Survivor Testimony of Israeli Holocaust in Gaza

The Palestinian Center for the Defense of Prisoners confirmed that the Israeli occupation forces committed war crimes in a deliberate and planned way during its aggression “Operation Cast Lead” against the Gaza Strip, which lasted p13about 23 days. The IOF executed Palestinians who were arrested from their houses in cold blood, either by shooting them directly by launching missiles and rockets at them. The Center reports that the testimonies of survivors of the assault on Gaza confirmed the status of the executions of these “prisoners of war”, and that the occupation forces violated  the international war-crimetreaties and conventions which clarify the rights of prisoners of armed conflicts. The testimonies confirm that the prisoners were executed a few kilometers away from their houses, and that there were among them children in some cases aged only months, women, and old men.
According to Maisa’a Fawzi Al-Samouni, aged 19, a Palestinian from the MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSAl-Zeitoun neighborhood, the soldiers took her together with her daughter, aged nine months, and about thirty other persons of the Al-Samouni family, to the house of one of her relatives, Wael Al-Samouni, aged 40. The house of Wael is made of concrete, it has about two hundred square meters. According to Maisa’a, “first we were 30 persons, and then we became about 70 persons in Wael’s house. We were forced to stay in this house until the following day without water or food”.

Maisa’a continues: “In the morning of the next day, at about sixth o’clock, the al-samoni-familymassa-5Israeli soldiers fired at people who tried to leave the house to bring their relatives some food, and after a while the Israeli tanks fired shells at the house where everybody was”. She added:  “when the shell landed in the house, I threw myself on the ground over my daughter to protect her. Smoke and dust spread everywhere. I heard screams and crying, and when the smoke dissipated, I looked around me I saw that twenty to thirty people were dead, “martyrs” and about twenty wounded”.

Maisa’a was lightly injured, her daughter lost three of her fingers. Maisa’a lost her husband, his parents and seven members of her close family.

The International Committee of the Red Cross accused the Israeli army of p06denying their paramedics access to the Al-Zeitoun neighborhood. The ICRC stated that the Israeli army did not allow ambulances to reach many homes in the Al-Zeitoun neighborhood where Palestinian civilians were executed by the IOF.  The ICRC further reported that their Paramedic teams rescued 18 injured persons in the Al- Zeitoun neighborhood and recovered 12 bodies from the rubble of a house. The ICRC considered that the Israeli delay in granting the paramedic team permission to arrive to the victims as unacceptable, they described the incident as “shocking”.

The United Nations has also said that the Israeli army killed in a bombing 30 p04among 110 Palestinian civilians were rounded up in another house in Gaza City. The UN’s top human rights official, Navi Pillay, called for an independent investigation of possible war crimes and violations of international human rights laws in Gaza and Israel. Navi Pillay also said that UN human rights monitors must be deployed in Israel as well as in Gaza and the West Bank to document violations and their perpetrators.

The United Nations Office for the humanitarian Activities Coordination stated al-samoni-family-massacre-1that they collected certified testimonies which indicated that the Israeli soldiers, on the fourth of January 2009, had gathered about 110 Palestinians in one house in the Al-Zeitoun neighborhood (half of them children) and ordered them to stay at house, and after 24 hours they bombed the house several times – in a deliberate and intentional way – resulting the death of thirty people. The UN office added in the statement that surviving people who were able to walk a distance of two kilometers had arrived at the Salah Al-Din Street, where they were taken to hospitals in civilian cars.  The youngest child among these survivor was five months. He died after he arrived the hospital. The UN statement described the incident as one of the most serious incidents since the start of the Israeli operations in the Gaza Strip in December 27, 2008.

7 comments to Survivor Testimony of Israeli Holocaust in Gaza

  • manuel

    of course these are all lies to demonize the jews, they are just defending against terrorism. it was easier and cheaper bring hell to gaza than to place some sort of toy missile interceptor.

    hypocrites, the worst kind of evil there is.

  • Wideawake

    Speechless! Just Speechless!
    Real JEWS don’t commit genocide. These Zionist imposters work for Satan and disguise themselves as Jews.
    They can’t seat the antichrist in Israel until they remove all the Palestinians so they can build their temple to seat him there!
    The real Jews know it! The Christians know it! the Muslims know it!
    But we all know how the story ends! May they burn in hell!

  • Axe

    “Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” — Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin (1977-1983) in a speech to the Knesset. [Correction. That should read:] “Our race is the Inferior Race. We Jews are a Cancer on this planet. We are as different from the Superior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are Gods. Our race is considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to crawl under their feet. Our earthly cesspool will be ruled by our leader satan. The masses will wipe their asses with us and we will serve them best, Dead!

  • mario

    “Real JEWS don’t commit genocide. These Zionist imposters work for Satan and disguise themselves as Jews.”
    – well said wideawake, Judaism and Zionism are two different things.

  • milidude

    When the philistines(present day palestinians) are terminated from this area, the las anchor of GOD’S chosen people will have been forcefully removed and murdered from this territory. the talmudic/ashkenazi-jew is the fraud and the illegal occupier of this region. the palestinians(both torah-jew and muslim) inhabited this area for 1000’s of years TOGHETHER AND IN HARMONY, SHARING THEIR FOOD, AND BABYSITTING EACH OTHER’S TRIBES CHILDREN!. WHEN THIS GENOCIDE IS COMPLETE OR THE PEOPLE OF PALESTINE ARE REMOVED, THEN THE AL-AQSA MOSQUE(true 2nd temple of GOD) will be destroyed by the nazi-jews, then their dajjal- antichrist will build the final temple there and demand worship as god of this world-THIS IS THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION, SHORTLY AFTER THE dajjal and his leggionne will be defeated and stricken to the bowels of hell, insh’Allah. The dome on the rock is not the al-aqsa mosque, which is the one the zionists are digging under and undermining the foundation of, just as they have done to mankind and this world since the inception of talmudic law and the fall of lucifer from the heavens. WATCH FOR THESE SIGNS.-

  • mohamed

    salemou 3alaikom, bellahi rahou elholocost ela9i 7adatha lil yahoude 3amlou “HETLARE” mala ach kam a3lihom ye7rkou fi la3rab”LES PALASINIANS” bellahi ya 3arbi koum t7arek chouf el3ebra fi ghazwet “BADER” rahou eli sayer fi palastine iji nhar wissire fi bled 3arabiya o5ra puisque les arabs sektine ala edholeme yaklou la3ssa weyadha7kou walahi 3are yebka fi historique mta3na yekrawah les prochaines generations wyabkaw issibou fikom wiibarawe minkom 5outhou el3ebra min”ORDOGANNE,TCHFEZE,MORALESSE” ye5i a3abe wala ana ghalet wa assalem wrabi yehdi.

  • Hello
    tks for photos edyes

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