KISSING the Criminal Zionists

Sharp criticism from the Palestinian political leaders was sent to the negotiators who KISSED the Israeli Zionist negotiators, these war criminal, during the meetings held under the so-called “dialogue and peace negotiations”. Those 000_7591meetings, which all Palestinian political leaders describe as useless, unsuccessful and absurd, and which lead to further concessions and theft of what is left of Palestinian land. The criticism was very clear during the speech of the vice-President of the Palestinian National Council, Tayseer Quba’a, who attended the First General Conference of the Palestinian Federation in the Diaspora which took place in Vienna on May 30 2009.

Quba’a said that it would be better if the Palestinians exchange the kisses between themselves rather than exchanging kisses with the Israeli criminals. He meant in his stinging, comical and symbolic criticism the Palestinian negotiators who KISSED the Israeli Zionists and ignore the feelings of Palestinian prisoners and the families of the Zionists victims who were murdered by these same people, and at the same time have failed to achieve National reconciliation with other Palestinian parties, such as Hamas. At the same time Quba’a mentioned in his stinging criticism the continued estrangement between the Palestinian National Authority and Hamas, and he believes that exchanging KISSES with Hamas leaders by the Palestinian negotiators and the PA would be much better than KISSING the Zionist war criminals of Israel.

Tayseer Quba’a wondered:  “If our (meaning the PA) difference with Hamas is 000_7658ideological, then I can’t understand how we can go beyond the ideological difference with the Israeli Zionists and KISS them?”. He emphasized the urgent need to restore unity between the Palestinian National Authority and Hamas. He called upon the Palestinian National unity, saying “we need unity between all the Palestinians whether Fatah, Hamas, Jihad, Popular Front, Democratic Front … We need Unity far away from our political loyalties”. He also called upon the unity between the Palestinians in the Diaspora, saying that we have to learn how to reach and to win the European public opinion with all it’s sectors: politicians, artists, journalists, singers, students … and that we also need to build a new Palestinian generation in Europe.

Tayseer Quba’a promised at the end of his speech to work for the reform of the Palestinian National Council in order to have a new Council which on the basis of election which represent the different Palestinian parties.

6 comments to KISSING the Criminal Zionists

  • Salaam al-Maseeh

    Assalaamu alaykum, Ms. Salam,

    Shukran, very well written and well reported.

    It is well past time for any serious resistance to the Zionist-American onslaught to even think about compromising with the Israeli War Criminals. A united front including all Palestinians and Iraqis and Afghanis and Pakistanis and all people of good will throughout the world is required now. May God make it happen.

    BarakAllah fiik,

    Steve in Vista

  • Steven Edger

    Hello Kawther,
    I enjoy your posts and believe that one day the oppressors and invaders of Palestine and many other countries including the US will meet their just deserts.
    Steven Edger
    Lexington Ky

  • KatzFreedman

    I knew the Israelis were gay, but what’s this about Palestinians kissing them??? How sick is that? You slaughter my baby, and I kiss you??

  • E. Smith

    This would be like kissing Stalin with thousands out of sight dying in the gulags.
    The Israeli government has brought itself in to such disrepute that no intelligent and informed person in the world would want to aplologise for its actions any longer. The problem with bulllies is they dont know when world opinion has turned against them.
    Very sad for all concerned.

    Peace be with you.

  • anon

    Israel is desperately trying to bait the world into ww3 . They could careless about popular opinion because they believe they have shaped it for long enough after a major war and world wide catastrophe they will start up their printing presses and msmedia to indoctrinate the people again. It is a formulaic process they have used for centuries. the matrix is as old as the khazari tribe and it got upgraded with the rothchild’s fractional reserve banking system. all the symbols on the u.s. dollar tell the story quite well.

  • Prabu

    FUCK of Israel. The big terorism country.

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