Palestine is not Isreal

I received the following letter from a reader in the USA, Shareena Smith.

Dear Miss Salam,

My brother who is a reporter and was physically handled by the Israeli Defense Force sent me this bulletin asking me to let the American people know what is really going on 69in Palestine.
Note: Palestine is not Isreal. Isreal occupied Palestine (Gaza strip as well the West Bank when they were fighting with Lebanon), etc. They said they would leave but they really didn’t as they are saying. Because if they did, no Palestinian would have to pass through a checkpoint on their very soil. Isreal controls the American media. You may ask how?

This is because those stations like ABC, CNN, and NBC are owned by Zionist which have ties to AIPAC. Yes, they are the ones who are the lobbyist that OBAMA says he won’t take any support of but still he and Hillary Clinton addressed AIPAC not to long ago. Pres. Bush is carrying on the dream of his father of the “New World Order”. Also, AIPAC is the organization one responsible for implementing all those sanctions against Iraq and Iran.

It is the American people and its monies that Isreal needs support with. To ensure that 701they can occupy Palestine, and they can’t do it without the American people being blind as to support them with the finance that they need. Companies such as SARA LEE supports AIPAC. We give 3.2 billions dollars of our hardworking taxpayers dollars to Isreal every year. Almost 10 million dollars a day. Not to spend on their poor or for educational purpose but to build settlments in the occupied territories. Again, I ask, has Isreal complied with Geneva Convention law that they must not occupy another country? Isreal said they did but they are the ones giving the permits to build on Palestinian land these settlements. Paying any Jew at home in Isreal or abroad to live in these settlements with stipends  worth nearly 100,000. U.S dollars… Again: Why is Isreal giving out permits for building on Palestine when they are telling the world that they have left Palestine? They have not because they are still giving out permits to isrealites to build on Palestinian property.

Christians feel that they have the right to support Isreal because it is the birth place of JESUS CHRIST. However, many Christians don’t know, due to the Isreali censorship on their many American New Agencies, that Isreal is responsible for killing Arab Christian and Muslims in the “Nakbah” war, when Isreal conquered Jerusalem. Americans ask yourselves who’s war are you fighting. Its not yours.

Isreal is not just killing Muslims they are killing the Arab Christian population as well 34because initially they are considered Arabs. We are trained through the mass media to think its only Muslims because all that can be see on CNN etc. is Muslims carrying guns and bombs, blowing up themselves. I let you know that they are the ones who have the courage to step up with the small means they have against their oppressor ISRAEL, who walks around with American made bombs, amunition and war tanks. To get better news, tune on to BBC America,, etc. Just to let you know, they did arrest Amy Goodman. She is a reporter who tells the world the truth about what her goverment is doing. Like planning the takeover in Haiti. Yes, the NO.2 men who caused this are being paid by the U.S.

Next time you get a chance to talk with our President elect Barak Obama, ask him if he’s going to stop sending our hard earned tax payer dollar to Isreal to fight their war for world domination. He did claim that he isn’t going to take or support any lobbyist in Washington. Let see.

Any way please read our brother news about what is really happening in Palestine since 40you do know of the violence first hand. Pass it on to others. Americans must know that it is their government that is putting them in harms way and that Muslim do not hate them or just want to kill them because they are Christians. The U.S government is doing all this to create the NEW WORLD ORDER. Hey, the credit cards are here already, cloning is being done, Aids is here, and so much more.

8 comments to Palestine is not Isreal

  • josh

    We’ll if the jewss believed in Hell,they would kknow where they are going!!!

  • Cat Callahan

    If you take the time to READ the Talmud, you would see what the Jews REALLY think of Christians. I don’t know about you, but there is no way I support a religion that says Jesus is in hell and boiling in excrement! And that Mary was a whore and Jesus was fathered by a Roman Soldier! People wake up? Who do you think paid for the Georgia Guide rocks?

  • Kenji

    I really wish people had a little more discerning sense.
    Who the hell cares what Jewish theology states, actions are what matter, If the only reason your upset about Israel is you think Jews hate Jesus and Christians your not only detached from reality but also humanity. Israel is not the Jewish people. Yes Jews live there but there are Jews every where on this planet just like Muslims and Christians. Israel is detestable because they have no love for their human brothers and sisters. The Zionists invaded and created a country on someones elses country and act as if the world is theres. If you can’t understand that, and really believe all Jews are Zionist Nazi’s, your a stupid biggot.

  • Teri Scatchard

    We all know that Israel is a Rogue State.
    The sad thing is that Obama is an Israel Firster. He and Hillary
    Clinton vowed that their support of Israel was absolute and unyielding.
    They don’t give a rat’s ass for the stupid Americans because they actually admitted that in their speeches to AIPAC. They are greedy little
    pigs oinking around Washington licking up JEW-spit. Obama was selected by the ZIONISTS to hoodwink the DUMBO Americans.
    Using his blackness he will follow the orders of the ZIONIST JEWS
    and try to trick the world into disarming HAMAS, HIZBOLLAH, IRAN
    and SYRIA all for the benefit of those TALMUDIC MURDERERS, the
    Israelis and the Jews in America.
    Forever the Pantheon!

