Viennese Tax Payers on the Beach of Tel Aviv

Me: Here is my Press Card, can I pass from here?
The Austrian Police: No
The Israeli security: if you are invited, then you can pass in ten minutes.
Me: Since when is the Austrian police closing the streets for Journalists?
The Austrian Police: Since Today.
Me: Why, what’s going on?
The Austrian Police: There is a special celebration.
Me: That’s fine, I am a journalist, and I want to take part with you in the the celebration.
The Austrian Police: That’s not possible.
Me: Why? Last Friday the Austrian Prime Minister and the Major of Vienna were in the Millennium City, and all the streets where open, the people go and come freely. Are the people who celebrate here so criminal that they are scared from journalists?

The place of this discussion was near the Donau Kanal, which was suddenly 2009_03_06-151aconverted by the city of Vienna, headed by the SPO, into “Tel Aviv Beach” in order to cover and celebrate the  abject crimes of the Israeli occupation in the Gaza concentration camp and in the cities of the West Bank. This is not the first time that the City of Vienna has adopted and financed the activities of the massive crimes of the Israeli occupation to build their “State” on the ruins of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian cities and towns which were razed up to the ground after the  mass murder of the Palestinian owners. Sixty one years after the Palestinian Catastrophe, (Nakba), and 42 years of the Israeli occupation and a couple of months after the last criminal rampage of Israel in Gaza. All of this is ignored by City of Vienna, and the Austrian Socialist Party SPÖ, which until rules over the city.

Last summer the city of Vienna allowed Israel to place propaganda for Israel. A 2009_03_06-293atramway drove along the streets of Vienna advertising to tourists to go to Israel. But the makeup which the city of Vienna tries to help paint on the ugly face of Israel, did not help. The salon has never helped an ugly face to be beautiful. Also, some years ago the city of Vienna named a square “Theodor Herzl Platz” in memory of the spiritual father of the Zionist movement.

All what the Viennese and the city of Vienna remember is the Holocaust, which 2009_03_06-342atook place in Europe. This holocaust has affected all the Palestinians and brought us a disaster called Israel, and the Israeli occupation. What ever the Israeli criminals did, murders, massacres, illegal detentions, vandalism and massive theft from Palestinians, the authorities of the city of Vienna apparently don’t care. They see no guilt in those who commit so many crimes against us, but see in us Palestinians the guilty people, always. The fact is that the we Palestinians are the real victims of the European Holocaust, until this day.

To be a real victim of the holocaust, but at the same time to be considered guilty b08216162941is too much. To be survivors of the holocaust and to occupy the land of another nation, to massacre its people, is a crime too. In August of 2002 I was expelled from my homeland Palestine, by these descendants of survivors of the Holocaust. These “survivors” (as they call themselves) who stole from my family and my relatives land and other property in 1948, who expelled my parents from their land in 1948 and stole everything, who stole my home in 1997, expelled me in 2002 and forced me to flee to Vienna in order to survive their crimes. I am a survivor of a campaign of genocide against my people which goes on until this day.

We, the Palestinians, are not against that the city of Vienna, or the p03SPÖ remembering the Holocaust. It is part of the history of this city. But we feel insulted when the city of Vienna ignores 61 years of our Nakba, and 42 years of occupation, as we are the victims of the victims of the Holocaust. We are not against the city of Vienna or the SPÖ supporting Israel, but we are against the SPÖ and the authorities of the city of Vienna turning their face away from human rights and covering the Israeli p02crimes. We are against SPÖ and the authorities of the city of Vienna celebrating the crimes against us when Austria is participant in International treaties which clearly state that genocide is nothing to be celebrated, and we are against the SPÖ and the authorities of the city of Vienna denying the historic fact that many, many Jews from Vienna were and are perpetrators and accomplices of the genocide against us Palestinians.

We are definitely against the SPÖ and the authorities of the city of Vienna b08212135725presenting the state of the Israeli occupation as a state of culture in Vienna, when this does not correspond to the facts, and this is only possible by denying the true nature of Israel. The taxes of the Viennese should be serving the interests of the Viennese people, and in these difficult times they should not be diverted into public relations actions which serve only to cover up the true, criminal face of Israel in Vienna, and which do not serve the interests of the Viennese people in any way. Who cares about a “Tel Aviv Beach” in Vienna? Nobody. These days, everybody is worried about the increasing numbers of jobless people in this city and about the increase in imported criminality due the opening borders of Europe.

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