Israels Operation Cast Lead & Mass Executions

Kawther Salam: “Israel sowed horror, terror and death and will harvest a generation of Palestinian resistance”.

The Israeli military Operation “Cast Lead” is based on ethnic cleansing of the ittihad_news-4families of Palestinian politicians and resistance in Gaza. According to the cabinet of the criminal Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak, and the chief of the Israeli intelligence, Yuval Diskin, the military Operation “Cast Lead” must put an end to some political activists, Palestinian resistance and their families as the only solution to “decrease the terror” of revenge against Israel. According to these Israeli war criminals, the murder of the families of Palestinian political activists and resistance fighters is very important for the security of Israel. By murdering their families, Israel will guarantee that no revenge would be possible in the future.

I wonder, and I would ask the cabinet of the criminals Olmert and Barak if the Holocaust ittihad_newsput an end to Jews or not? Why are their criminal plans based on ethnic cleansing and terror, while they know that murdering these civilian families of the resistance and the politicians will never end the Palestinian resistance and the political activists. Israel itself is responsible for any revenge against Israel. The planners of the “Cast Lead” operation, the new holocaust in Gaza, are responsible for increased hate against Israel as well as against all the Jews of the world. This should be very clear to all Jews.
This attack is a clear war crime, it is genocide, and a war against all humanity. The ethnic cleansing will never end the Palestinian resistance while their lives are subject every day to injustice under the criminal and Nazi occupation of the Jews. I would ask the genocidal cabinet of Olmert, as well as the criminals in the war ministry, if the Holocaust put an end to the Jews, and why are their criminal plans based on ethnic cleansing and terror, while they know that it will never end the Palestinians?

On Sunday, January 11, 2009, the sixteenth day of Israeli military operation “Cast ittihad_news-5Lead”, the Zionist criminals justified their crimes against humanity as self-defense and as “war against terrorism”, calling themselves “Israeli Defense Forces soldiers” while they continued to strike Palestinian civilian targets across the area of Beit Hanon, murdering over 14 civilians and causing injuries to several people, among them were five children and two women.

The Palestinian journalist Jalal Nashwan, age 52, an employee of Palestine TV Al-Aqsa was murdered during the bloody invasion to Beit Hanon in the northern part of Gaza Strip. Nashwan was not carrying a gun or shooting at the criminal Israeli troops when they rained him with bullets. Eyewitnesses and medical sources said that the Israeli occupation forces in Beit Hanoun executed Nashwan in cold blood while he was covering the criminal invasion of Gaza. Nashwan was shot in several times in different parts of his body and left bleeding to death on the street without allowing medical teams to reach him.

Nashwan was not the first journalist murdered by the Israeli war criminals during the occupation of Gaza. The criminals of the IAF murdered on January 8, 2009, Palestinian photo-journalist Ihab Al-Wahidi, an employee of Palestine TV, his Moroccan wife Rokaia Abu Al-Naja, and his old mother when they shot missiles on their house in the Tal area in Gaza

Palestinian medical sources announced that rescue crews found 12 bodies in the Sheikh ittihad_news-1Ajlin neighbourhood in the southern part of Gaza City following the Israeli invasion in the area. Most of the bodies are still unidentified, some of them were identified by the families who had lost their children. The medical sources demand an immediate and urgent intervention to end the Holocaust in Gaza. They said that the Israeli forces are committing collective massacres against the Palestinian people. They demand an immediate and urgent intervention to end the Holocaust.

Four members of one family in the North-west of Gaza City were murdered when the IDF ittihad_news-2criminals dropped a missile, burning the family house and a number of neighbouring houses in the same area. Dr. Moawiyah Hasanain, the director of Al-Shifa’a hospital, called today upon the human rights organizations and international humanitarian workers to visit the Gaza Strip to see and to investigate the serious conditions of the wounded people and to prepare a report which condemns the use of internationally forbidden weapons which the Israeli occupation is using in their attack on Gaza.

Dr. Hasanain pointed out that the injured who arrive at hospitals suffer from severe burns and lacerations in the tissues of blood, and shattered nerves and bones, with roasted and chopped tissue which is originally a result of the fragments of the missiles. He said that the occupation used lethal weapons designed to cause significant and lasting harm, and that the injuries are forcing the amputations of the extremities of the wounded.

A philosopher of ancient Greece said that the gods first turn insane those whom they would destroy. When I see the horrible crimes of the Jews against my people, I can only conclude that these are the deeds of the criminally insane. This should give the saner ones among the Jews pause, but I doubt that they will understand, since after all they have no connection with the culture of the Mediterranean peoples and no roots in the region.

4 comments to Israels Operation Cast Lead & Mass Executions

  • an idea

    from now on there is only one Holocaust ….the one the jews of israel are making against the palestinians.

    from now on, when anyone mentions the Holocaust I will take it that they mean the one of 2009…in PALESTINE….THE ONE IN GAZA-PALESTINE.

  • ra

    I am an American, and god I am so sorry !
    My nation in under total Jew control !

    The entifada ( the suffering ) of the people of Palistine under the occupation of the Jews.
    The entifada… the suffering of the American people under the occupation of the Jews.

    The people of Palistine, the people of America, we suffer from the Jews together.

  • keith

    You should be complaining about Hamas and the Arab states that have been using you and your people as dumb and willing servants in their own geopolitical aspirations. Israel was never your enemy, and after careful examination of available data it is certain that Israel went to every possible length to reduces civilian casualties. However, since Hamas used civilians as shields in battle it was somewhat difficult to avoid hurting civilians. In every conflict where islamists are involved, the local civilian population are used by the Islamists as protective shields – and when one studies the Quran one understands that the islamists consider this vile behaviour justified. So I have no sympathy for you or your people – you have let yourself be abused, you are the recipients of massive funds from Europe and the USA which amount to nothing except additional arms to islamic terrorists, and you continue to play the victim. You blame Israel for determing your path – in reality you have determined it yourselves. Shut up , grow up and accept responsibility for your decisions

  • elijah

    keith, no offense. but they(palestinians) certainly didn’t ask to be kicked off their land by a bunch of poles, russians and ukranians. harry truman, the UN and certain globalist elements pushed for it. considering that the holocaust is used as the pretext to justify Israel’s mdoern day existence, i don’t understand how the palestianans had anything to do with any of that. especially when Israel’s own stern gang offered to take up arms with the third reich. even though there are numerous contradictions about the holocaust, and when one in certain countries brings this to light. they are threatenmed with prison sentences, fines and deportation. it’s the only historical event of any sort illegal anywhere to question publicly. i do not deny that hamas are cowards, but so are those lovely IDF personel who have guns with mounted cameras on them and close ties with raphael arms. who by the way happens to also manufacture sophistaicated explosives that can be deonated from afar with a remote. the same ones who also snipe out arab minors for sport and rapes them when the fancy strikes them to do so. by david ben gurion’s own admission, it is the israelis and not the palestinians who are the aggresors.

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