Demo Against Israeli Murders of Children

“The United Nations Security Council cease-fire resolution has no value, it is an ink on a paper if the UN Council does not use it’s power to force Israel to end the war in Gaza, calling for an immediate and effective action and force demo_jan-416to implement the resolution” said the Austrian political activist Fritz Edlinger, the Secretary General of the Society for Austro-Arab Relations before thousands of demonstrators who stopped in front of the houses of the Austrian President and the Chancellor in Vienna expressing their anger due the Israeli military war crimes against the Palestinian children and civilians in Gaza.

Edlinger said before the thousands of angry demonstrators chanting “Children killer Israel – Kinder Mörder Israel”, “Israeli terrorists”, “Stop the massacre in Palestine- Stop das Massaker in Pälestina”, “Leave Gaza live, free Gaza- Lass Gaza lebnen lass Gaza 9_jan-46frei”, that we are her to raise our voices before the house of the President, the Chancellor and the Austrian politicians who must take active steps to stop the Israeli massacre against one million and a half Palestinians in Gaza. They must clarify that what Israel is doing in Gaza is a war crime and not self-defense. The Israeli troops murdered, as of current count, 824 Palestinians, and injured 3340, among them hundreds 283 child, 75 women, and many old men. Complete families were murdered and hundreds of civilians were buried under the rubble of their houses.
During the Israeli truce with Hamas, the Palestinians lived an inhuman situation, demo_jan-3551hard and harsh conditions, a strict blockade, without gas, electricity, food, medicine, and all this under the silence of the community of nations and their politicians.

Demonstrators bunt some flags before the house of the Austrian President, and continued chanting during Edlinger’s speech “Allahu Akbar Takbier – God is great and above all”, “Children killer Israel – Kinder Mörder Israel”, “Israeli terrorists”, “Stop the massacre in Palestine- Stop das Massaker in Pälestina”, ” Leave Gaza live, free Gaza- Lass Gaza lebnen lass Gaza frei”.

Mustafa Abed Al-Hadi, a Palestinian leader in Vienna, demanded that the demo_jan-490international community to take responsibility for the Israeli crimes in Gaza. He said it is shame to keep silence and to explain the collective murder of the children, families as self-defense of Israel. Abed Al-Hadi criticized Israel strongly, as well as the Austrian media, which has wholly adopted the Israeli propaganda to justify the genocide of Palestinians.

In Vienna, over 8000 men, women and children from several Turkish and leftist organizations, and from the Arab community, participated in a huge demonstration in the day of anger against the Israeli war crimes in Gaza. The demonstration was demo_jan-209lead by a group of Arab doctors wearing their medical clothes and chanting “Children killer Israel – Kinder Mörder Israel”, “Israeli terrorists”, and raising a coffin on their shoulders as a protest against the indiscriminate murders of Palestinian children. In front of the Arab doctors, a man was seen holding a toy covered with a white sheet with red color as a protest against murdering the Palestinian babies and children in Gaza. Another car with two loudspeakers drove slowly before the demonstrators chanting “Children killer Israel – Kinder Mörder Israel”, “Israeli terrorists”, “Stop the massacre in Palestine- Stop das Massaker in Pälestina”.

The demonstration started at 2:30 o’clock in front of the Opera, they walked along the demo_jan-277Ring Street towards the Parliament, and then to the houses of the Austrian President and the Chancellor. The street was closed for transportation by the Austrian police, and was kept free for use of only the demonstrators, many of whom held and wore Palestinian flags. They raised photos of dead children and of the destruction of Gaza, together with black, red, green, and Austrian flags.

The demonstrators stopped in front of the Austrian Parliament, where they chanted loudly “Intifada, Intifada”, “Stop the massacre in Palestine- Stop das Massaker in Pälestina”. Then they continued walking to the Hofburg, where the offices of Austrian demo_jan-499President Heinz Fischer and Chancellor Faymann are, were the demonstrators stopped and gave speeches. The speakers were representatives of several Islamic organizations, the Turkish community, the Palestinian and Arab communities, and some Austrian political organizations. The speakers spoke about the crimes of Israel against the million and a half Palestinian in Gaza and the inhuman situation which the Palestinian live since years under blockade, about the shortage of food, electricity and oil.
The speakers demanded that the UN use their own force and power to implement the cease-fire resolution which demanded Israel to stop the war in Gaza and to go back to Israel. They clarified that the continued killing of Palestinians under the full ignorance of the UN resolution is considered as a war crime. They also demanded that the international community bring the Israeli leaders before the International Criminal Court as war criminals.

No political parties at the demonstration
There was no presence or participation from any of the political parties of demo_jan-223Austria, not even the Green and the SPÖ parties, which never forget to call the Arab and the Turkish communities before the election to vote for them, and which since years have left no chance unused to ingratiate themselves with these communities and peddle how “multi-cultural” they are. These parties continuously profess themselves as “human rights defenders” while smearing the parties of the right for their stance against foreigners as “Nazis” at every opportunity. But where is really the difference of the socialists and greens from their avowed political enemies? When time came demo_jan-391to stand for the victims of the genocidal barbarity of Israel, they somehow disappeared, or “were on vacations” (I personally saw one of these people on the street yesterday), and studiously ignored the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. They ignored the continued demonstrations in Vienna, and we did not hear one word from these politicians in condemnation of the Israeli war crimes and the collective murder of whole Palestinian families and children.

