The Double Standards of Europe

In this photo you can see the Israeli Knesset member Michael Ben Ari (right) of the radical Israeli National Union party of the illegal settlers standing at the door of an illegal caravan, which he installed as his settler“parliament office” in the Palestinian Shu’fat refugee camp in East Jerusalem. Ben-Ari stated that he was in his mobile office as a declaration that Jerusalem is a Jewish capital of the Israeli state which will never be divided or given to others.

This is the criminal Israeli government, which Europe and the International community accepts and deals with. It is the same European countries and the MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSsame international community who boycotted the Palestinian government, and imposed starvation and genocide on all the Palestinian nation as a “protest” against the Islamic Hamas winning the previous legal election of 2006, elections which European observers declared to have been clean. Double standards and a shameful support for the most radical, criminal elements of the state of Israel who won their last election because of their clear advertisement for ethnic cleansing, saying that they would throw out all Arabs, even those with Israeli ID, from our homeland, and crushing the Palestinians after 61 years of Nakba (catastrophe) and 42 years of criminal occupation.

7 comments to The Double Standards of Europe

  • torus

    I live in Canada and feel ashamed of our shameless government who bows to Israel.


  • Jennifer Hor

    When one sees the kind of leaders who represent Europe – people such as Gordon Brown (UK), Nicolas Sarkozy (France), Angela Merkel (Germany) and Silvio Berlusconi (Italy – one realises no more and no less can be expected of them. Unfortunately the Australian government is practically the same as Europe and the US in its attitude towards the plight of the Palestinians. Every one of these damned politicians falls into lockstep behind the pro-Israeli lobby groups.

  • Let’s be honest should Israel even exist as a country they are causing a lot of trouble in the Middle East? If the Allies wanted to give the Jewish religion a homeland after the war they should have been given part of Germany such as Bavaria. How come the Gypies or Gays were not given a homeland they suffered under the Nazis too?
    I have many Jewish friends who agree with my comments.

  • Archie1954

    Perhaps the only way to even the odds is to prohibit the Zionist lobbies from setting up shop in our countries. These lobbies have proven to be dangerous to our form of democracy. They are extremely well funded to the point of buying the votes necessary to carry any argument and resolution in our legislatures. Unfortunately human nature being what it is, our legislators are subject to venality and these lobbies exploit that fact.

  • Milovitch

    When the Palestinian terrorist quit shooting the first missile toward Israel in every conflict then maybe then they will have a voice. UNtil then Israel is a victim of the Palestinian radical Islamic segments that only go to divide the innocents of both Israeli and Palestinian people! The terrorist are winning as their goal is being achieved, you guy all hate Israelis, that’s one point for the terrorist. Mission accomplished, divide and cause hatred!

  • H.F. Wolff

    Kawther Salam, so much for your intellectual honesty, right??

    You wish others to acknowledge your suffering, but you are unwilling to acknowledge the root cause of much of the western world’s difficulties.

    My essay which you chose to delete presented sound data and irrefutable logic. But the likes of you live with window dressing and arm waving. So be it.

    H.F. Wolff

    The contents of “Your essay which I chose to delete” is illegal in this jurisdiction, and since I am assuming the legal responsibility for this blog, it is my privilege to remove posts such as yours. Beyond that, this is not a forum to discuss the holocaust of the jews in Europe, period. This website is about the illegal occupation of my homeland Palestine by European and American jews.

  • H.F. Wolff

    “…this is not a forum to discuss the holocaust of the jews in Europe, period. This website is about the illegal occupation of my homeland Palestine by European and American jews.”

    Do you really fail to see the connection?

    Read a report by Mearsheimer and Walt, two respected USA academicians, who wrote about the power and influence of AIPAC on USA domestic and foreign policies.

    The holocaust is used by the Zionists to deflect any and all criticisms of their actions no matter how reprehensible; and to stop this it is imperative to remove any and all excuses they hide behind.

    Hence my essay, which is factual and logical. You might wish to get an opinion on it from the local authorities… do it in the format that you found this writing and you think that it is illegal.

    Remember, to stop the internationally condemned activities of the Zionists we must remove the shield they hide behind, namely the lies of the holocaust. Without accomplishing this first I am afraid that all we are doing is tilting at windmills.

    H.F. Wolff

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