  • gary schofield

    Abraham’s childern have come a long way. At the time of polytheism–Abraham personally knew Yahweh–and he and Yahweh [also known as G_D to the jews– who were actually Judeans–the world Jew coined in the mid 20th century] decided to create this mutual appreciation pack which gives both [G_D and “Jews”] special privledges on planet earth. Along come the marauding Khazars of the Caucaus Mountains [who were wedged in between Constantine and Ghenis Khan] and converted to Judism to prevent a forced converstion to either Christianity [Constantine] or Islam [Khan], in 750 AD. Tha Khazar empire eventually fell and it’s people traveled to Russia and Eastern Europe. These Eastern European “Jews”–are referred as the Ashkenazi Jews [as in General Ashkenazi] and represent 85% of Israel’s “Jews” [10% Shephardic/5% Mizrahim]. It should be noted, that these Ashkenazi “Jews” are not semitic people [as our the Palestinians and as was Jesus] because genetically they are not from the Middel East. In fact, the Ashkeniz “Jews” are the most anti-semitic people in the world–with innumerable human rights violations against indigenous Jews and Arabs. Perhaps more to the point: Any non-Jew [approximately 99% of the worlds population] is either a Goy or Gentile–that includes Americans, Arabs, Africans, Brazilians, etc.. The book of law for the “Jew” and Jews is the Talmud. Within the Talmud–there are hundreds of comments which essentially describe the Goy as an unworthy cattle/beast fit for exploitation and slaughter by their G_D ordained masters– the Jews. So there is a biblical and psychological foundation for today’s Zionist Jew rationalizing the wanton destruction and murder of the Goy [in this particular case the Palestinian]. Finally, there were the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” [uncovered during the Bolshevik Revolution] and the more contemporary treatsie: “A Clean Break: A Strategy for Securing the Realm” prepared for Netanyahu by our very own NeoCons [most of whom are dual-israeli citizens]. The contents of these two documents, along with the various excepts of the Talmud and the very vivid and real human transgressions of the Askhenazi Zionists –should cleary illustrate to anyone willing to look– that these people [who have been expelled from 70 different countries] are hell-bent on taking over the planet [NWO] and G_D forbid should anyone attempt to stop them [it helps that they control the planets central banks–limitless funds for world domination]. So what to do: Acknowledge this information, break the mindlock [Sigmund’s nephew Bernay’s “Propaganda”], force internation law on this nuclear-armed state of terrorism, stop the funding and the sale of weapons, and seriously question the viability of the continued existance of this tiny cancer which has had such a negative impact on our tiny little garden planet. The trauma and disintegration will only continue [like an addiction] until these “people” are held in check and then assimilated [Redacted]. that’s what I’m talking about.

  • Mike S

    There is a good reason to take a close look at Zionism, for one thing it claims that non-Zionists aren’t entirely human. For another they cling to the belief that God gave them a huge chunk of the Middle East. If you look at how they are acting, and I agree this is really all that matters, you may have to agree that their (man made) religion justifies their genocidal behavior. They have defied dozens of UN resolutions related to occupying land that is NOT THEIRS for decades, and they are not backing down at all, they are upping the ante. I only wish the US (where I live) would stop funding them. FDR predicted that if they got Israel they would arm and cause no end of problems, he was exactly right. Too bad they didn’t get Tasmania, but then they’d be taking over Australia. Zionists are despicable immoral people who should NOT be allowed to lobby our Congress. No wonder they have to control the media with their lopsided views. Americans would reject them in a minute if they knew how they really acted. And indeed, the Middle East does not hate us, as the Bush administration told us, “because of our freedom”, they hate us because of our own immoral illegal actions. The blowback against this country is unfortunately going to be well deserved, and I am afraid the public won’t wake up to the truth in time to turn things around here to prevent the blowback from happening. I saw Bush (ugh) on TV, he’s self righteous to the end. He openly sneered when he said the word “politics” once, his arrogance and ignorance is extremely dangerous, I’m so glad McCain didn’t get elected to continue his insane policies.

  • Gazan

    I disagree with Kenji. If you want to know WHY Israel does what it does, and I think most of us here are seeking understanding, you must read the Talmud. It is the source of he Israeli rationale for treating non-Jews as they do. However, all Jews do not follow the Talmud in dealing with non-Jews. The majority of Jews worldwide are humane, decent people, but Jews of an extremist bent find their justification for racism against non-Jews in the Talmud, and the Israelis leadership are nothing if not extremist. Zionism, the ideology of Israel, has the same relationship to Judaism as German Nazism had to pagan Germanic religion. Ideologies tend to pick and choose among the tenets of a system of belief they intend to use to justify themselves, and to gain and maintain control of a people. For example, one of the greatest tenets of Judaism, probably THE greatest, is “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all they mind, with all thy strength, and with all thy soul; and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Christianity shares this tenet with Judaism. Extremist Jews interpret “thy neighbor” as referring only to Jews. Most Jews, however, consider it to refer to everyone. Most Jews are not extremists, just as most Christians and Muslims are not extremists. I would guess that even most Israelis are not extremists. Even though they seem to overwhelmingly support the IDF’s actions in Gaza (93% is one estimate), it’s probably because most of them are brainwashed into believing the propaganda of their government regarding the Palestinians of Gaza, just as most Americans are. Of course, that does not absolve Israelis of responsibility for their government’s actions; nor does it absolve Americans for their government’s support of Israel’s barbaric genocide. SOME Israelis and SOME Americans have been able to rise above their governments’ propaganda. If some are able to do it, all are; and if they don’t they must bear the responsibility for that.

  • Helen Dukke


    you cannot blame the people for feeling the way they do, they do not know who is a zionist and who isn’t. they see that isrl has been a very disturbed nation. even those jews who do not support isrl are still living on stolen lands. does this not make them part of the problem? their own people have made it impossible for the true jews to live in peace but you cannot blame the non jews for hating jews, they have all learned that it has always been jews who have been the problem throughout history.

    God said this land will one day go to the 12 tribes of isrl but most jews forget that they are not any part of the 12 tribes.

    My belief is that the original tribes have most likely converted as time went on everytime God sent down his words. only those who refuse God are living in isrl as if they were the chosen ones.

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