنود اسرائيليين مفقودين
نضمن أمنك الشخصي وسرية تامة في كل اتصال بنا
ان كانت لديك معلومات وان كنت تهتم بالجائزة النقدية اتصل بنا!

اتصلوا: (تم حذف رقم هاتف المؤسسة الصهيونية) وعنوان مراسلتهم
وكذلك موقعهم على الشبكة العنكبوتية

13 comments to Zionists Looking for Collaborators?

  • Axe

    What low-life scum-sucking slime. They’re making a mockery of their own missing murderers. Or do they really think everyone thinks like a jew. Anything for money?. I’d say $10,000,000,000.00 won’t return to them a single hair from their heads.

  • charliesou

    Take the jews 10 million,feed them crap info-take 1 million for yourself,and give the rest to a trustworthy Palestinian charity.
    Just a thought……..

  • Mr Uk

    Lol- They would NEVER pay anyone 10 Mill- thats another lie they tell. besides only an idoit would fall for it !

  • I tend to think that this is either a state-orchestrated or private pro-Israel group attempt to create a viral email that raises the issue of the captured Israeli soldiers. If I’m not mistaken, besides some bodies, there is only ONE arrested soldier.

    This technique was used in the Gaza massacre, when the Israelis rained pamphlets down on Gazans asking them to turn in the “terrorists” who are making their life such hell. Clearly the message was entirely from the Israeli perspective, which shows it’s either moronic intelligence gathering or a public ploy to present the Israeli narrative of “Hamas holding Palestinians captive” publicly.

    That is, in Gaza, these would be laughed at (Ali Abunimah did a mock phone call to the number listed on it). In Israel, the pamphlets were seen by the Israeli public as evidence of the state’s innocence in war crimes.

    I think it’s just good social engineering by Israeli intelligence. Remember, Israel has the highest number of hackers per capita in the world.

    I’m pretty sure there is no 10 million out there.

  • HH

    In the USA our collaborators are so stupid, they don’t GET money from Israel, they SEND money to Israel. They are called “Christian Zionists”.

  • Quahadi Hill

    Hey joos
    Put your head down between your legs and stick it up your arse
    Maybe you will find a israhell murdering soldier there

  • Truth

    “In the USA our collaborators are so stupid, they don’t GET money from Israel, they SEND money to Israel. They are called “Christian Zionists”.
    And the “jews”/Khazars laugh all the way to the bank. Most Christian Zionists are the true lost sheep of the House of Israel (western Europeans and Anglo-Saxons who migrated west in the early centuries A.D.) who are deceived by the synagogue of satan and made blind to their own identity!

    Some of my favorite shills and/or heretics are Perry Stone, John Hagee & son and Hal Lindsey. These guys are always railing about the NWO –who do they think created it?! Who runs the banks and all the worlds communications? Who runs the UN? Who installed the puppet regime of Obama? Who is his chief of staff?

    You think the political state of Israel is the fulfillment of prophecy, OK, so who is God talking about in Revelations 2:9?

  • Jizzno

    (let’s not even pretend that the statements above are “anti-Zionist”)—you’ll reap what you sew until you accept Israel’s right to exist. As long as you continue on your current path, you’ll have a never-ending war, and your sons will die needlessly.

    Great warriors you are…..You can’t beat the joos, so you cry like a bunch of pansies about that big, awful bully Israel.

    Meanwhile, in Darfur, Muslims kill fellow Muslims in numbers which dwarf the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and you clowns are all silent. Bunch of hypocritical garbage you are.

    Answer: Israel has the same “right to exist” as the average gang of street-thugs who stick up people and sell drugs on, and it certainly has NO right to exist in Palestine. The rest of your hate-filled comment makes no sense.

  • Geez…. I still cannot get over the insane comment by this “Jizzno” character… It made absolutely no sense at all!

    The talmudic, khazarian, zionist jews will never stop in their insane attempts at world domination.. Now they are looking for suckers to take them up on a $10,000,000 offer? Can’t everyone see that they are being played for suckers and will fall for this trap because of greed? Damn, if I had $10,000,000, I would definitely give the majority to any organization that fights these criminals head on!

    And it is not only the Zionist christians who send their money to that shithole in the Middle East, it is their own Sayanim, and dual citizen Israelis living in America, that send their money as well. Countries are bleeding to death financially but they are so quick to send billions in “aid” to that hell hole!

  • Muslim

    The joos beat the people of palestine because they have abandoned Islam and adopted some wierd suicide cult. Hamas are shia, not Muslim. Once the Muslims in palestine become true to islam and they abandon shia suicide tactics they will win.

    40 plus years of pal strategy has failed, time we changed, return to true islam and stop sending our children to senseless suicide missions.

  • Me Here

    I agree with above comments even if it was true, there not a sh%t show in hell that any yid would give their money away … regardless of the reason, its just not a component of the yid mindset, hell these skinsac sent Jesus to his death for screwing with the money grubbers that were all sniffing around the churches in days of old, so if they are going to have killed the alleged saviour of all men, theres no way in hell these clowns would ever part with cash like this ….

  • Salaam al-Maseeh

    Assalaamu alaykum, Ms. Salam and all of good will,

    Modern “Israel” will fall. It is really occupied Palestine.

    Allah ‘azza wa jall, gave it to the sons of Ishmael. It is theirs and NOT the Jews.

    BarakAllah fiik,

    Ma assalaamah,

    Steve in Vista

  • Joe

    I recommend that everyone read “The Earliest Hate Criminals” which is on engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Joe

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