Slaves Under The Inhuman Israeli Occupation

The Israeli military occupation under the criminal brigade of Lt. Col. Udi ben Muha has turned the Palestinians who live in the heart of Hebron into slaves who have no rights even in their own houses in Dict01the heart of the city where their families have lived for centuries. In Hebron, the Palestinians are not allowed to repair the doors, the windows, the electricity, the kitchen … even when the feces and the dirt overflow the toilets of Palestinian houses, it is not permissible for them to repair the defects in the toilet without asking the office of the criminal commander for permission.

This is a real, inhuman, farce, and part of the daily life which the Palestinians endure in the heart of the city of Hebron. This inhuman farce is unknown in the world and to the institutions  which defend human rights in Europe and America, Dicy05simply because the international media never reports about these atrocious and criminal „policies” of Israel, and even the supposedly responsible Palestinian authorities help to cover up these violations of the most basic of human rights of the Palestinians living under the Israeli military occupation. Since 1967 and until now, each Israeli military commander who has served in Hebron is zionist war criminal who has subjected the Hebronite citizens to horrors and abuses beyond the imagination of normal human beings, and each one of these perverted, sick minds has been worse than the previous ones.

The story of the horrific behavior of the Israeli soldiers who invaded yesterday night Al- Mutahseb house in Hebron and destroyed everything came as a result of repairing the door of their house.
According to Paulette Schroeder, a member of the Christian Peace Maker Team in Diah06Hebron, at 8:45 pm May 17, the IDF invaded the Mutahseb family home near the Mosque in H2 area of Hebron.  The family had made a new doorway from one of their rooms to the next apartment they rented, but the Border Police Captain said they had not asked his permission. After confiscating all their ID’s, the Border Police ordered everyone together in one open space of their home. They pushed furniture around, then pulled out clothes and bedding from drawers, making general disorder throughout the house.

A family member called CPT at 9:00 pm requesting they document the home Digt03invasion. When Tarek Abuata and Paulette Schroeder arrived, the captain ordered them out of the area.  Abuata and Schroeder exited the Mosque checkpoint but stayed nearby to observe. The captain ordered the family out of their house. When Abuata and Schroeder returned inside the gate to be with the family, three soldiers grabbed Abuata and forcibly pushed both him and Schroeder back through the turnstiles and checkpoint gate.

The captain ordered the Mutahseb family to seal up the doorway, and if they did Imais03not do this within a short time, he himself would seal it.  He threatened that he would also keep the family on the other side of the gate, preventing them from reentering their home.  One of the family replied to the Captain’s command:  “I’ll not promise you that we will reseal it.  Maybe we will. Maybe we won’t.  This is our home.”

Hunger and Thirst in Hebron

Forty thousand Palestinians live in the heart of old city of Hebron under the Dicy01Israeli occupation. 90% of the Palestinians suffer of thirst and the shortage of water. The Jewish squatters steal the water, irrigating their gardens and filling their swimming pools with the water stolen from us Palestinians while we depend on contaminated wells. The families collect the drinking water from the public toilets of the Abraham mosque. Each person shower once in the month. The children suffer anaemic scars, and their families suffer of poverty.

The Israeli occupation stole everything, and forced the Palestinians to leave their homes. It’s a criminal policy of ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

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