Diary From the Ruins of Gaza

In one of the most beautiful areas of Gaza, near the beach and the beautiful sea. The driver of our vehicle stopped in front of the ruins of a big house. Spontaneously I asked why we stopped near dsc_5351athis particular house, said Austrian-Arab Dr. Tarek Afifi who was in Gaza with a delegation organized by the Federation of Austrian-Arab Doctor and the Austrian organization Saar, The “Society for Austro-Arab Relations”.

“This was Abu Ammar’s house, the house of President Arafat, who died under the Israeli siege in Ramallah.”

I turned my face toward Fritz Edlinger, one of the organizers of our trip to Gaza. Arafat in Camp DavidEdlinger said that in the nineties he had been here, in this house, together with the former Austrian Chancellor Franz Vranitzky. He remembered that they heard music when arriving at this house. “When we heard the music, I told myself that I know this music, but I did not know what it was exactly. Imagine Dr. Tarek, what music it was!! It was the national anthem of Austria”.
Edlinger ended his talk laughing hysterically, until his tears fall down.

“Fritz Edlinger is well known as a strong person; he never expressed his feelings before others. He always controlled that, but before that house he laughed in a hysterical way until he cried. I don’t know if he cried of laughing, or if he cried because of his own memories”, said Dr. Tarek Afifi.
The Poisoning of President Yasser Arafat

In July 1994, former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat returned to Gaza. That dsc_5802asame year he received the Nobel Prize for Peace. On Monday 8/1/2001 he rejected the proposals submitted by then US President Bill Clinton to the Palestinians and the Israelis. The proposal was to renounce the Palestinian Right of Return.

The criminal Israeli occupation forces surrounded the presidential headquarters of Arafat in the late March 2002, and besieged him inside his office in Al-Moqata in Ramallah in West Bank. After 30 months of siege, the health of Arafat deteriorated suddenly. Some traitors who works in his office gave him poison in coordination with Israel and the US. On 27 October 2004, dsc_5800aPresident Arafat was transferred to a hospital in France via Jordan. He died in a military hospital in Paris on November 11, 2004. His body was transferred to Ramallah for burial in Al-Moqata, near the place where he was besieged and poisoned. Until this day, the Palestinian Attorney General has not investigated, or arrested anybody from the group of criminals, the suspected Palestinian-Israeli traitors who poisoned the Palestinian President. They are all known by their first and last names, and their addresses are also known.

1 comment to Diary From the Ruins of Gaza

  • Salaam al-Maseeh

    Dear Ms. Salam,

    President Arafat was a brave man and defender of Palestine.

    Poison is the act of the ultimate cowards. May God judge them, and reward them justly in hell.

    Please keep reporting Ms. Salam.

    BarakAllah feek

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