The Israeli Murderer Who Eats Chocolate While …

After the return of the delegation of the Federation of Austrian-Arab Doctor from their visit to Gaza, where they could see the devastation and destruction left by the Israeli war machine during the so-called “Operation Cast Lead”, a meeting was held in Vienna where Dr. Tarek dsc_0090aAfifi, who was in the delegation, told his colleagues about his observation in Gaza. He described his feelings during the visit in such awful words that they can not be described in an English language. He said, that he felt death inside him during his visit to Izbat Abed Rabbo, a small village of farmers near Beit Lahia in the north-east of Gaza Strip. He said that the smell of death was suffocating when he saw the ruins of a big house and the pieces of an ambulance buried under it. In the windows of ambulance he saw some pieces of clothes of the medical team which was killed inside the ambulance while trying to get out victims of the Israeli bombing.

Dr. Afifi then related the story of Abu Tareq, Mohammad Abed Rabbo, a volunteer worker in charge of the so-called camp which was established on the ruins of Izbat Abed Rabbo. Abu Tareq had told him how they murdered two of his children before his eyes, and also the story of the three young girls (Samer age of 9, Amal age of 7, and Sahar age of 4) who were murdered by an Israeli criminal while he was eating chocolate.

Abu Tarek said that when the ambulance came to evacuate the three young girls dsc_5416ato the hospital, the Israeli criminal, the same soldier who had murdered the girls, shot a rocket on the house, which collapsed over the ambulance and everybody inside the house. Abu Tarek said that another Palestinian who was riding a carriage pulled by a horse passed by the victims and he tried to help get them out, but the jewish soldiers completed their massacre by shooting the horse and his owner.

Dr. Tarek also mentioned the medical situation in the hospitals of Gaza. He dsc_0094arelated that 500 kidneys patients face death because the filters for the kidney support equipment is over. He also mentioned the miserable situation at the Egyptian border at Rafah, and how the Egyptian workers at the border are unfriendly and humiliate the people who want to access Gaza. He said that the visit of his delegation to Gaza had been coordinated with the Egyptians at the Rafah border, but that after their arrival at 7AM, the Egyptians said that the intelligence officer in charge of opening the border had not arrived. But “soon” took hours: at 2PM they Egyptians said that the officer had arrived but the border was closed for the day, and invented that the Arab Doctors visit was not coordinated. Then they asked again, and they were finally allowed to cross the border after seven more hours of waiting. Dr. Afifi saw many people waiting at the Rafah border, among them a Christian Peace delegation praying while they waited for admission to Gaza. They told him that they had been praying there during the last four days.

17 comments to The Israeli Murderer Who Eats Chocolate While …

  • I truly wonder, what kinda peace can be made with those criminals?

    That’s what Israeli are, they fight by machine guns when carry a knife and by Apache and tanks when you have a gun!
    They are shame to humanity.

  • STEVe

    Our media lies to us while bombs drop,
    Feeding us trivia, sports and poppycock.
    Our so-called leaders play both sides,
    While palastinians cry and their babys die.
    Obama the savior, Bush the demon.
    But who is behind them both so evil,
    Masons, Illuminati, Lucifer the Dijjal?
    how about ALL OF THE ABOVE from this New World Order Crowd.

  • I think the reason the Israeli masonic zionists want to eliminate the Palestinians is because they know that they have more Hebrew blood in them than they ever had or will have, and thus , according to their own paradigm are more entitled to the land than they themselves will ever be.

  • idontknowanynamesplsssleavemeinpeace

    the murders are not human they are some sort of rats…look at theyr eyes and they are filthy

  • mark

    there are english words…..genocide….mass murder….teachings of Adolph Hitler. The Last Israeli Politician to champion peace was murdered by a yuppie puppy – who laughed at his crime….

  • mark

    Time to talk ‘war crimes’ in Geneva – murdering children, UN workers, women – all of it is indictable; good to see the Spanish have set a standard by keeping Writs ready at all ports of entry. Let us join them! Say ‘no’ to murder

  • Eyes Wide Open

    “Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same”. Job 4

    Soon Israel will be judged, this is the end for the Zionists, As with Satan tbey know their time is short and will make a fatal mistake that will leave the abomination apon humanity a smoking ruins. This time the world will not feel sorrow for the Jew, but will spit on the dirt & curse the disease of hatred, immorality and ursury they proliferated among the nations.

    Rev 2:9 & 3:9

  • kalidas

    how do they think they can do these things and not be damned?
    I know how.

  • John Ball

    Shame on Israel. An abomination in this world. Justice will be served to its leaders and its supporters.

  • leo

    the people who claim the land of palistine as their own are imposters ,Kahzars, they have no claim to it ,they are the seed of satan.

  • Cat Callahan

    These assholes control everything that goes on in the US! If you want to be frightened, read the Talmud as it says it is just fine to kill gentiles as we are no more than cattle! It says it is fine to cheat gentiles in business,etc. And all right to murder them! No wonder the (redacted ) happened! What GOES around COMES around!

  • L

    It must be nice to be a Jew. They are entiled with rights nobody else has. They cannot be accused of anything and are above the law. Any valid criticisms of them are considered a hate crime. In effect, they are Untouchables.

    They are Narcissists on steroids.

    God pity them for their evil deeds.

    God help us all.

  • Esther Cohen

    As long as it was Kosher chocolate he did a wonderful mitzvah.

  • V

    “all animals are equal
    but some animals are more equal than others”

    george orwell – animal farm

  • mmmark

    And as if we NEEDED a reason why ZIONISTS (and that is what she a ZIONIS, not a JEW, I grew up with Jews in my family) are bound for the rubbish heap pf history like the vile animals they are…we have the PERFECT quote by Esther Cohen. Thank You, Esther.
    ZIONISTS are the Nile Perch fish of humanity: The will eat all other fish in the lake, and then, looking around, and finding themselves completely alone, WITH NOTHING MORE TO EAT, they will slowly physically and emotionally starve, and shortly be forgotten by the tides of history which will wash this most gisgusting version of humanity from our collective memories….
    mark_lentine [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Mike Adkison

    If it was kosher chocolate he did a wonderful mitzvah? And you people can’t figure out why you’ve been despised throughout history? And then you whine on and on and on about the lie of the holocaust. You people are disgusting, plain and simple.

  • Ritz Crackers

    Oh yes, those paragons of mercy and reason…. the SPANISH… HAHA!!!

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