The SPÖ and the Green party have shown their real, yellow face, to the Human demo_jan-4331Rights during the Israeli criminal attack against the Palestinians in Gaza. Opportunism and attempts to ingratiate themselves with the immigrant communities at every opportunity were the mark of these parties until now, but when the time came for them to stand up for their professed “friendship”, for human rights and the letter of law, well, they were nowhere. Perhaps Arabs, Turks, Muslims in general and other immigrant groups should think twice for whom they vote during the next elections.

On the other hand, until today Israel murdered 854 Palestinians, more than half of them are children and women. Additionally, they injured 3680, among them over 2020 in critical conditions. The numbers increase continuously.

Also, according to Palestinian sources, the Israel army is burying bodies of dead Palestinans in the sand after collecting them with bulldozers. Of the 110 dead in Beit Lahiya, only 35 were found: where are the other bodies?

3 comments to Demo Against Israeli Murders of Children

  • Anna

    Collusion from the West.
    Same pattern as U.S. on Iraq.
    Strategy of Genocide stages.
    Keep out media. Kill medics who have inside story.
    U.S. secretly trains Israel with photocopy of ‘how it was done’ what attitudes to take, how to decimate as much as possible. Use rhetoric of true facts to spin the lie.
    The world looks upon helpless victims as we are denied the right to be our Brothers Keeper.) “What you do to them you have done to us all.”
    Judgment is set for all murderers, liars and Kings who sit in their palaces drinking blood from a Golden cup while they have ‘put the hand’ to butcher their own, and any who get in their way.
    I speak for the Creator of all life.

  • Gazan

    The political parties in Austria are a sham. Political parties always are. The local representatives of the international Satanic financial elite (i.e., the Rotschilds and their allies) own and operate all the political parties in Europe. They also own all the politicians. Those that resist bribery are blackmailed into submission, or baited into committing crimes and THEN blackmailed. If that doesn’t work, their families are threatened with death or worse, and perhaps a member of the politician’s family is actually murdered to emphasize the point. If all this isn’t sufficient to control a politician, they are murdered (or have an “accident”) and are replaced with someone else. (This is what happened to John F. Kennedy.) Here in America, the Rockefellers and their allies own all the parties. It is the same everywhere. Political parties are meant to fool the people into believing they can actually affect politics, which they (we) can’t. “Democracy” is, and has always been, a sham, an illusion to control the masses.

    One of the reasons Israel attacked the Gaza Concentration Camp was to follow the Satanic elite’s agenda to make the Gazans embrace extremism and attack Israel more severely and more often. The Satanists WANT the people of the Arab countries to do the same; to overthrow their governments and replace them with extremist governments, and then to combine to attack Israel. They WANT more extremism worldwide: more terrorism, more disorder, murder and chaos. This is all part of the international Satanic elite’s agenda to create a worldwide thermonuclear war (war with hydrogen bombs) so as to create enormous fear among the world’s people, in turn so that people will surrender what little “freedom” they have left to their governments. It will be a rather brief war, so as not to damage too much of the elite’s property, but it will kill millions of people. (That will help to accomplish the elite’s objective to reduce the world’s human population by 90%.) Then, Satan in human flesh (the personage Christians call the Antichrist) will suddenly appear and seem to bring “peace.”

    Satan will claim to be the Jewish Messiah “Ha Moshiach,” the returned Christ, and the Hidden Imam all rolled into one. He will work many “miracles” to convince people he is who he says he is. His “peace” will actually be used to murder everyone left in the world who still worships God. This is the real reason the governments of the world are collecting enormous amounts of information about all their citizens: so that those who are devoted to God can be kept track of and then murdered. After this, Satan intends to rule the world with absolute power from a Third Temple in Jerusalem (once the Al Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount has been destroyed) where he will demand to be worshipped as god. This will fulfil Satan’s age-old ambition to displace God and directly rule humanity himself as god.

    I believe Satan and his followers will ultimately fail, and that they already know they will fail. However, their pride and hatred of God, and of mankind, will not allow them to relent or repent. People like Kawther and many who are reading her work are God’s instruments in defeating Satan’s plan. Even those who say they don’t believe in God, but are seeking to uncover the truth, live it, and communicate it, are on God’s side, because God IS the truth. We will win IF we trust God and increase our devotion to Him, however we perceive Him, whatever happens.

  • John, NYC, NY

    Amazing how easily you say complete lies like what you wrote about Israel wanting to erase Gaza with nuclear bombs.
    This is not only completely not true but also extremely stupid.

    Why don’t you mention the fact that Hammas fires from kindergarden and schools, and then cryies to the whole world to see when Israel fires back.

    It’s really too bad you poor Gaza citizens chose the Hammas, as your leaders because they are the only ones making crimes against you and hurting your nation instead of protecting you all.

    I truly hope for all the thousands of families in Gaza to escape this horrible government and will have a new life and new peaceful beginning with a better government.

    Wish you the best,

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