Sun in Tel Aviv and Fire in Gaza

(Sun in Tel Aviv and Fire in Gaza) is a daily protest on the other side of the “Tel Aviv Beach ” farce at the Donau Kanal here in Vienna, which takes place under the auspices of Major Dr. Michael Häupl, 2009_03_06-150awho won the last election with the voices of the Arab and Muslim Communities. The protest is also in memory of the Palestinian victims who were murdered during the so-called “Operation Cast Lead” and their surviving families, who are still jailed in Gaza turned into a concentration camp after the world turned the back on them. The pro-Palestinian protest activities will continue on the Donau Kanal until the end of summer of 2009.

The aim of the pro-Palestinian protesters is to remind the Austrian authorities that after 42 years the Palestinians still live under Israeli occupation, and that we are the real victims of the European Holocaust since the illegal establishment of Israel in Palestine.

May 10, 2009 was the first day when Palestinians and pro-Palestinians 2009_03_06-434aprotested on the Donau Kanal. Hundreds of Palestinians, and also Austrians, among them women and children, demonstrated in front of the so-called “Tel Aviv Beach”, on the Donau Kanal at 16 pm. The demonstrators released black balloons inscribed with the words (Freedom for Palestine) and linked with Palestinians flags both sides of the Donau Kanal in front of the “Tel Aviv Beach” where pro-Israelis, Jews, many Israeli were standing and sitting.

The demonstration was organized by several Austrian and slamic organizations. 2009_03_06-306aAmong the organizers were professor Leo Gabriel (an Austrian Jew), coordinator of the platform “Gaza muss Leben”, Abdullah Adel, the Secretary General of the Palestinian Union, Fritz Edlinger, Secretary General of the “Society for Austro-Arab Relations” in Vienna, Paula Abrams, “Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East”,  Franz Sieder, a Catholic priest, Dr. Tammam Kelani, President of Arab-Austrian Federation of Doctors and Pharmacists, the Palestinian Engineer Said Khadra from Palestinian Forum, Jamal Morad from Islamic organization in Vienna, Oliver Jonischkeit, also from “Gaza muss Leben” and many others.

The demonstrators chanted and raised many signs, among them (Right of 2009_03_06-182aReturn for Palestine, Gaza must live, Stop the occupation). The organizers also gave speeches about the history of Palestine and the Israeli crimes and massacres since 1948 until today.
As grateful as I am towards all these organizations and persons, I must confess that I am ashamed of my own people. Many well-known Palestinians who are always present at events with food and drink, at the UN or at the banquets of the various political parties, were conspicuously absent, like always, and the same must sadly be said about many others, who only appear when a lamb is roasted.

Gaza Blockade
Professor Leo Gabriel and Paula Abrams spoke over a loudspeaker and 2009_03_06-311areminded the Israelis and the pro-Israeli people present on the other side of the Donau Kanal that one and a half million Palestinian are living in Gaza under a siege, blocked behind barbed wire and military tanks which have turned the city into a concentration camp and a real prison of life. Professor Gabriel said that the living conditions in Gaza are miserable, that there is a lack of food, medicines and clean water, that there is poverty, and restricted electricity supply. He added that the conditions in Gaza are deteriorating rapidly, the Israeli army cordons the Gaza Strip and bombs the city almost daily. He said that hundreds of sick people died because of the shortage of medicine, and at the Israeli borders at the entrances of Gaza.

An Israeli TV crews was seen filming on the side of the Palestinian demonstrators. They stopped a few meters behind the Austrian police, far away of the Palestinian demonstrators, scared as always.

Naked Foreigners in the Middle of the Conservative Austrians

On the other side of the Donau Kanal, in front of the demonstrators, there was 2009_03_06-275a“Tel Aviv Beach” written on a blue big tent which was being prepared for Jews, Israelis and a pro-Israel celebration. Along the so-called “Tel Aviv Beach” on the Donau Kanal, hundreds of Israelis were exposing themselves naked in the middle of the city and of the rather conservative Austrians, who themselves are never seen naked at in their own city – there exist places where bathing naked is permitted, and women are allowed topless into some public swimming pools and bathes. The Israelis were seen swimming in a swimming pool which is set on a ship close to the main street, and which is was not known to me to be a location for naked bathing.

Along the Donau, sand was seen spread everywhere, and Jew were sitting here 2009_03_06-450aand there in groups, the majority were stripped of cloths. Many coffees set up for them brought sand to the Donau Kanal. Many stands were selling different things which these people represent as “their” culture, but which in fact represent other cultures, like the stolen Hommus and Falafel meals, which from being traditional Palestinian food somehow became “typical” of these European invaders.

Israeli Security in Vienna Provokes the Public
At the Tel Aviv Beach and on the streets near the Donau Kanal, Israeli “security” 2009_03_06-425athugs were busy nosing around and provoking passers by. Some of them were working among the Austrian Police and even with police uniforms from the police here, and others were working alone on the streets, exposing their Paranoia by chasing innocent people and scaring them. I saw and identified these Israeli thugs very easy. All of them running around in cheap civilian clothes, following anybody who called their attention at close-up distance, like street dogs in heat. Like this I saw them running behind young and old, men and women. They came here to treat the Austrians in the same abusive and obnoxious ways as they behave in the occupied territories.

Other Israeli thugs were among the Austrian Police. They were all nervous and 2009_03_06-269aobviously paranoid, as usual, and even more after the Palestinian demonstrators chanted against Israeli occupation. Two of these Israelis chased me and others in the street. One of them was wearing a black suit and glasses. He came next to me pushing me to the side of cars in the street, and he and his colleagues became very nervous after they saw some people photographing them from the side over the river of the blue tent. I looked very angry at the security man who came very close to me and he scurried away.

Another Israeli security man wearing civil clothes was standing near the U-Bahn 2009_03_06-270astation on near the Donau Kanal. He was chasing everybody and watching the movement in the streets, following some people, walking behind them until they left the area.

I wonder how the Austrian authorities allowed these paranoid freaks from Israel to work in “security” on the streets of Vienna, molesting and frightening the people in that way. The Austrian Police blocked the area from both sides near the tent. An Austrian police boat was seen in the Donau Kanal all the time, and many Austrian officials and Israeli criminals where supposed to come to the tent to share with the Israelis in the opening of their “Tel Aviv Beach”.

Why should the city of Vienna and and the Austrian taxpayers pay for the 2009_03_06-461aIsraeli Paranoia and molestations?  Why should the Viennese public be disturbed by letting these less than professional but all the more paranoid thugs from Israeli loose in the streets? Vienna is a quite city and everybody respect the laws, and there is absolutely no need for these Israeli terrorists to export their paranoia to Vienna. The “security” paranoia and molesting the people is a well known tactic of the criminal Israeli occupation, who occupies all the rooftops of the Palestinian houses during the visits of the Israeli terrorists to the Jewish settlements.

More Photos,see here

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